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Showing news from 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-31
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Ultra of Cream working on development cartridge for Atari November 4th, 2019
In a break from the intense work of finishing the Heftig demo Ultra of Cream reveals a new hardware and software solution for Atari development aid.

It's a cartridge on the Atari that connects to a host PC via USB. The host can upload and execute a quite large (800k) demo in about a second. Furthermore the host can can reset the Atari between each run.

The cartridge also contains memory for the Bugaboo debugger helping to debug the code on real hardware.

The cartridge and software will be open sourced later on.
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Silly Venture 2019 video invitation October 22nd, 2019
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:
Just to remind you, this year we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Atari Lynx handheld console at SV2k19! On this occasion we've prepared a special video-invitation :)

Have a good show!

Silly Venture 2k19 - keeping the legacy of the ATARI scene alive!

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Silly Venture invitation at Xenium September 2nd, 2019
Agenda and Lamers teamed up for a quick release at the recently held Xenium party in Poland. It's an intro for the Atari XL/XE with less than 12 kB file size called SinVitro.

Coding by Koala and Xeen, graphics by Odyn1ec, music by Aceman and finally scrolltext by Grey.
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Rmac v2.0.0 released with many new features August 27th, 2019
GGN of KüA writes:


rmac, the macro assembler for all Atari computers has recently reached version v2.0.0. New notable features include:

- DSP56001 support (outputting .lod and .p56 formats, embedding in ST .prg binaries planned)
- Object Processor (Atari Jaguar) mode
- 68020+ support
- 68881/68882 (FPU) support
- 68851 (PMMU) support

Plus the usual old features work with all the above modes, such as:

- Macros
- (nested) repeats
- That warm fuzzy feeling that you're using an Atari product :)

Have fun with it - we certainly do!

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Final release from Sommarhack August 22nd, 2019
After about one and a half month, the final demo from Sommarhack 2019 is now released.

It's the Falcon invitation for the forthcoming Silly Venture party made by Mystic Bytes. The invitation runs on a 030 Falcon with RGB or VGA screen but also have some 060 enhancements.

With this we'd like to thank everyone who supported Sommarhack this year by releasing something in the competitions, visiting the party or both. We'll be back July 3-5 in 2020, look out for an invitation to come.
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Mystic Bytes launched a new version of Lockup demo! May 29th, 2019
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:

Winning Falcon demo entry from the last year's "Silly Venture" got a new version with some improvements, like:

- Fixed overflows in audio decoder causing some occasional pops and clicks

- Fixed sorting glitches in greetings section

Click and download the "Lockup" 1.3 version!

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maxYMiser v1.34 High released February 23rd, 2019
gwEm writes:

During a recent illness I was able to complete a new maxYMiser release. I’m calling it “maxYMiser High” and it’s the first new release for six years.

New features include:

* Support for high resolution screens
* MIDI latency adjustment

There is also a YouTube video demonstrating the new release.

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.tSCc. is riding the Synthwave with Laser Days January 26th, 2019
Lotek Style writes:

A very unexpected Christmas release came from The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Lotek Style was working on his new E.P. during the year 2018 and after the music was finished they decided it would be a nice bonus to have this as a Falcon music disc as well.
The release runs on a standard Falcon 030 and features a new MP2 system esp. developed for this release.

Get ready for a trip into the 80s and back.
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