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Showing news from 2009-01-01 to 2009-12-31
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Lowres mag #2 December 29th, 2009
Lowres magazine issue two is out.

The second issue have more articles focusing on the demoscene thanks to CiH joining as a writer. Among other thing you can read a huge article about Alternative Party 2009.

I was a bit sceptic at first about a webzine instead of a diskmag, and even more so by using a blog tool for it. But I think issue two have made me surrender, just missing some nice chip zaks to go along :)
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20 years STe megademo December 28th, 2009
Yes! It's finally released.

The Atari STe 20 years megademo was finished late nast night and is now available for download. The demo runs from floppy (1 MB needed) or harddisk (2 MB needed) and features sixteen screens plus intro, menu and reset.

As a personal note I'd like to point out that the screens from TXC were all made in 1991 for various megademos that were never finished. They are some of DHS first assembler attempts.

Crews involved in the megademo:

* Paradox
* Atari Legend
* MJJ Prod
* No Extra
* Paradize
* BiTS
* KA
* Dead Hackers Society
* Elite
* Excellence in art
* The X'Press Crew

Now, download and enjoy (on a real STe!).
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STe digidemo released December 25th, 2009
Blinddarm writes:

Merry Christmas!

This is a Digi Demo for STE and above...sorry ST Users :( you can hear Amy Grant - Home for Christmas - 2min 32sec.

there are 2 Versions, a Floppy friendly Version, playing at 6.25 kHz...requires 2 mb Ram and a Harddisk Version (also 1.44 MB Floppy), playing at 12,5 khz... requires 4 mb ram runs fine on TOS 1.06/1.62/2.06....please use 1.62 on STEEM, 2.06 will not work

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Checkpoint Snowman remix December 24th, 2009
Defjam of Checkpoint writes:

Checkpoint brings you as a little Christmas-Gift: The Snowman 2009, a remix of the classic Snowman-demo.

A Merry Christmas !

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CiH picture pack December 19th, 2009
CiH writes:

For all you bored and jaded owners of the brand new UltraSatan and other hard disks, here's a pre-Xmas preview of something to help fill those vast empty acres of sectors and tracks. This will appear soonish, as the 'Random Images' Targa hicolor collection for all ST's, STe's, TT's and Falcons. For now, a decent fistful of carefully chosen images has been handpicked for your enjoyment, along with a couple of well-known utilities to view them, just in case you don't have anything ready 'out of the box' to do the job. And yes, the name is directly taken from the infamous Pouet picture thread!

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New STe-demo from MJJ Prod December 14th, 2009
Strider of MJJ Prod writes:

MJJ Prod released a new STE demo last month at Alchimie 2009. It is called 'Realtime'.
It requires a STE or Mega STE with at least 1 MB of memory.

The archive "REALTIME.ZIP" contains the executable file whereas "REALTIME.ST.ZIP" contains the disk image for emulators.

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Defence Force releases new STe demo November 22nd, 2009
Dbug of Defence Force have released a new STe demo at Kindergarden 2009 called 'Save The Earth'.

The demo requires 2MB memory or more and will work fine from harddisk or floppydisk. There are many fullscreens, many colours and many lovley Atari-touches.
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Altparty 2009 Atari releases October 25th, 2009
The compos at Altparty 2009 just ended, and there were two new Atari demos.
We released a new STe demo called 'Cernit Trandafir', again with fullscreens and stuff. You can download it and watch a video recording, check the links below.

On the more surprising front, Rave Network Overscan with Britelite in the front have finally made their first Atari release :-) It's a demo for plain STs and is available for download below here as well.

Altparty was once again a very well organised event in a big cool hall, some good concerts and seminars. We'll be back in 2010 most likely. Thanks Garbagetruck, Partycle, Setok and the rest!
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VBCC 0.9a released October 19th, 2009
phx writes:

The new release of the portable and retargetable ISO-C compiler vbcc 0.9a is available for MiNT.
The binary package contains compilers for PPC, M68k/32-bit and M68k/16-bit. Targets for MiNT, TOS (16-bit), AmigaOS and MorphOS are available for easy cross-compiling.
The M68k assembler in the distribution is nearly 100% Devpac compatible and supports any kind of code optimization (much more than Devpac). It outputs several object file formats. Among them: TOS executables (so no linker run is required).
The linker supports nearly 20 object- and output file formats, which may also be mixed. It supports output for TOS, MiNT/a.out and Jaguar(a.out).
vbcc is easy to install and light-weight (the binary archive for MiNT with everything mentioned above is just 2MB), nevertheless it can generate highly optimized code.

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New game from Paradize October 15th, 2009
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:

It has been delayed a bit but now it's officially out and here for you to enjoy!

Attackwave is a simple shooting game in the wake of Missile Command and Galaxians. Just blast the baddies from your orbital laser sat for highscore.

* Code by Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize
* Graphics by Malodix
* Music by Marcer
* Digi sound by Marcer & Simon Sunnyboy

compatible with Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon 030

Go grab it at the Paradize website at

STay cool, STay Atari /|

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New Torment screen September 14th, 2009
Spiny of Torment writes:

Hi All,

We (torment) released another small screen, this time at Sundown 2009.
Our coder is still very busy with work, so we had to reuse some code yet again, but this time we have a new tune and some new gfx :) The tune was done at
the party, as were some of the graphics. Final debugging was done over the phone to GND a few hours before the entry deadline :)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, we are all want to release more new stuff, it's just difficult to find the time when all three of us can meet up and get
productive ...

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New Atari magazine August 31st, 2009
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

How long did you wait for the last disk magazine issue? Alive 14 has been ages away and no new version has been seen yet.

Thorn, Christos and Simon Sunnyboy decided around Outline 2009 that the disk magazine concept should be transported over to a new platform and concept.

We started the Low Res magazine in Web 2.0 style. It is a Wordpress based blog with the following ideas behind the magazine:

releases more often, even if there are not 80 articles around
cover anything from an Atarian point of view, games, demos, hardware, news
a Blog system like Wordpress allows instant feedback via comments
article submissions are way more easy
readable even on your Atari ST with CAB or Highwire
article reviewing and proof reading can be done online while chatting, Skyping etc (no sharing of article textfiles anymore)

So here you go! At you can find the first issue of our magazine.

We hope you enjoy the read and if you want to contribute with articles, reviews or anything Atari related, just go ahead and tell us!
Low Res will need your active support - and keep in mind, if it's Atari related it is suited for the magazine, 8bit and Jaguar included.

We appreciate your feedback!

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This is YM2149 ii July 31st, 2009
gwEm of The PHF writes:

I took my STj, a Technics and my Vestax and recorded a second edition to the hit "This is YM2149" compilation series... I call it "This is YM2149 ii" :)

Concerto For Acid Band - Jess/Overlanders
Pacemaker - 505/Paradox
No Sheep in Outer Mongolia - Mad Max/The Exceptions
CPU Eater - 505/Paradox
Funktion - Damo/Reservoir Gods
Pea - SH3/Reservoir Gods
Chu Chu Rocket - MSG/Reservoir Gods
Tetris - gwEm/PHF
dYManite - Stu/Drop Da Domb
Killer - Big Alec/Delta Force
Different World - gwEm/PHF
Cassiopeia - Floopy/MJJ Prod
Outlaw - Crazy Q/DHS
Bubble Days - Dma-Sc/Sector One

I took mostly hits from active sceners this time, with a couple of classics. Hope you will enjoy this mix.

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New Jaguar game released July 30th, 2009
GT Turbo (C.V.S.D., Jagware) writes:

A new Jaguar game !!

Matmook new C.V.S.D. coder has done is first prod, this one is a Jaguar game, featuring graphics by Bear (Videl Vision).

Stop bullshitting everything on the Jagware website (Links under this news !!)

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Replacement soundchip for the ST July 29th, 2009
Lars Baumstark writes:

As Ive got hold of some AY8930 PSG chips, Ive resumed my old project to upgrade sound capability of the ST (while staying backwards compatible).
All info about the project can be found at YMROCKERZ site, have a look at the recent entries on the board there.

All chip musicians: To get the action started, Im offering to modify your STs with the new chip for a small fee (the first samples of the chips cost EUR
28,- per part). The work will be done for free!
I hope to see feedback especially from programmers who adapt existing trackers/players to the new capabilities (and I think it will be worth the effort!).

Now its your turn - contact me...

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New release from MJJ Prod July 12th, 2009
MJJ Prod surprised us today with a nice release from the VIP party in France.

The demo is called 'Another Kid Story' and is made for STe. It follows the story of Animatrix - A Kid Story. Code by Tobe and Herrv, graphics by C-Rem and music by Tomchi.
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Brief Sommarhack summary June 28th, 2009
Sommarhack 2009 have been going on over the past weekend. It was a small Atari-oriented party we decided to arrange when other classic Swedish parties have all gone one way or the other.

The weather gods were with us, the entire weekend being a long hot scorcher. Temperatures of 28-30C in the shade and a river to dip into just meters from the party. So far so good. Then add a bunch of cool Atari guys and it's a perfect recepie - thanks everyone for visiting!

Unlike our previous parties, we decided to have a small compo for music, graphics and demos. A few releases were made and you can download them all at our download page (see link below). Extra thanks to everyone who participated.

Photos and perhaps a party report will follow later on, thanks again all Sommarhack visitors, for us it was a great weekend and we hope to make this happen again next year!
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maxYMiser v1.29 released June 8th, 2009
gwEm of PHF writes:

Its time for a new maxYMiser release. Theres some nice improvements for everyone to enjoy:

* Improved buzzer arbitrage
* 'Fast As Possible' SID and syncbuzzer routines - Defjam/Checkpoint request
* Volume control on YM digidrums - an effect last heard from Lotus/Hotine back in the golden age
* Pitch slide command

But thats not all! Old skool YM wizard Excellence In Art has been using maxYMiser recently. He contributes:

* A stonking new example track
* A maxYMiser beginners guide, including a basic example track

You can look at the 'maxYMisr a Musicians Guide' and the basic example tune here:

Don't forget to look at the maxYMiser official homepage for cool additional resources :)

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Updated No Fragment CD's May 25th, 2009
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

Lotek Style of tSCc has released two new CD-Roms from his NO FRAGMENTS series. This it's archive ONE and TWO refixed!

Archive ONE has lots of new demos on it as it is a 700 MB CD this time (first one was on 650 MB) and many of the MSA files have been repacked using
compression ON! So there are over 200 new files on there now.

Archive TWO has just some replaced MSA files that were damaged before.

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Starstruck lands on the Falcon May 25th, 2009
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

Hi guys,

everyone ready for some cool news? =)

Outline visitors already know, the rest is hopefully keeping fingers crossed.... yes, Starstruck (the final version!) is here right NOW.

In my opinion this is tough, tough, tough rival for Silkcut, I cannot decide which one rulez more :-)

Target configuration as always, Falcon 060 without bus speeder should do. The more megahertz the better :)

And as a bonus you can even watch in on VGA/60 Hz. But beware, all effects are fixed for 50 Hz so better to watch it on TV or VGA/50 Hz!

And honorable mention: thanks to Xerus for being really _outstanding_ tester, without him you would get much worser release!

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New Atari crew born May 24th, 2009
Morden of Reboot writes:

"reboot" is a new group consiting of four individuals, coming together to create new software for the Atari Jaguar, ST and Falcon.

We have loads of enthusiasm, and lots of project ideas for future titles, so please stay tuned into our website.

For starters, we have a preview video of our upcoming Jaguar game. The footage was shot roughly 3 days into development, so we expect it to improve vastly
(especially when our artist gets to work on it!)

Once completed we will be releasing full source code, and also hopefully porting it to the Falcon and then the Atari ST.

Please, come and visit our site. Many thanks to for the domain registration, and to D-Bug for kindly donating us web hosting.

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SNDH archive v3.0 released May 23rd, 2009
To celebrate the biggest Atari party of the year (Outline in case you wonder), we have released a new update of the SNDH archive.

v3.0 of the SNDH archive brings 35 new or updated SNDH files. It's a mix of brand new (even from the Outline compo!) and really old game tunes.

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The fnal D-Bug menu disk May 21st, 2009
D-Bug team writes:

On the glorious day of the 21st of May, 2009, otherwise known as Outline 2009, we (the management) have released the long-awaited final D-Bug CD to be issued.

But! Being the sneaky D-Buggers we always were, things are going to be different for this, our final voyage into menu land. Less than 30 disks have been produced, and they have been issued to a few select people via mail and Outline. The image for CD200 will not be hosted online by us for quite a while (if ever). Yes thats right, if you want it you will have to get it the old fashioned way - via the postal service! So eagerly await that jiffy bag hitting the doormat one morning in the future!

We ask that if you do receive one you do not make it available for download anywhere, but that you pass it along to someone via mail.

We will be opening a thread on our forum for you to post images of the parcels you receive (please photoshop your address out!) - on request we can even tell you which of the master copies your copy was reproduced from.

So, what is on CD200 I hear you ask? Well, for starters its a tad larger than our normal 820k disks.... as it is a CD-ROM containing

* CD200 Ninja Remix (F30 Amiga TFMX), Jim Power, Robbo, LethalXS Beta, Substation - All HD installable and F30 fixed (Except LXSBeta!)
* All D-Bug menus released to date.
* All patches released by us over the last few years, and several new ones that we have not put online.
* The latest build of ULS3 along with supporting documentation and example files.
* Content from our website.

To everyone active in the Atari scene - we salute you!

Cyrano Jones / Showaddywaddy / GGN / Melcus / Dubmood

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ACP as a demo machine? May 10th, 2009
No of Escape writes:

After several years of winter sleep, the ACP project was finally reanimated by Fredi Aschwanden and Mathias Wittau. Since last December, Mathias is contacting a lot of Atari developers and tried to figure out if this project is still feasible in 2009.
In fact, the response was overwhelming so that Fredi immediately started working on the design and PCB layout.

In the meanwhile, several technical details have become available at the website I think that this development is pretty intriguing for Atari demo scene. The project not only tries to achieve high compatibility with the original Atari by including many original Atari connectors but it will feature a big FPGA allowing the implementation of custom hardware features. Since this project will be open source, everyone will be able to create custom hardware components. As I know, there is already work in progress to implement a DSP56k inside the FPGA. So this could be a cool and challenging platform for creating demos for.

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Demo In Paris 2.0 May 6th, 2009
Hello / Sector One writes:


The second edition of DEMO IN PARIS has just been announced with a lot of news ... and with the same organizers (hello Popsy Team / Sector One)

It will take place on 15 May 2009 in the canteen (Paris)

For registration and information

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Orion_ releases Jaguar CD May 6th, 2009
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

Orion_ released a nice CD with free stuff for the Atari Jaguar lately.

Check for more information!

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New special feature April 30th, 2009
CiH of Alive Team share his thoughts and ideas about the useage of Satandisk and it's follower UltraSatan. How the demoscene could take advantage of the technique.
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News from Cerebral Vortex April 23rd, 2009
GT Turbo writes:

A new coder (Matmook) has join the Cerebral Vortex team, his first production is a Jaguar game called : Do The Same featuring nice graphics by Bear. You can see some screenshoots.

We need beta testers for this game, if you got a Bjl Jaguar and you want to help, please contact me ( GT-Turbo - a t - Jagware -d o t - org).

Last news about the JagCF (Compact Flash support for Jaguar), you can see first photos from the PCB on Jagware (


GT Turbo (C.V.S.D, Jagware)

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Resurrected prototype game April 12th, 2009
Shw of D-Bug writes:

Today we bring you something a bit special, an unreleased prototype of a game from the author of Nitro. We were very pleased to be contacted by Jamie and allowed to fix the code a bit so it runs on all TOS versions, and also via the magic of ULS make it HD installable.

For more info visit the D-Bug site

D-Bug Team

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Jeroen Tel live at Outline 2009 April 5th, 2009
Havoc of Lineout writes:

A new addition to the line-up of artists performing at Outline 2009 was announced today. Legendary C-64 musician Jeroen Tel will be making his Outline debut in Eersel next month.

Possibly being the most high profile composer of SID tunes, and also known for his highly acclaimed livesets, it is expected that the demand for Outline tickets will exceed the number of available places by an even wider margin than predicted previously. Book yours now- you know you want to! :)

Additionally Skrebbel of Matt Current writes:

We are happy to announce that Jeroen Tel, aka WAVE / Maniacs of Noice has agreed to lighten up Outline 2009 with a kick-ass live performance! So if you have not done so yet, get yourself a ticket now!

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Paradize today releases another utility for you April 4th, 2009
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

The Paradize Rasterbar Generator is an utility for game and demo developers on the Atari ST/STE/TT and Falcon range of computers.

It allows to prepare tables with color data. It helps with calculating smooth color gradients for the STE palette for use with nice Timer B
raster routines.

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Outline ticket sales March 26th, 2009
Havoc of Lineout writes:

Outline ticket are on sale now, payment details can be found here:

Also, it's now possible to register for the party online on this page:

Please note that only a prepaid ticket will give you guaranteed access to the party. The registration page will be updated once your payment has
been processed, this can take upto a week after we receive your payment.

Last year Outline had 103 visitors, this year we have 100 beds available. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to buy tickets in the presales

The Outline organising team is looking forward to seeing you in Eersel!

Additionaly Skrebbel writes:

Outline opens ticket sales and registration! Please take some time to sign up on the site, so that everybody can see how nice and busy it'll be and so that we know how many people to expect! Additionally, ticket pre-sales are open again, against pretty much the same prices and options as
last year.

Just so you don't forget, you really should attend this year - all the great features of earlier years are present, such as beds, breakfast, countryside and a lot of demoscene! this year, we add to that a single, large (but not too large) partyhall, a great terrace, a large paying field and even sexier bar dudes!

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Latest ULS available March 24th, 2009
Cyrano J of D-Bug writes:

Continuing our commitment to the ST community to keep the ULS project open source for everyone, I have just uploaded the most recent build that we are using, and also updated the documentation.

If you need any further information, or think something is incorrect in the documentation (or ULS code) then please feel free to participate in open discussions on our forum.

This build contains many bugfixes over the last version I made available for the public and I strongly recommend anyone who was working with the code to upgrade immediatly.

Happy patching!

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The 20 years STE anniversary demo March 19th, 2009
RA of Paradox writes:

The rumours have been come true - Paradox will organize a Megademo for the 20th anniversary of the Atari STE!

We hope a lot of active and maybe also some currently inactive groups (Hello Light, Aggression, etc.) will contribute with a demo screen.

Get more details at the official forum.

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No Fragments #8 and #9 March 11th, 2009
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

Hello sceners,

just in case that you didn't notice yet, I have released two new issues of the NO FRAGMENTS series. Here's a short excerpt of one of the info texts:

I'm very very sorry to say but I'll stop the NO FRAGMENTS series in the near future. This isn't the last issue. I have a couple of more to go but I am very tired an exhausted and my motivation for this work is gone. Another point that I want to say is that the last few disks will be "NO FRAGMENTS with FRAGMENTS" because I decided to release my discs the way they are right now with the remaining missing pieces. One of the reasons can be read above and the other one is that I had a harddisc crash some weeks ago and lost a little bit of my work for this project. Well I had backups but not from the last edit. I want to release those discs before everything gets lost due to a hardware failure. It would be a loss to the community to hide those discs just because of some missing titles. So many other projects never saw the light of day just because of some tiny fragment missing. I can look back to a huge amount of work and time that I have put into those compilations but real life has finally found me. Hiding behind computer screens and diskboxes
doesn't work anymore. The passion for atari will never completely fade but it has lost it's strenght of the early years. I wish you all the
best and keep up the good work. STAY ATARI!

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Hemoroids launches website February 27th, 2009
sink of hemoroids write:

hello boys and girls,

We are back in town 'cauze 18 years later, we decided to create a website in memory of the group Hemoroids (HMD) for people to remember the
good old days and that more young people to know too. The group was muti-machines ATARI,AMIGA,PC but started on the atari scene..

Come visit us!

Preparation H is good for you!


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Site update: VideoDB February 15th, 2009
After working hard for a long time, we are now able to present the latest addition to VideoDB

VideoDB is a database of Atari demos, intros and cracktros captured and encoded in the best way we're able to. All videos are captured with 50 FPS framerate and encoded with H.264/AAC.

We've built a little mini-section around these with a Flash player, easy to use comment system (no login needed) and of course download of the video files.

Please read the FAQ before sending mails why this and that doesn't work, thank you :)
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Newsflash on Outline 2009! February 5th, 2009
Skrebbel writes:

It looks like the rumours were true and things are going to work out just fine!

We found a very nice location in the south of the Netherlands, and apart for actually signing the contract, it seems like all lights are on

We expect to officially announce the party no later than early next week, granted that the contract is all right.

As such, here's the offical advice:
- Expect that outline 2009 is going to take place on 21 - 24 may in Eersel, the Netherlands (near Eindhoven).
- Do plan to show up.
- *However*, don't book ticket's just yet, as right now there's nothing formally confirmed. No warranty!

Hopefully see you there!

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Symposium 1996 video January 25th, 2009
Felice writes:

Symposium '96 party video

Well, after a long time (12 years in fact) I have now been able to convert the old footage - recorded at the Mekka Symposium '96 party, which
was held at Hittfeld, near Hamburg. It was certainly the first party which myself and CiH attended and despite the general feelings expressed at
the time and since, we enjoyed it there. While the footage is mainly from the back room that the Atari scene occupied, there is a fair bit of
footage taken in the main hall too, for those that were there.

You will all notice how young we all look too !

Now that is scary ! :)

Anyway, enjoy.



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Old OUCH screen from 1990 released January 25th, 2009

found this file with a typical oldskool demo which I made back in 1990, which was never released. The scroll text is somewhat embarassing to read today, but I was only 16 years old at that time :-)

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Stu releases new YM-album January 25th, 2009
Stu released a new album of YM-music yesterday.

The album is called "Elements" and can be download as SNDH or stereo-mixed MP3 versions.
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New Falcon game from Paradize January 21st, 2009
Cooper of Paradize writes:


Puzzledize...erm... Paradize brings you a new little Falcon 030 game called Jewelz.

More info are available on the Paradize website.

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New C/Assembler kit ported to Atari January 1st, 2009
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

Hi everybody,

I'm more than happy to announce the end of our effort to port vbcc/vasm/vlink tools to the TOS platform. Thanks to dedicated work of Frank Wille we've got:

- modern & superb assembler with nearly all devpac directives, i.e. you can finally use your fave assembler under any modern multitasking OS (i.e. FreeMiNT)

- linker with many input and output formats

- fully compliant ANSI C99 compiler that produces hell of optimized code

The whole toolchain was heavily tested on one big project, i.e. we killed quite a many bugs so you should get very well tested product.

As suggested, this toolchain is aimed to be replacement for bloated gcc/gas/ld toolchain which is quite unusable on anything but aranym/ct60. vbcc is lightweight package that runs fine on 4 MB machines, even without FreeMiNT (i.e. under plain TOS!)

Primarily, it's focused to run under FreeMiNT, so I post here little tutorial for the first hello world, in case you're interested in making setup for commandline compiler/assebler under single TOS, feel free to contact me. So, the easiest way to compile "Hello World" under FreeMiNT:

1. go to the website (
2. download vbcc_bin_mint.tar.gz and
3. directories "bin" and "config" from vbcc_bin_mint.tar.gz copy into /usr/local/vbcc
4. create environment variable called "VBCC" with the value of "/usr/local/vbcc"
5. directory "targets" from copy into /usr/local/vbcc
6. tweak access rights for /usr/local/vbcc/targets/m68k-atarimint/include/* and /usr/local/vbcc/targets/m68k-atarimint/lib/* with "chmod +r+w"

type "vc -o hello hello.c" and you should get Atari ST compatible binary! Please refer to the manual of vasm/vbcc/vlink for advanced usage. You can contact me (see my website) for Atari specific things or Frank in case you fall into some trouble.

What? Did I hear you don't need new C compiler since you're happy with your gcc/g++ but still like the idea of having new assembler? Well, no problem! vasm is able to produce fully compliant a.out mint object files, so you can link vasm output with gcc, yeah! Beat this with devpac!

What again? Maybe you would use the vbcc but the gcc offers cross compilation possibility? Well, vbcc as well! You can produce amiga, elf, atari etc binaries on amiga, linux, freemint, windows etc based machines! No complicated configuration, just run "make TARGET=xxx" on any machine you want!

Hope you'll enjoy it, I was looking for some decent devpac replacement for years and now I got it!

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Stax relases new demo January 1st, 2009
Bod of Stax writes:

STAX proudly presents the first ST demo of 2009.


This demo was made to celebrate the release of Marcer's game DVD.

This demo was completed just after midnight last night (01/01/09), but I've only just had chance to upload it here.

The demo has lots of old-skool effects as this is the first demo of this style I've written.

System requirements: 1MB+ Atari ST/E

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