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Showing news from 2008-01-01 to 2008-12-31
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.tSCc. releases preview of an old game December 31st, 2008
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

Here's a little gift for the scene :) Well its oooold and only a preview... and maybe the last thing laying around on our harddrives to get rid off... sources are included but I doubt that anybody will every continue that game.

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Omega (!) releases lost Atari material December 30th, 2008
Haq of Omega writes (ripped from his Pouet.Net description):

20 years ago the Omega demo was released. This was Omegas first release.
This was not the prettiest demo around but technically advanced for its time.
The demo was very rushed and quite buggy as we wanted to release it at the Sync Convention, the first convention we visited.
The demo is not that well known and got overshadowed by the Union Demo that was released the month after.

To celebrate the Omega demo we decided to release some old mostly unreleased work.

This is not a demo in the ordinary sense but a collection of demoscreens. Many incomplete.
In fact the only demo with sound is the demo we won the demo competition with at the Mega Leif Convention.
Back then we didn't think that that demo was good enough to release but it has been requested.
We hope your expectations of this mythical demo is not too high :)
There is also a demo showing a game we developed called Eutanasia as well as a bunch of pictures from RED.

These disks were compiled sometime in the summer/fall of 92 and sent to Atari in a try to impress them into contract with us somehow.
This was when the Falcon030 was about to be released.
I don't remember exactly what happened but we became official Falcon developers and had a Falcon pretty early.
XiTEC was a company owned by HAQ and TFE of Omega.

You can read more about the Omega demo as well as the stuff on these disks in the readme file.

Omega releases these disks as a historical document, hope you will enjoy or find them interesting.

Yes you read it right, their missing winner demo from possibly the biggest Atari demo party ever is finally released (disk 1 ste/show.prg):-)
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TT-Hires demo by .tSCc. December 28th, 2008
Ray of .tSCc. writes:

hi everyone,

this is ray typing. since i didn't have any ATARI related releases this year which i thought is a pitty i decided to make up a little slideshow for the TT030 featuring some specific interlacing-mode i made up a while ago which is capable of displaying 1280x480 pixels and 32 colors per scanline (at a flickering 30Hz refresh rate as a natural drawback).

The minimal configuration to run the program is a TT030 (32Mhz) 4+4MB ram and a VGA-monitor, of course.

The timing is quite critical so don't expect it to run on old daughterboard
(16 Mhz??) TTs, or with the cache turned of. the pictures shown are not particularly christmas/new year's related or anything just some random stuff collected via google's image-search, so i hope i won't get sued by anyone :).

The demo also features a 50Khz stereo sample-loop lasting roughly 20 seconds and which is taken from omar rodriguez album "calibration" (the song is called "las agrimas de arakuine") - some _incredible_ drumming by thomas pridgen on that track... go check it out in case you're interested.

A little VU-meter is displayed in the lower screen area as well so i didn't have any CPU-time left for a scroller - at least unless i would have used some much more complicated code. so no scroller this time... sorry.
you can exit the slideshow hitting space as usual.
each image is lz77-packed, but nonetheless the executeable takes about 3Mb of diskspace. if you don't have the possibility to transfer files of this size to your machine don't even bother (ghostlink is a bad idea i assume), otherwise enjoy.

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Oxygene releases Amiga Demo 2 December 28th, 2008
Leonard of Oxygene released his STe/TT/Falcon Amiga music demo today. It's over three hours worth of Amiga music, most in form of "chip"-like tracks.

Many well known for Atari dudes but also big bunch of a bit less known tracks, all are really good. The demo uses Leonards new Paula emulator which focuses on accuracy rather than speed and it sounds really good.
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New album from gwEm and Counter Reset December 27th, 2008
gwEm writes:

At Outline 2008 I did a live set debuting many new tracks. I told everyone at the time a new album would be soon out containing all the new
material. of course, there was lots of delays...

But, finally, its now available on the highly reputable 8bitpeoples records! attendees of outline 2008 should recognise most of material, which
has been recorded in the form of a live album.

The only instruments you hear are one atari ste, a drum kit, and a flying V through a seriously cranked marshall.

music - written and performed by gwEm and Counter Reset
artwork - Colin/preromanbritain
production - Random/8bitpeoples

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picdb section on opened December 21st, 2008
I've been working on this for a while, and now need a break. So it's time to make it public.

It's basicly a database over Atari graphics. I've been ripping and ripping and ripping and.. yeah you know the deal. To start with we have over 600 pictures available and an easy login-free system for comments.

It goes without telling that the graphics is all Atariscene-related and I've tried to make as accurate descriptions as possible including display methods, resolution, used colours and software. We have only scratched the surface yet, there are litterary thousands of pictures waiting to be ripped and put into picdb. Help is welcome!

The page also looks quite empty, it's all about the data so far, but I hope someone will send a nice logo :-)
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Altparty video by CiH December 20th, 2008
CiH writes:

It's nearly Xmas, the turkey is getting nervous, and all around the Atariscene sits waiting, keenly anticipating.

Well it doesn't look like we're getting a new CT60 demo now, but hopefully this is the antidote to that 'Socks for Xmas' feeling. It's the assorted cobbling together of my Alt Party '08 mobycam footage into a unified whole, to give a damn fine taster of the whole party experience.

The usual disclaimers for shonky shaky footage, and generally terrible picture quality but massively atmospheric subject matter, apply in full force here...

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New game from Paradize December 17th, 2008
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:

Time for a Christmas release! It is not Christmas themed but if you don't mind, Orion finished his little 4K game called Spy4k.

Grab it over the Paradize website and enjoy.

Seperate binaries for ST/STE and Falcon use are included!

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New Old Footage! December 4th, 2008
Spiny of Torment writes:

Thanks to MugUK by way of atari-forum and Evil from DHS :) , there is now an easy way to get hold of the video footage filmed at The Great British International ST Party from 1992.
Quality is as you would expect from a hand held video camera from the early nineties, but if you were there you should be able to spot yourself,
probably looking a lot younger and with longer hair :)
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SNDH archive v2.9 is out November 15th, 2008
64 new or updated SNDH files (70 tunes).

A small update for you compared with recent releases. But this is the knock on effect of less new tunes being released.

Note there are a couple of SNDH-Digi tunes for your delectation, notably 505's awesome 'More or Less Zero' and Gargamel's 'Tyranny'.
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Chipyxa #6 - chipmusic online compo November 7th, 2008
Another Chipyxa compo for chipmusic is being held.

The compos:

* Oldschool, SNDH and SAP should be OK, max size 40 kB
* Newschool, MOD files are allowed , max size 100 kB
* Executable, any format inside the program (ACE Tracker anyone?), max size 32 kB

Deadline is at the third of december.
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Lost screen from the SNORK demo resurrected November 2nd, 2008
Yep, another resurrected very old demo screen was sent in to us.

This time it's a flexiscroller by Amadeus Wolf Gang which was made for the SNORK demo, but missed the release for an unknown reason.

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Old multipart from Euphoria resurrected October 29th, 2008
We were sent a very old ST multipart demo which most likely is unreleased before now. It features several effects of which some are pretty cool.

Note: In the starship screen, you can control the ship with the keyboard.
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Atari releases at Alternative Party October 26th, 2008
So the Alternative Party is nearing the end, and the compos have been.

Trilobit released a really nice demo for the good old Atari VCS, which got a lot of applause. Perhaps the best ever demo on the 2600?

For the STe we (DHS) released a demo called More Or Less Zero that we've been working on for a while. It needs a real STe with 2MB to function, no emulator will display it correctly. The video have some colour issues but works in worst case.
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maxYMiser v1.24 (520 version) released October 13th, 2008
gwEm of PHF writes:

Some North American chip musicians complained they can only find 520 machine in their countries. Also, I knew NTSC support could have
been done better. To address this I present a 'North American Special Edition' of maxYMiser Live. It seemed appropriate to release
this version on Columbus Day - a holiday thoughout North America.

It include improved NTSC support, and support for ancient 520 machines.

To support 520 machine I had to remove some stuff in the 520 version *only*:

- ice pack/depack - anything sample related
- microwire
- the nice STSurviour start screen

I also:

- reduced number of SID waveform and syncbuzzer steps in the 520 version
- added new more informative disk error messages

Furthermore a removed two mallocs from the replayer - your memory management /might/ be a bit better with DMA music now.

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Video: Crazy Q live yesterday night October 5th, 2008
For those of you with a quick broadband connection and a taste of live YM music.

Crazy Q / DHS performed last night at the Kafé 44 in Stockholm and a full hour of video footage is available. Beware though, it's a massive 550MB download.

With a bit of luck a smaller file will be available some days ahead.
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Stu releases new CD with YM chipmusic October 3rd, 2008
Stu reports that he is soon to release a new CD at Retinascan with eight new original YM chiptracks.

You can listen to the CD at the Retina website.
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Paradox releases Atari STE invitro for Altparty September 30th, 2008
Finally the Atari invitation intro for the Alternative Party 2008 is out. It is a STE intro which should also kind of run on Atari Falcon 030, but only halfway on emulators, so blow away the dust and run it on your good old STE ;)
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Ocean Machine by TBL now on Falcon September 23rd, 2008
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

Hi again,

since there were no complaints about VGA/50 Hz and Kalms was so kind he helped me with the last bug, I'm happy to tell you Ocean Machine is here!

Btw this demo is true delicacy for CT60 users with Nemesis/Phantom/bus boost and ~80 MHz -- on my setup I haven't seen one effect under 25 FPS and 50 FPS wasn't anything special at all! :)

OK, enough crap, enjoy the view :)

2008-09-24 UPDATE: The video is replaced, now with proper audio!
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New Bits intro September 16th, 2008
The Bits are back once again with a tiny intro. They really should make a bigger demo some day..

Apart from that, you know the drill, it's minimalistic all thru.
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New Falcon game released by Paradize! September 16th, 2008
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

Paradize has yet another game release for you. Cooper gave the Falcon a go this time and our new little puzzler, Chainz, is exclusively meant to run on the Falcon.

A special bypass allows disabling of the DSP music so you can use Hatari too.

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New version of Silkcut Falcon September 15th, 2008
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

Hi everyone,

after some experiments with 8-bit coding (I failed, I wasn't able to code one simple slideshow :-) I'm back in Falcon coding.

I was thinking about making some update to Silkcut because there was awful bug in the 1.01 version -- fading routine was totally messed up which results in incorrect display of TBL logos + affects framerate as well.

So this update fixes it plus adds:

- VGA 60 Hz support (I really hope no one will have problems with LCDs anymore)
- color greetings! (Kalms and me decided it doesn't look *that* bad, esp. on TV)
- special version of greetings for 60 Hz (thanks, Kalms!)
- much nicer tunnel sequence

On the other side, there's some hidden bug (in my port, in the original demo, in the universe, ... :-) which means that tunnel looks either fantastic or jerky. In in week I wasn't able to catch it, I give up, sorry folks. It's just a port after all... It seems the best chances to see perfect effect you have on 66 MHz machine, it's kind of sync problem, that's all I can say about it...

P.S. I'd like to ask -- how many of you had problems with that 50 Hz version? I ask because Ocean Machine is much, much more knitted to 50 Hz than Silkcut and citing Kalms: "fixing" that will be a bitch :-)

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Torment releases small demo at Sundown September 14th, 2008
Torment have released a small ST-intro at the Sundown party. The intro mostly contain old code, graphics and sound. Never the less, nice with a lifesign from the brits!
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Paradize releases Zikdisk 2 September 2nd, 2008
Marcer of Paradize writes:

Paradize finally finished the Zikdisk 2 Project.
go to the site and have a grab/look/listen

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Bits releases new intro August 23rd, 2008
Summer idleness, nothing new for ages. Then comes The Bits Club to save the day with "Bits #50".

You know what to expect :)
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Chairman of EFF to appear at the Alternative Party July 30th, 2008
Setok of Aggression writes:

Yeah, we have content for the geeks too!

Brad Templeton, chairman of EFF and, in his own words, the founder of the first dotcom (ClariNet) is to appear at the Alternative Party. He is also a member of the board at BitTorrent and is, apparently, an active C64 coder.

Additionally we will have live performances of UX (including main guitarist of Amorphis) and one of Finland's most famous DJs, Proteus. Desert Planet, an eccentric bitpop band, will be kicking out some chip beats with their famous live show.

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Legendary band Front 242 to play live at the Alternative Party July 21st, 2008
Setok of Aggression writes:

Rumours have been doing the rounds for months, but now I can finally confirm that yes, the talk has been true. One of the largest pioneers of industrial and electronic music, Front 242, is to appear live at the next Alternative Party, fulfilling a dream that we have had for many years.
Starting with their first recordings in 1981 Front 242 brought a whole new harsh, meaty and beaty approach to electronic music with many hit tracks such as Tragedy For You, Religion and the all-time #1 club hit, Headhunter.

Front 242 has a big impact on scene music, influencing many musicians along the years. The most obvious examples on the ST are the demos 'Punish Your Machine' (takes its name from one of their tracks) and the famous 'Grotesque' by Omega, which remixed a 242 track and used a
lot of their visuals.

Interestingly enough 242 has not been aware of the demoscene, even though their live visuals are full of demo style effects. This will, however, be the first time that they will experience the heated competition, visuals and buzz that are prevalent at parties. Yes, they are going to be staying for the whole party to watch the compos as well as playing their full live set on Friday, so demo crews better release some hot material! They will also be giving a speech on music and art on Saturday.

This is the 10th anniversary of the Alternative Party and we have reserved the biggest, coolest hall we could find. Two floors, industrial architecture (an old Nokia cable factory), lounges, seminars, prizes and of course 242 and other special guests. The theme of the party is to look back at the dawn of the computing age, when Charles Babbage was designing his first steam-powered computer systems, with the help of the world's first programmer, Lady Ada.

We have been working months to finalise this deal and I can honestly say there's never been such a big band playing at a demo party before. It is going to kick rear ends like nothing has done before.

The party starts on October 24th and continues to the 26th.

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NeXT are back with 16 years old GFA Basic demo July 21st, 2008
Snippet from the readme file:

This demo was started around 1991 while my group was trying to finish out giga demo, the Phaleon Demo.

Since I did all the tools used to make the Phaleon using GFA Basic, I had a pretty good idea of how to write some decent code. Now well, university, beer, and other factors comploted to make sure the demo would never be finished.

So in 1992 it was abandonned.

And in 2008 I finally managed to find the various floppies and hard-drive backups containing parts of what should have been a 10 minute long something demo with partial fullscreens, etc...

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Bits back on the ST July 3rd, 2008
After some releases on other platforms, Bits have returned to the ST.

You know the deal, minimalistic sound, and graphics. The effect this time is the well known "unlimited sprites".
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D-Bug back with new game fix July 2nd, 2008
CJ / D-Bug writes:

We've been a while, but here is Epic (ST/STe/MSTe/TT/F030/HD) Some notes for this for Falcon users - the game will randomly lock up if you use
the mouse or the joystick, so please use the keyboard. Sorry for this, but after many hours in the code, I decided to boot it out the door 'as is' and maybe return to it later. All other Atari owners, just play as usual with your input device of choice. (CJ recommends a PeST with a Microsoft Optical Mouse)

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Releases at NAS 2008 June 29th, 2008
NAS 2008 has been, and there are a couple of releases.

First out is PeP with a new NES emulator for high end Atari machines.

PeP writes:
I've released a preview of my experimental NES emulator for 060-equipped machines. It's based on a heavily modified version of NESCore, a nice open source NES emulation library.

.tSCc. also released a new game for the Falcon. Eight players can battle at once.

kRadD writes:
Finally after more than 3 years, I released my game Grenzüberschreitung at the NAS:
Grenzüberschreitung (engl.: crossing the border) is the first ever released game written in lua for the ATARI. It's also the first game ever that uses 2 Teamtaps to allow 8 players to participate on the falcon. The game itself is a tron clone for 8 players. The game was released 2005 at the Outline, and after rewrite it 2-3 times so finally this is the Version 1.0. Thanks to all people who helped me: DaFreak / Liquied Sky Records (for an finally unused cover, which was used more than a year at
competitions), 505 for the music, Samurai / Inter for the final cover, Reservoir goods for the GodLib, for lua, Bitmaster for the mod player, Christos for beta testing, and all the players who participated in the last years in Grenzüberschreitungs competitions and give a lot of feedback.

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Nordic Atari Show 2008 June 24th, 2008
Mr.Future writes:

Nordic Atari Show 2008 :: Reminder

Just a last minute notice to remind you of this year's NAS! The Swedish Atari Club's annual meeting will take place in the central parts of
Gothenburg/Sweden this weekend with start on friday at 15:00.

For last minute information, check out our homepage!

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Gloky releases unfinished screens June 11th, 2008
Gloky of MJJ Prod writes:


here is some lame fx i made

i'm sorry but i am too lazy to make a full demo out of this

it's gloky08 screens as usual

i'm too old to finish and mix all these screens
i will study at university so i don't have the time i'm sorry

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SNDH Archive v2.8 released May 28th, 2008
Grazey of PHF writes:

125 new SNDH files!
10 months since the last update! Shocking! I hear you say, but there are reasons (see the full readme for info).

Again a wild bunch of tunes, brand new Outline tunes, a weird mixture of exotic old stuff and finally the T1000 tunes :)

The Cream guys have even released an updated plug-in for Winjam which allows you to play new SNDH-Digi tunes.

Enjoy the sonic stim!
Grazey / Evil

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Atari podcast at Bitjam May 25th, 2008
505 of Checkpoint writes:

Another Atari related Podcast will be played on Bitjam radio station in the evening of 1st of June. This episode is a tribute to the YM-kings of the oldschool demo days from many years ago. Though, their musics can touch ones heart pretty much still today. :)

You can tune into the radiostream or download the episode after the show.

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The last remaining Outline demo here May 18th, 2008
Today Paradox finally released their winning 'Again' Outline 2008 demo (or actually it's a 96k intro).

As you have gotten used to by now, Paradox lines up a number of BLiTTER-intensive effects as well as a great soundtrack from 505. The intro needs a 1MB STe at the least.

So that more or less completes the Outline releases for this year, we had some very good stuff, let's hope the trend continues next year :)
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Silkcut from The Black Lotus now on Falcon May 12th, 2008
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:

hi guys,

it has been some time since i managed to release something. it's time my another (you remember quake, right? :) dream to become reality!

many of you have asked what i am working on at outline... people, *this* is it.

oh, you still don't know what i am talking about? some of you complained quake is quite boring and old and wellknown from PC... so this is... real reason for buying ct60? best of the best? some amiga stuff? some tbl stuff? some silkcut? :)


P.S. Just got message from Kalms -- that first-scene bug is well known thing in Amiga version, too :)

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Outline 2008 releases quick roundup May 4th, 2008
The fifth Outline party ended today and releases have started to come in.

There were four demos/intros for ST machines including new ones from Paradox, Lineout and Checkpoint. Further on there were a number of bootsector intros, music and graphic contributions.

Some of the releases are collected on our download page for Outline 2008. The winning Paradox demo is said to be available later after some bugfixing have been made.
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PicrossST - Ac2008 Edition May 1st, 2008
From the readme file:

This version of PicrossST is a tournament version of the game, NOT a demo of the full PicrossST game.

It creates a random grid you have to resolve : you have 45 seconds to mark a full cell. To do so, use the indications on the left and top of the grid. It count the consecutives full cell in the row/column.

PicrossST - Ac2008 edition is played with the mouse : left click marks a full cell, right click marks an empty cell. Each full cell correctly marked, reset the timer et 45 seconds. Each mistake ( an empty cell marked as a full one ) decrease more and more the time counter.

The 30 best scores are held. The more full cells are correctly marked, the bigger the score is. If the puzzle is entirely solved, a time bonus is added to the score.

The archive also contain the best scores maid at AC2008.
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JagCode II releases May 1st, 2008
One intro and two games for the Jaguar were released for the JagCode II compo.

The games are a 3d-sokoban-thing and a platformer, the intro shows off the Jaguars ability to show (alot of) sprites.
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Fading Twilight Excerpt 12 May 1st, 2008
The first release from Outline have already arrived.

Lotek Style of .tSCc. have released the Fading Twilight Excerpt 12 of Atari digital music.

Fading Twilight Excerpt 12 features material from the following artists:

Ajt aka Axis, An Cool, Big Boss Man aka NiceGuyUK, Casanova, Chromatic, Clawz, Colibri, Count 0, D.D, Devil, Diego, DJ Rondel, Docs, Dr. Kaya, Drost, Groovykid, Gwem, High Flyer, Hobby One, Kafka, Kev, Liszt, Metronome, Mickey, Miggy, Misery, Mordicus, Overdup, Profi, Rademenes, Razor, Samson, Sewercide, Shoot, Skidz, Sonic, Spock aka HMC, Tebirod, The Sonar, Trauma aka Magellan, Vision Gonzales, Xtal, Zonk/Inter and Zonk
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Christos releases STOT intro April 20th, 2008
Christos writes:

11 days before Outline 08 STOT would like to inform you about our activities there. And for a scene party what better way than a small intro?

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Bitfellas Podcast Falcon special April 13th, 2008
505 of Checkpoint writes:

The todays episode (#31) of the Bitjam Podcast will be specially dedicated to Atari Falcon demomusics. It starts tonight (Sunday, April 13) at 21:00 CET. H20/Rebels even did a nice banner for it. :)

If you want to tune in or download the show have a look at the Bitfellas site.

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Atari ST developer story part 2 April 13th, 2008
Alien / ST-CNX writes:

Part 2 of the story of one of the original developer's of the ST.

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Lastest news about A.C. 2008 March 26th, 2008
GT Turbo / Cerebral Vortex writes:
On the road to the AC 2008 !

We're less than a month away from the opening of the AC 2008, the yearly Atarian French meeting. The event will take place in Congis-sur-Thérouanne (zip code : 77440), located close to Paris, during the April 19 - 20 weekend. Registrations are now open. They are required and don't forget : in order to provide the best accommodation conditions for everybody, the attendance is limited !

A conviviality-based gathering
Each year, during a weekend, the Retro-gaming Connexion organization strives to unite all of the users of the Atari brand.
Players, programmers, collectors and mere enthusiasts get together to share their common hobby.

In addition to the large quantity of hardware provided by the RGC organization, attenders are encouraged to bring their own machines to use or demonstrate them, in a 100% "free play" atmosphere : plug, play, use, and program.

On location, you'll find dozens of Atari-branded machines, and hundred of games and other pieces of software that have left their mark on the gaming and computing history. To quote only a few : the Atari ST, the Falcon, the Atari 2600, the Jaguar, the 8-bit computers line (Atari 400/800/XL/XE, etc.) and many other oddities. Have you ever heard about the Nuon ? You'll be able to play it there. But the rarest item will undoubtedly be the Jaguar virtual reality helmet, an unreleased prototype of which there are only two working copies in the world. A unique opportunity to discover it.

Professional and hobbyist software development teams will also be there. You should be able to count on the presence of the Jagware team, which will present an advanced version of its JagCF (a Jaguar add-on), of Rodolphe Czuba, the designer of the CT60/CT63 accelerator board for the Falcon, of the English 16/32 Systems shop... You will also find out about the latest development and gaming-related news. The Atari machines are still alive ! A whole weekend will be barely long enough to enjoy everything.

Practical information
Registering for the AC 2008 is required and can be done through
our online form ( Practical information (entrance fees, access maps, trains schedules, etc.) is available on our website. More specific information (car pooling opportunities, buying/swapping/selling equipment...) can be found on our forum (

In order to organize this meeting in the best conditions, we invite you to register early, and to contact us as soon as possible for any special query (projects, specific hardware you'd like to present, etc.)

Thanks for your future attendance and see you in April !

The RGC organization team

About the AC
Inaugurated in 2002 under the Jaguar Connexion moniker, the event initially gathered only a handful of Atari fans. Five editions later, the Jaguar Connexion becomes the AC, to cover all machines - consoles and computers - of the well-known brand. Users, collectors and mere enthusiasts now meet at a yearly gathering.

About the Retro Gaming Connexion organization
This not-for-profit organization has been created in 2005 by six retrogaming fans with various backgrounds (a journalist, a leisure professional, a pool technician...). Since the beginning, the group has been aiming to organize various events in order to bring users together. The Jaguar Connexion, which enjoyed five editions, has been met with a great success and rapidly became one of the references in its category. The activities since diversified into organizing events such as the Retro Gaming Connexion (non-specific) and the AC (100% Atari-related), as well as creating and distributing various retrogaming-related products.

The RGC organization website :

The RGC organization forum :

The Atari forum of the AC 2008 gathering :

Contact information :

Telephone : +33 6 14 52 41 70
Email : retro-gc (at)

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Atari ST developer story March 15th, 2008
Alien / ST-CNX writes:
One of the original developer's of the ST is sharing his story on his blog.

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Rainbow II Multimedia released for free March 15th, 2008
Bear/Cerebral Vortex writes:
The software company Norbyte has finally made Rainbow II Multimedia for Atari Falcon available as freeware, after my suggestion.

To make good use of the true color Picture Studio, learn what hotkeys to use (provided as text files for each Studio) and the settings for each tool.

Have some fun and be creative!

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Fanatics website launched March 1st, 2008
lotek style / tscc^ymr writes:

Rebel MC of Fanatics finally put up a new website. You can download several productions like the "Totally ripped Megademo" which im sure its not that wellknown.

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Atari Connexion 2008 February 17th, 2008
GT Turbo of Cerebral Vortex writes:

The AC 2008 will take place the week-end of the 19th and 20th April

The 100 % atarian French convention, will take place as usual in the small town of Congis sous Thérouanne, in the near from Paris. Take note of this date!

Like always, this edition will be under the sign of cosiness, relationship between, coder collectors, gamers. The Atari scene is still alive and dozens news productions sold every year. Come and test them or if you want just to discover again the game you have played during your childhood.

Travel information will be announced very soon.

If you wish to come to the AC2008 do not hesitate to contact Arethius

With best regards

The Retro-Gaming Connexion Team

About the AC:
Launched on 2002 under the name Jaguar Connexion, the convention only gathered a few atarians. Five conventions later, the Jaguar Connexion changes names in AC Connexion, in under to concentrate on the Atari Brand.

About the Retro-Gaming Connexion association.
Association under the law 1901, created in 2005 by 6 video games fans from different origins (journalist, multimedia animateur, swimming pool technician~E), this association aim to set up conventions in order to gather the gamer in a unique
atmosphere. It begun with the Jaguar Connexion which became shortly a reference in France, after 5 editions it was time to move on. Now the Retro Gaming connexion organises two conventions per year :
- The Retro Gaming Connexion : for all gaming systems
- The AC : For all the Atari gaming systems
If you wish to have further information on the activities of the Retro Gaming Connexion do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact :
0033 6 12 52 83 16
Mail : retro-gc -at-

But if you have questions, you can ask here :)

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maxYMiser Live released February 14th, 2008
gwEm of the P.H.F. writes:
As a Valentine's day present to the demo and 8bit music scenes I give with love the next evolution of my Atari chip tracker: maxYMiser.

If you watched the videos I released the other day, you'll already know the updates. But here they are again:

* MIDI clock out
* Sync24 I/O
* MIDI controller support
* Enhanced live resequencing
* Polyphonic MIDI input
* Many bug fixes and small enhancements

Because of all the new features and development time I have decided to upgrade the title to: "maxYMiser Live". It will be the last big update to maxYMiser, of course I will continue to make small improvements.

Feel the scene love this Valentines day!

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Bits releases new intro February 13th, 2008
Yet another intro from Bits have appeared. It's called 'Circles' and you'll probably understand why while watching.
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Preview videos of maxYMiser Live February 12th, 2008
UPDATE: MPEG-4 AVC videos with better quality are now available.

gwEm of the P.H.F. writes:
I thought people might be interested in this little introduction into the next version of maxYMiser: maxYMiser Live

Check out these youtube videos:

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New No Extra release February 6th, 2008
505 wirtes:
NOEXTRA-team has released a new compact disk featuring a collection of TRSI cracktros for the Atari ST/Falcon. Some of them are of pretty high quality and surely worth to have a look at.

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New game from Paradize released February 3rd, 2008
Christos / STOT writes:

We are very happy to announce the release of the game PAIRS by our good friends of Paradize! Pairs is a very good puzzle game and will be the game of Round 12 of the first season of the ST offline tournament. We'd like to thank Paradize, and especially Cooper for contacting us and making it an exclusive STOT release. So download and enjoy Pairs by Paradize and don't forget to show us how good you are at the contest!

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6th Annual Awards voting time January 19th, 2008
Scene.Org writes:
The Awards is back for the 6th time! The big show is taking place during the Easter weekend on 22nd of March at the Breakpoint demo party in Bingen am Rhein, Germany. While the jury is still working their way to nominate the very best demo releases from 2007 you can also affect the results by voting for your favourite demoscene release from last year, perhaps all the way for the public choice award! You can also make a hint to the jury of noteworthy releases through Pouet .

The deadline for the public choice voting is 29th of February and all the Awards nominations will be announced right after that on the 1st of March 2008.

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Oxyron releases invite intro January 16th, 2008
This was a big surprise for me.
Oxyron have just released an Atari ST invite intro for their coming multi-platform party in Germany. The intro is pretty small but features nice fx, gfx and zik.
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D-Bug menu #199 released January 6th, 2008
GGN of D-Bug writes:

A bit late for this, but I guess it's alright. Ahem:

As part of the D-Bug advent calendar 2007, menu 199 has been released! Featuring the 5-disk epic, "Cruise for a corpse", Falcon fixed (it was already HD installable).

Wish you all a happy 2008!

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Cerebral Vortex releases Falcon slideshow January 6th, 2008
Bear of Cerebral Vortex writes:

Maybe the first Atari Falcon production for 2008? :) It's a true color slideshow with original (mostly) graphics by Bear
(CVSD), code by GT Turbo (CVSD) and music by Marcer (Paradize, etc)!

Please comment here on DHS and Pouet!

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Stu and Dubmood with new releases January 5th, 2008
Both Stu and Dubmood have released an EP with Atari ST chipmusic.

The album by Stu is called 'GreateST HITs' and features these tracks:
01: mYMelody
02: chiprape
03: A.U.C.R.
04: dYManite
05: MEGAblaST

Dubmoods album is called 'Atari-Ska L'Atakk' And features these tracks:
01: Exodus Ska-Dub
02: Kick De Bucket
03: Monkey Island
04: Pressure Drop
05: VodSka-Dance
06: Dbug CD197 (feat. Goto80)

You can download both of the albums below.
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Bits releases christmas intro January 5th, 2008
A tad late, but The Bits have released what they call 'Christmas 2007/8'.

As you might guess, it's a tiny chrstimas intro for ST/e machines. Snowflakes, rasters and the usual blipp blupp zik.
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P.H.F. releases Outline intro January 5th, 2008
Grazey of the P.H.F. writes:

Picture the scene.

Saturday evening at Outline 07, the fourth bottle of La Trappe Tripel quenching the palate. Up pops Mr Skrebbel "Grazey, you got any Atari releases planned?" , Grz - "Errr nerrr, I'm too busy whooping GGN at Kick Off" , Skrb - "Come on maaan, no Atari demo released at Outline!"

18:48 The fourth bottle was quickly dispatched.
18:49 codeshitgrazeyto_bad_to_release.s
18:52 Grz "505!! , where's 505?!"
18:53 Grz "phew, Hi Nils, we need a soopa doopa track, for a mind blowing demo release"
18:54 505 "this is a fakking cool tune, I assume it will be fitting to your demo-coding expertise?"
18:56 Cal "you can't release this bollocks"
18:58 Grz "We'll have the prestige of being the top Atari ST demo at Outline: D-Bug, Dune, RG, DHS, Lineout can all piss right off"
19:02 ALT-A, copy to disk... where's Earx!!

Oh... and I finally found the source code, so I apologise to you all wholeheartedly. Ahem Enjoy. 6th place at Outline!

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Bits Club at TUM January 1st, 2008
It seems like The Bits Club were at The Ultimate meeting and enetered an ST-screen in the compo.

The screen is called 'BITS#35 TUM2007' and features the usual music (well..) and scrolltext but also some synclock raster effect.
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