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Showing news from 2007-01-01 to 2007-12-31
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Outline 2008 mini invite released December 30th, 2007
What, an invite to Outline months before the party, that can't be right?

Strangely enough, this time it is. Actually, we (DHS) were really ashamed of not having released anything for the entire 2007, so here is our little contribution for the rather empty 2007 Atariscene year.

The intro is called 'Outline 2008 mini invite' and is, as the title suggest rather minimalistic. Anyway, get the intro and more importantly, get your ass to Outline in a few months!
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D-Bug menu #198a/b released December 11th, 2007
Showaddwaddy of D-Bug writes:

The end is nie, thankfully! Only two more menus to go. 198 features games which slipped beneath the radar, notably :-

Gauntlet III (m)ST(e),TT,f030
Outzone (m)ST(e),TT,f030

To make it even more scrummy you'll find a brand new Dubmood track and CJ has implemented a cross-fading effect (never seen before?!) on the ST. Enjoy.

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Dune releases collector edition December 2nd, 2007
As you might have read, Dune have released the Fantasia Collectors Edition. Although renamed to 'Fifteen' as Dune have now been around for fifteen years. The collectors edition have grown to a hommage of the entire Dune history, with all their releases including a graphics collection.

To top it off, there is a historic video with clips from many Dune productions as well as a brand new rendered part (really cool).

The release is a CD-image file that you need to burn (or mount). The video is also available separate from Scene.Org.
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Leonard fixes STNICCC demo for 16 Mhz machines December 1st, 2007
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

Due to a thread on about ST productions for 16 Mhz machines, Leonard of Oxygene decided to fix his demo from STNICCC to run on those machines.

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Lots of presents from D-Bug December 1st, 2007
D-Bug writes:

Exclusive scene news for DHS!

Last year D-Bug had their 'Days of D-Bug' event, which seemed to go down quite well. This year D-Bug have decided to have an Atari Advent Calendar full of goodies for you all. Visit their site each day, starting December 1st, 2007, and ending on the magical Christmas Day for a new release from them! Don't try and peek ahead, bad children don't get a visit from Santa! Ho! Ho! Ho! And if you feel like leaving something out for the crew, I'm told a bottle of Rum is always welcome Wink The entire D-Bug team [Cyrano Jones, Showaddywaddy, GGN, Dubmood and ECG] would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastical New Year.

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Musicmon update November 25th, 2007
Dark Angel of Aura writes:

Hi folks! Just for the case someone else besides stu is still using Music-Mon you might be interested in the new version 2.5e fixing 2 non-negligible bugs:

* Replay / SNDH / Editor :

Playback of 100Hz and especially 200Hz Sounds slightly pitched down sample-playback on 8 MHz machines due to timing issues

* Editor:

'SAVE ALL' and 'SAVE PATTERN' introduced 32 Bytes of $0F Bytes at the beginning of each sample on every save process accumulating to a clearly noticeable silence after several save/load attempts (that's an embarassing one)

Thanks to stu calling my attention to both bugs.

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Frequent releases new Chiptrack November 19th, 2007
Frequent of Ephidrena have released a new STe-maxYMiser track at Kindergarten 2007.

The track ranked second in the "32 kilobyte executable music compo".

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New special feature article November 15th, 2007
Paranoid of Paradox have written excellent walkthru of the Power PC processor. It's history, comparison to 68k, the good, the bad and the ugly. For anyone with a bit of interest about micro processors, this is a must read.
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Paradize updates Desktop Configurator November 10th, 2007
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

Today I begin a new age of Paradize releases.
I have been busy with reallife lately (mainly finishing my studies) so we start this time with an update of my old little utility, the Desktop Configurator.

This little AUTO folder tool allows you to select one out of different DESKTOP.INFs to be in use.

The new version mainly adds TOS detection so it automatically selects whether it has to overwrite DESKTOP.INF or NEWDESK.INF depending on the active TOS.

Grab the tool at and enjoy!

STay cool, STay Atari /|\ !

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Paradize releases Outline 2007 slideshow November 10th, 2007
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

Today Paradize releases a delayed production, the "Outline 2007 Slideshow". A production exclusively for the Atari Falcon 030.

This is is just a small "Thank you" production aimed at the Outline organizers for organizing such a cool party. My little set of party photos can be seen with small comments in TrueColor graphics with some digi music playing.

Originally I started to work on this right after the Outline 2007 party. However finishing my studies had
priority so I finished the release only of today. Once I had planned to use a real CPU heavy chiptune but it prooved to be too heavy on CPU in the end. So you only get DSP played digimusic by LHS at this time.

Just to make sure, we don't end up with no real after-party releases this time :)

And don't forget: STay cool, STay Atari /|!

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New DCK demo released October 23rd, 2007
A new mega demo made in Demo Construction Kit was released by Tomchi yesterday.

There are a lot of screens (fourteen in total) and many of them claim to do stuff never before seen in DCK.
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Crazy Q Live 2007 October 23rd, 2007
It's been a dreadful year for DHS releases, not a single one.

Crazy Q is the saviour by keeping the DHS flag high at several live concerts. Playing music with his STe from a multiple of DHS demos (and more). Below you can download a nearly 44 minute long video of one of his gigs this year. There's also a bonus video with another performance, but not using Atari-chiptunes there (hint; it's a more fruity computer instead).

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kRadD of .tSCc. releases old game October 16th, 2007
kRadD of .tSCc. writes:

Today I put a MSA of Spitzenreiter I on my page. It's a Football Manager I did back in 1991.

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Outline 2008 announced October 16th, 2007
Havoc of Lineout wrote (on our BBS):

For those who didn't hear it through the grapevine yet:

The 5th edition of Outline will take place from Thursday May 1 to Sunday May 4 (Ascension weekend!) at the premises of Te Boomsgoed in Braamt (same location as in 2007 and 2005). The rental contract has been signed some weeks ago, so there is 0% doubt left in our minds :-)

As this event will mark Outline's first lustrum, we are counting on your support to make it the biggest and best Outline party so far. Please be vocal if you have ideas, plans or suggestions for the organising team! And be sure we will be announcing some nice suprises for visitors in the months ahead... :-)

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NAS 1995 demo sort of resurrected September 21st, 2007
Let's start our time machines, set it to June 1995, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The first Nordic Atari Show back in 1995 was pretty cool, Unique Development Sweden were showing off their new Substation in multiplayer mode, Jaguar networking (Doom) were on display and a pretty good amount of resellers on place. Thanks to NoCrew, a demo party area of the event was held with compos. People from ICE, XiA, DHS, NoCrew (..), New Core, Impulse, New Beat, IMPonance and many more were on place, all in all a pretty cool party.

Less cool however was the winning Falcdemo: Something thrown together during a day at the party by New Beat, DHS and IMPonance. Buggy, ugly, short, bad effects are some words to describe it. The demo barely ran at the compo, and no effort was ever made to make a release-worthy version of it.

Yesterday I found the old floppydisk from the compo, and decided to see if it worked. No it didn't. However, after messing around I managed to run the parts separately, and I had to code a picture converter for the title pic so it could be viewed. Ok, no point to try make a working demo of this mess, most of the sources were gone anyway. So instead I made a cut-together video which should resemble pretty much how it looked back at NAS 1995.

Ok I know this is a long news article with no good content in the end, but with the current Atari-scene stall I gues it's better than nothing..

So, download the video or visit Youtube and have a laugh!

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Atari music entries from Sundown 2007 September 21st, 2007
Sundown 2007 saw two Atari entries in the Synth (chip) competition.

The tracks are made by 505 and Monk, where 505s entry is an ACE Tracker file without samples and Monks conribution is a maxYMiser file in SNDH-format.
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Major YM Rockerz precense at Main September 7th, 2007
The Main party in France is getting closer and YM Rockerz are preparing for a blast. Quite a few of the YM Rockerz will perform live at the Party.

* gwEm
* Dubmood
* Crazy Q

And more guys from other platforms (see the flyer link below).

Don't miss this!
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SNDH Archive v2.7 released August 17th, 2007
Grazey writes:

We finally hit the 3000 SNDH mark!
Tonnes of songs in this update, mainly trashy Music Studio 'tunes' from the dawn of the ST.

There are also a few gems, including tunes from a never released game called "Arcade Classix".

Oh and remember the SNDH forum at for requests and general chat.

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Alive #14 released August 12th, 2007
The long delayed Alive #14 has just been released at the Evoke party.

As usual lots of articles, nice graphics by Cyclone and four original soundtracks by 505, Crazy Q, STU and Marcer. The floppydisk version will follow later.

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ST-pictures from polish Atari-party August 6th, 2007
Yerzmyey writes:

Glucholazy 2007 was an ATARI party in Poland.
Date: 27-29.07.2007.

It's mainly for 8-bit Atari fans but there are also guest from Atari ST scene (and even Falcon users).

There was a 16-colours Graphic Compo for Atari ST. Mostly in funny mood. ;)

Results are like that:
1: Messy - "Messy"
2: Messy - "Messy4Pin"
3: Yerzmyey/H-PRG - "Interes kwitnie"
4: Jury - "Demon9"
5: Habib/H-PRG - "Krowa"
6: Habib/H-PRG - "Fisza"
7: TDC - "2Terribl"
8: Habib/H-PRG - "Niekrowa"
9: Ryszard - "Go4"


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YM Rockerz - "Warptyme" special edition for sale August 3rd, 2007
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:

The special case edition of warptYMe is still available for sale (Ltd edition of 50).. If you want to order send me an e-mail: orders(AT)

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Atari stuff from Big Floppy People 2007 July 30th, 2007
The Big Floppy People party ended yesterday. There were a lot of C-64 demos released, but also some stuff for the Atari.

Foremost there were two demos from The Ultra Crew for the ST, and two chiptunes for the ST as well. TUC placed third and fifth with their demos and Dubmood scored second with his ST-tune and Timbral eighth with his ST-tune.

Not all files have been spread yet, the links below will grow as the stuff shows up.

Update 2007-08-12: The last missing file (SNDH buy Orbiter and Timbral) now added.

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SNDH Archive v2.6 released July 26th, 2007
The ever growing SNDH archive has been updated to v2.6 tonight.

Version 2.6 features fifty new or updated SNDH-files (total 73 tunes) including the full set from 505's Blubbersongs, several Dubmood tracks and some artists previously not in the archive.

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Alternative Party 2007 July 24th, 2007
Setok of Aggression writes:

After taking a break of almost three years, the Alternative Party is back in strength with a new team, a new venue and new programme (with just a bit of old mixed in). Our special guest will be announced soon but if all goes as planned, it will be one many will want to meet.

As always, Atari has a special place at the heart of the Alternative Party, although many other platforms are to be seen. Indeed, the Atari scene was the impulse for the very first Alternative Party, way back in 1998.

Expecting to see loads of you there!

-- Setok / Aggression

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Screenshots from a new .tSCc.-game July 24th, 2007
kRadD of .tSCc. writes:
Here some screenshots of the upcoming tscc release called "Grenzüberschreitung".

Grenzüberschreitung is the first ATARI Falcon game that:
- is written in lua
- that supports 8 Jagpads via 2 teamtaps
- uses the beeHead player management framework
- uses the nonconform rapig game development framework

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Gloky of MJJ Prod releases new screens July 24th, 2007
Gloky of MJJ Prod writes:

here is some crap things
it's the gloky god mod contest
try to beat my blob

never mind the blob
eat my blob's
my socks are blob :)
the blob demos
the remove of the left blob
gloky a vue beaucoup de blob cette nuit :)

euh gloky c'est moi
gloky s'appelle il parce que c'est un demi dieu
traye to beat dis!

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D-Bug #197 May 30th, 2007
Showaddywaddy of D-Bug writes:

D-Bug unleashes onto the internet: Menu 197! While a version was released at Outline 2007 to the assembled folks, this is the final build of the menu, complete and ready to be written to floppies everywhere. What's on it? Well, it's a long time favourite and classic game, that surprisingly was never put on a menu (obviously because it doesn't fit on one disk without missing bits out.... *cough* no names *cough*)

Yes, it's Gauntlet II! And as usual, you will find it ST/STe/MegaST/MegaSTE/Falcon Hard Disk compatible/8-16Mhz and also this time, trained with extra health for those of you not brave enough to fight the dragon!

This disk also features two new and exclusive tunes composed for us by new D-Bugger, Dubmood. Expect a lot more fantastic YM noises from us in future releases.

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505's Blubbersongs May 27th, 2007
A new music demo from Paradox was released tonight.

It's a disk with 27 (!!!) new original maxYMiser tracks by 505. Some of the tracks uses STe enhanced DMA instruments.

The styles differ from oldskool blibbies to STU-like tracks and more traditional demo-style songs. Many of the ziks are using really cool sounds (as heard in 505s Outline and Breakpoint contributions).

The MP3-pack is recorded partly on emulator and partly from real STe, so volume gain might vary a little between tracks.
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SNDH archive v2.5 released May 11th, 2007
The first release from Outline have already landed; The SNDH chip music archive have been upgraded to v2.5! Lots of old music from games featured on D-Bug menus never before ripped. Huge work by Grazey.

The archive now features 2775 SNDH-files with a total of 5659 tunes.
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Lineout releases invite intro May 10th, 2007
Earx of Lineout write

Just 1 day before the party (Well, more than 24 hours, actually..) the Falcon030 invitation intro for this year's Outline party has been released!

It's entitled "HURRY" and with a good reason.

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.tSCc. releases Outline invite intro May 7th, 2007
The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation are back with a new ST release.

The invite intro is a nice and slow paced prod. Code by Ray, zik by Lotek Style and gfx by Havoc and C-Rem.
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New SAK webpage May 3rd, 2007
Mr Future writes:

Today The Swedish Atari Club (SAK) released our new webpage! Completely new design and new features! We also want to remind you of this year's Nordic Atari Show that will be held on the last weekend of June. If you are planning to attend, then make sure to get your name on 'the list'! (check the NAS-page)

If you got ideas for making SAK, NAS or the website better, then please post your ideas in our forum!

So.. Check out our new webpage! :) Most pages are in Swedish only, but the NAS-page is translated to English, as usual.


/ Andreas a.k.a MRF :: SAK Chairman

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Microdisco - vol 4: "crime" April 29th, 2007
Manou writes:

the one and only chip-and micromusic label from the heart of Berlin, introduce you to: crime !

A new compilation of killer-tuneZ: "crime" - 4 the good and the bad side of law !!!

14 Songs composed by 14 known and unknown , big city gangstars, decibel detectives and bedroom pirates! International chipmusicians like Eat Rabbit, goto80, dubmood feat Zabutom, sidabitball, nilsmusic and many more composed a special crimetune for you!

You get also two brilliant coverversions from the UK Front: One by Read Conflict Error, who made a nice gangsta rap, a sexy cover of NWA's "fuck the police", done with old grey gameboy lsjd thing and a guitar and singing. gwEm got out one of his flying V's and his Atari and made a ravemetalchipcover of "Breaking the law" by Judas Priest.

Not to forget two contributions from Japan - a japanese gangsta rap by dj souchu and mister poko-chip wants a riot!

Take this and meet me in Cairo!

"crime" - now available on ""microdisco- your dealer for freeonline chipmusic. suck em right now!

Is it a crime to be in love ?

4 more infos, and/or if you want to write a review contact:

cheerz and njoy the spring

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MJJ Prod screen released April 19th, 2007
Gloky of MJJ Prod writes:

i have not released a old screen at the huno party1 so here it is the huno version party of a screen whose never released and voila

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Outline 2007 April 16th, 2007
Earx of Lineout writes:

From 11th to the 14th of May 2007 the fourth edition of the Outline demoparty will be held. Don't be shy and get your atari asses over to Holland =))

For more info (and to see who's also coming):

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Nordic Atari Show April 1st, 2007
Mr Future writes:

The Swedish Atari Club (SAK) announces the Nordic Atari Show 2007!

Date: June 29th to July 1st
Place: Samskolan, Gothenburg / Sweden (same place as last year)

The latest information about NAS07 can be found in our webpage at

/ Andreas a.k.a MRF - SAK Chairman

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Spice Boys tributes Moredhel April 1st, 2007
Asn of Spice Boys writes:

Yo, here is our new intro for Atari STe!

This is our tribute to the Atari god Moredhel. Released at the S:T Lars Meeting 2007.
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New ST/e-demos from the Numerica party March 11th, 2007
Completely unexpected, two new ST/STe-demos were released at the Numerica party.

One being from Sector One, Dune and MJJ Prod called 'My Galaxy' and the other from Paradize called 'Kick my ass'embler'.
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SNDH archive v2.4 released! March 5th, 2007
Tonight the ultimate Atari ST chipmusic archive has been updated to v2.4.

The update is dedicated to the recently departed Richard Joseph, and features some previously unripped music from him. Rest in peace.

The update brings 130 new or updated SNDH files with a total of 184 songs.
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BSW releases new demodisk February 8th, 2007
BSW have released a new demo collection disk. Now it's number #138 and features a bunch of BBS intros:

* 3x Dreamscape BBS
* Asylum BBS Demo
* Delta Force BBS Demo
* Eagles Nest BBS
* 2x Legion BBS
* 2x CCS BBS
* Frontbase BBS
* Nightbox Intro
* dataline BBS
* Outbreak BBS
* Toxic BBS
* Lame Brain 2 Demo
* Contact BBS Intro
* Adlib BBS Intro

As a personal note, the Asylum BBS intro is made by DHS for the Megaleif party intro compo, but somehow it wasn't shown (too bad perhaps :)) and released later as this BBS intro instead. Coding by Bellman/DHS (here called Criz/2smart4u) with zik by Toodeloo (minimalistic 6.26 kHz mod). The initial (smaller) plasma plasma is to my knownledge the first ever halftone 4-pixel blitter plasma made. The larger plasmas coming later (press space) are 8-pixel blitter ones.

Ok, enough of todays nostalgy history lesson :)
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Tranbeauce 2 party video February 6th, 2007
Most of us have seen the classic 'Transbeauce 2 demo' by a lot of french crews. Among other things the demo features the worlds first SID-voice routine by Ziggy Stardust.

However, less of us actually made it to the party, so now DocProf have have digitized encoded an old video tape filmed during the party and Keops of Equinox have made it available.

About 250 frogs with Ataris visited the party. The movie shows a lot of activity going on, it seems to have been a great party indeed.
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NAS IRC-meeting January 22nd, 2007
Mr Future writes:

The Swedish Atari Club (SAK) invites to an IRC-meeting next sunday (January 28th).

SAK has recently changed board members, and the IRC-meeting will be a good opportunity for members, and presumptive members to be able to get the latest information about SAK.

More information (in swedish) about the meeting can be found in our forum at

/ Andreas a.k.a MRF - SAK Chairman

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Adebug goes GPL January 18th, 2007
Today Brainstorms Adbug was released for free with a GPL licence.

Along with freeing up Adbug, a fresh build of the project is made available as well. Adbug now goes by the name Adbug Reloaded.

Back in 1994 when Adebug was put on ice, a new version called Adebug New Generation was in development with features like evaluating C expressions while debugging. Adebug New Generation is planned to be released at a later date, perhaps as Adebug 3.0
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maxYMiser compo results January 9th, 2007
gwEm writes:

maxYMiser compo over!

We had 66 people voting for the compo, thank you all! Here are the final results:

1) 505 - YM2006 = 583
2) gwEm - Garage Days Revisited = 459
3) Starbuck - maxYMum Time Pressure = 439
4) Rubbish - Almost Happy = 341
5) Marcer - 2149 Final = 275
6) Makt One - Shotgun = 267
7) Frequent - Steinras DMA = 257
8) Makt One - Hex = 209
9) Evil - Enola Gay = 207
10) Makt One - Goldfish = 187
11) Makt One - Nelson = 172
12) Makt One - Granit = 170
13) Makt One - Husselhof = 139
14) Marcer - Sounds of 1985-2006 = 123

Congratulations to all the artists, and especially to 505 of course.

You can download here a bug fixed demo and a SNDH package. MP3s will be available again in a few days.

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Lethal Xcess beta released January 6th, 2007
Cyclone of X-Troll writes writes:

Finally the long forgotten beta version of Lethal Xcess has been released it has some unique features like:

* Music by Nexus 6 featuring ridiculous SFX and sampled voices :)
* Completely different level design
* Different player weapons (well there are only 2 of them and they are almost the same :)
* A few enemy sprites which didn't made it into the final version
* A modified level 3 boss featuring 2 heads
* Non existing loadable level logics, so the game will run the same level logic again with a non matching set of tiles :) you could call it a bug, but the truth is loadable level logic wasn't included at that time.
* Tons of sprites
* A modified skull bonus symbol, which acts like a smart bomb instead of downgrading your weapon systems.
* Losing a life means only losing one weapon power unit, not all of them.

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