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Showing news from 2005-01-01 to 2005-12-31
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STream vol.3 - 60 Minutes of Chip - the last blaST! December 26th, 2005
STU of Drop Da Bomb writes:
yes, it's out here.. this is the final release. STream series is now complete!

thanx very much to otro for the awesome tape-cover gfx!!

best wishes y'all

stu / drop da bomb

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Christmas issue of Alive released! December 26th, 2005
Just a ocuple of months from the previous Alive issue, here's a new special christmas edition of your favourite ST-diskmag.

The issue features 44 articles, three chiptunes (Crazy Q & Nemo), one 8-channel module (Crazy Q), ASCII-graphics by Lotek Style and intro/shell graphics by C-Rem.

Those of you who have been waiting for the ONLINE COMPO RESULTS, wait no more, the results are included in the mag.
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mxPlay by Satantronic and Mystic Bytes released December 25th, 2005
XI-/Satantronic and Mikro/Mystic Bytes have released a new module/audio player for the TT and Falcon. It's plugin-based and supports several formats already in the first version. One important format is XM, something which only Megaplayer did before (but very poorly).

mxPlay is described as multitasking friendly, even works with memory protection in FreeMiNT, will be open source and have an open plugin format.

The following formats are supported:

* ACE Tracker
* Art OF Noise / Chorus
* MP2 Audio (Mpeg 1 layer 2)
* ProTracker (and devirates) modules
* FastTracker II (XM) modules
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YesCREW releases GemPLAY v0.97 December 25th, 2005
SWE Of YesCREW writes:
Here is GemPLAY v0.97. I hope main probs are fixed, altough few minor remains (mostly crashing of XMS tunes if repetitevely loads few of them.. GT2 is also disabled for the moment, due to crashing on CT60 and some unexplained incompatibility with new API... As im currently in idle mode, i think best is to release it and gather some bugreport, if M$ can do it, so can i :))

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Dark Angel of Aura releases MusicMon 2.5 December 24th, 2005
As promised, Dark Angel of Aura brings us a new massive updgrade to MusicMon today. A very fine christmas gift to all YM-fans out there! Seven demo-tracks included.

Dark Angel writes:
Dark Angel presents the next release of Music-Mon! This is now Version 2.5 which is the biggest step ahead since V 2.0.

Some of the new features:

+ free SID waveforms with up to 16 steps
+ 2 digi-channels
+ maximum pattern length now 128
+ individual speed for each pattern
+ increased sound capacity to 100
+ increased pattern capacity to 100
+ SNDH export
+ Portamento
+ Extended SID and SyncBuzzer Controls
+ SID intensity modulation
+ New multi timbrale MIDI Mode

The replay has also new features:

+ free from system calls, so compatible with WinJam etc.
+ Detailed info block provided by replay routine. Allows to create fancy jukeboxes.

Checkout the readme.txt for the complete list and other details.

Now enjoy this new version!

I wish all of you a Merry X-MAS and a Happy New Year!!!


UPDATE 2005-12-24:
Folks, it's a pity, have to release a corrected version of MM2.5 just some hours after releasing it... Not a joke, not a marketing gag :-)

Sync Buzzers are now tuned identical to V2.1 again....

Sorry folks... But ok, I guess V2.5 did not spread that much so far....


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gwEm releases fast SSD replayer December 18th, 2005
gwEm writes:
For the MJJ megademo entry I prepared a special SID Sound Designer driver. It operates using a single SID voice on Timer A and has the fastest SID interrupt I can think of at the moment.

Because of Tobe/MJJ's good optimising, it was not needed. Maybe you can use it in one of your prods?

k0d: Usual SSD driver suspects + gwEm
msx: Floopy/MJJ

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New-old ST platform game released December 16th, 2005
A platform game once thought to be released by Psygnosis back in 1993, that for some mysterious reason wasn't released have finally been made free and released.

It's a traditional 2D-platform game with pretty graphics made by Canadian developer Stephane Belin.

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STU releases new STj-mix December 16th, 2005
Chipmaniac STU of Drop Da Bomb have released a new big mixtape of Atari ST chiptunes.

Included composers are:

* Mad max
* gwEm
* Fatal snipe
* Count zero
* Crazy Q
* Scavenger
* Lotek Style
* Megus
* C-jeff
* Factor 6
* Tao
* Yerzmyey
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20 years megademo released! December 11th, 2005
Twenty years after the release of the Atari ST, the atari demoscene proudly announces the release of the '20 years' megademo. Combined with the demo release, the pictures, songs and demoscreens are competing for fine prizes. Please give your support by voting.

The demo includes twenty screens, filling up two 820k floppy disks. We also support harddisk users for a more comfortable way of watching the demo. For Falcon and TT users there are less to chose from, we recomend that you use an ST or STe instead for the full deal. Before you start the demo, please read the included info file, especially the BUGS section.

Thanks to everyone who has participated - sixty people in total! See you in the 30th anniversary mega demo!
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D-BUG releases #188 December 2nd, 2005
Showaddywaddy of D-BUG writes:
D-Bug present menu 188. Containing Journey to the Centre of the Earth (another rare Spanish title), TLB's Life's a Bitch demo (now hard disk installable) and an ancient text adventure called "The Adventures of Alice who went through the Looking Glass and came back, though not much changed" phew long title!

Once again we bring you some more unreleased demo code by Andy the Arfling, this time a nice dister (old school!) and if that's not enough try listening to one of the best chip tunes ever!


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maxYMiser DMA v1.14 released November 23rd, 2005
gwEm writes:
Some tweaks to maxYMiser DMA. Generally a little more stable. Also changes mean that emulated players like WinJAM are supported once more.

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Drop Da Bomb releases new EP November 23rd, 2005
Prodigious productions writes:
7 years after the legendary Yazuka EP ;))
We're back with another offline release!
This time no vinyl but a neat 3" CD instead including 7 exclusive Atari ST chiptunes!!
All carefully mastered by Crazy Q / DHS!

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YM Rockerz invades Stockholm November 20th, 2005
Microdisko, a phenomenon in Stockholm (and perhaps other cities?) regulary run events with minimalistic electronic music.

On the 19'th of november this year, the time had come for the YM Rockerz to play at Microdisko. And what a show it was! Below you can click to watch a few pictures from the show and a little MPEG-4 movie (no sound! but from only the image you can get a hint how cool it was! - use a new VideoLAN to replay it).

Marcer, Dubmood, Crazy Q and gwEm performed and Manou took care of the DJ'ing.
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Alive #11 is out! November 20th, 2005
Issue eleven of the Alive diskmagazine is out! It's been a long wait but it's packed with articles to read.

Music by gwEm, Marcer and Crazy Q, graphics by C-Rem and Cyclone.

Bonus files includes:

- The previously announced Wolfenstien 3D port by Ray of .tSCc.
- Alive Kolor Tagger (debugged) by GGN / KÜA
- Sourcecode for circle fade bootsector
- Sourcecode for overscan by Alien / ST Connection

This version of Alive #11 is made for harddisk users, a 720k floppy-version will follow later.
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Ray of .tSCc. releases new Wolf 3D November 20th, 2005
Ray of .tSCc. has released a new version of Wolf 3D. But this isn't just one of those updates like before. No here you get a fully playable Wolf3D on your ST! Yeah, texturemapping, sampled sound effects - the lot.

Ray has for sure made a real milestone in ST games programming with this one!
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Frequent of Ephidrena wins music competition November 17th, 2005
Nerve of Ephidrena writes:
The Kindergarden demoparty was held last weekend, and Frequent of Ephidrena won the 32k executable music competition - with a YM tune! The crowd went wild as the mad blipps and booming DMA rocked the PA system to the awe of applauding PC and Amiga sceners!

The tune was done with maxYMizer DMA (praise Gwem).
You _will_ use real hardware to replay it. Or suffer. Horribly.

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Paracon reminder intro released November 17th, 2005
Paradox in co-operation with gwEm have just released an invite intro for the upcoming Paracon 7.

The party takes place 25-27 november in Selters, Germany as always. You'll need an STe or Falcon to enjoy the intro.
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The Bits Club releases #23 November 10th, 2005
The Bits Club are back with more bad chipmusic, terrible colours and some weird effect. The new intro is called 'fluctuating dragon'.
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D-Bug releases #187 November 8th, 2005
Showaddywaddy of D-BUG writes:
Another week, another menu. D-Bug 187 contains :-

Swiv (Hard drive installable) by our new friends and affiliates ECG (East Cracking Group) plus a nice little intro with zak by gwEm
Mega Phoenix, a rare Spanish shoot em up filed by Showaddywaddy

The menu also contains a really nice intro by Andy The Arfling / BBC featuring a superb 3 bit plane bit bending scroller! (the first on the ST ?) The screen was part of the un-released BBC megademo.

Enjoy the disk


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Anouncement : Music-Mon v2.5 November 1st, 2005
Dark Angel of Aura writes:
I can't help doing it... Another Music-Mon upgrade is in the making...


* free sid waveforms with up to 16 steps
* 2 digi channels
* maximum pattern length now 128
* individual speed for each pattern
* new multitimbral MIDI input mode
* up to 100 sounds
* up to 100 patterns
* lame realization of portamento as an extension of pitch bend
* SID Main- and Fine-Tune
* SID intensity modulation
* Pitchbend and PMD can now be applied to SID
* Arpeggio can now be selectively applied to SID

Release latest on X-Mas!


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D-BUG harddisk-enables old games October 31st, 2005
Showaddywaddy of D-BUG writes:
Seems like an eternity... 364 days to be exact. But finally D-Bug makes a new release. A departure from the normal menus in that there are no hacked games on the disk! That's because we're very proud to introduce D-Bug U.L.S. (Universal Loading System). Yes 6 months in the making and going some way to explain D-Bug's hibernation. In a nut shell ULS allows you to run practically any D-Bug / Automation / BBC game crack on your hard drive. So you benefit from faster loading, hi-scores saved to your hard disk and for MegaSTe owners, the ability to play many games in 16mhz and therefore super speed (try Harlequin for example!). On menu 186 we bring you HD installers for :-

Leaving Teramis (Automation 262)
Harlequin (D-Bug 39)
James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod (D-Bug 15a)
Moonshine Racers (BBC 47 a/b)
Resolution 101 (Automation 293)
Robocop 2 (BBC 32)
Speedball 2 (BBC 36)
Streetfighter 2 (D-Bug 100 a/b/c/d/e)
The Untouchables (Automation 223)
Wizkid (D-Bug 80)

Of course even D-Bug can't fit 11 games on one disk. That's why we've included an installer program (with new gfx/sound by C-Rem and gwEm respectively), the installer will copy all the files from the original menu onto your hard-drive and install the new loader. Full source code and ULS documentation is included on the disk. Expect more ULS titles soon... and if you're nice we might even take requests. To use the installers you'll require the aforementioned disks, these can be grabbed from thanks to Mug UK for the temporary web space.

Shw/CJ D-Bug

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Sector One releases Fantasia hidden screen October 24th, 2005
ST Ghost of Sector One writes:
The short hidden screen of fantasia demo has been released as a standalone small program. Many people still haven't been able to access it as it wasn't easy... So here's the chance!

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French coders, artists and musicmen releases new ST(e)-game October 18th, 2005
ST Survivor writes:
"Want to last longer in bed ?"
"Need some pill to make you feel better ?"

Aren't you tired of all this spam ? Now is your chance to fight the pills invasion ! POOZ has finally made it for all Ataris and we invite you to grab it and visit the official mini website.

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MJJ Prod releases a slideshow October 17th, 2005
MJJ Prod seems to have had a meeting recently. Monster GFX-man C-Rem missed out, and what better to do than to arrange a teletubbies slideshow out of it? Well at least there's a nice Floopy soundtrack.
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Moire Squares Intro released October 7th, 2005
As a complete non-surprise, The Bits Club are back with another.. ahm, 'quality' release. Bring down the brightness, insert the earplugs before starting!
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Noise party updates October 2nd, 2005
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:
Hi girls and guys!

We've got some surprises for you.


We really enjoy visiting various demoparties and we like active sceners who also visit the same parties as we do. So, for this reason we decided to support this people who attended some of the our chosen party by LOWER ENTRANCE FEE!

We decided to offer lower entrance fee for all of you who attended (payed entrance fee) at these demoparties:

Outline 2005: 12 Euros (for keeping tradition)

QuaST Party 2005: 9 Euros (probably our most favorite party where we always meet the nicest people)

Forever 2e3 2006: 3 Euros (8-bit party where we meet the coolest Atari XE/XL, C64 and ZX maniacs)

As you can see the more present party you visit the lower entrance fee you get. Also please note if you want to visit both Forever and Noise you will pay FEWER money as at standalone visit of Noise party.

This privilege fee applies for one person and for all four days of Noise party duration.


ALL the money we'll get from entrance fee will be used for (and only for) PRIZES in the each competition where the division will look as follows:

Falcon compos: 40% of overall the sum (for the first place we guarant at least 100 Euros)

ST compos: 20% of the overall sum (for the first place we guarant at least 50 Euros)

XL/XE compos: 30% the of overall sum (for the first place we guarant at least 80 Euro)

WARNING! In the each competition will be ofcourse more prizes by our sponsors... and this is not the end, we've got some surprises still hidden... stay tuned...

Yours Noisy Team.

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Lineout announces Outline 2006 party October 2nd, 2005
Havoc of Lineout writes:
Outline is back!

The Outline team is currently in the process of making final arrangements for another edition of their party. As always, it will be held at a suitable location in the east of Holland and facilities and atmosphere will be similar to those at previous editions.

There are a few big changes too. First of all, the party is no longer organised during the Easter weekend. We are happy about this, and wish the organisers of Noise in Slovakia the best of luck for their follow-up in the Atari Easter tradition!

Second, we are aiming at a more diverse audience. Besides our friends from the Atari scene, we also expect a more significant number of visitors using other platforms, such as pc, C64, GBA, XBox, Amiga, etc.

What will remain the same for sure is the strong focus on the active scener's wishes. No commercialism, no LAN-gaming, nothing to worry about if you like a productive and friendly atmosphere. We hope you will join the experience!

Preliminary dates: Thursday, May 25 - Sunday, May 28
("Hemelvaart" or "Ascension" weekend)
Location: East of Holland - Details TBA

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gwEm releases updated SNDHConv September 22nd, 2005
A few days late with this (sorry gwEm): A new version of SNDHConv has been released, now with the new replay from Musicmon 2.1b.
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TBC again.. September 19th, 2005
The Bits club are back with... (drumrolls)... TBC #19!

It's a plasma screen with even blockier resolution than in your usual plasma..
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Revival ST - remix album out at last September 15th, 2005
One delay after the other, seven sorrows and a closed down record label later.. Finally, finally the professionally recorded Atari ST remix Audio CD is out.

It's been a long way coming, and most of us probably thought it was finito when 'Music by design' went down a while ago, just before the launch of the CD. However, it looks like C64-Audio.Com have taken over the distribution.

The CD contain the following tracks:

01. Odyssey - Jan Morgenstern (Scavanger)
02. LED Storm - Rafael Dyll (Tim Follin)
03. DBA6 - Fabian Del Priore (Scavenger)
04. Dragon Flight - Sonic Wanderer (Jochen Hippel)
05. Exolon - Markus Holler (Dave Rogers)
06. Prelude to Xcess - Rafael Dyll (Rafael Dyll)
07. Lethal Xcess - Rafael Dyll (Jochen Hippel)
08. Foundations Waste - Sonic Wanderer (Wally Beben)
09. Period in 3D - Jan Morgenstern (Scavenger)
10. Quick and Silva - Fabian Del Priore (Chris Huelsbeck)
11. Custodian - Sonic Wanderer (David Whittaker(
12. Jupiter Probe - Markus Holler (Rob Hubbard)
13. Goldrunner 2 - Gianluca Verrengia (David Whittaker)
14. BONUS: Maniax (Vocal Edit) - Dr Future and Makke (Kingsoft)

The CD sells for 9.99 UKP.
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Atari easter party 2006 annoucement September 12th, 2005
Mikro of Mystic Bytes writes:
Dear sceners and friends of demoscene!

We are happy to announce you the official Easter Atari Demoparty 2006 called "Noise" which will held, very untraditionally, in Slovakia (Slovak Republic) !

Our goal is to finally join both 8bit- and ST/Falcon-scene in one big party and support each competition with decent prizes like in the past...

More information you can find at our website,, where you can tell us your interest, opinions and where you can find some basic facts about the party itself.

The website will be regular updated, we're going to bring you information about each competition, party program, prizes for winners, travel maps etc...

So, stay tuned and tell us what do you think!

Your Noisy team.

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Musicmon 2.1b released September 12th, 2005
Dark Angel of Aura writes:
Sorry folks, I didn't test the V2.1a editor on real machines...

Stu just gave me a hint that on real machines (Mega STE, Falcon) the fileselector does not show any files anymore...

This is now corrected!

This version also fixes another bug which already existed in V2.0:

SHIFT + CLR HOME (Change Sound X to ACTUAL (S/D)) didn't work on C#5 notes (crazy, but true).

Have fun,

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Winning Outline 2005 demo available September 6th, 2005
One of the most awaited releases so far this year has been the winning demo from Outline 2005 by Paradox called Pacemaker.

After long long months of waiting, it's finally here! The demo is made for STe-machines and features a lot of nice effects. Coding is made by Paranoid and RA, graphics by Zweckform and music by 505.
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ACE Tracker update September 6th, 2005
Thomas of New beat writes:
ACE Tracker v0.996 and Replace v0.36 was released with many bugfixes and updates.

The tracker update includes:

- New function: PFFFF
- External mode back on track
- CANCEL in file sel. bug fixed
- New short cut for Step rate
- And more...

UPDATE 2005-09-07:
Another update of ACE Tracker was released today. The 'Load Work' button stopped working the last time and it has been fixed now. Meanwhile Replace is upgraded as well, with some new features: CPU-load indicator, stop interupt and number of voices in use.

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maxYMiser DMA released September 4th, 2005
gwEm writes:
There have been some big improvements since the last version:

* 2 channels of DMA sample sound
* Real-time resequencing possibilities for jamming and live performance
* Autoloading for screenless operation
* Microwire support for bass, treble, panning and master volume control
* Minimalist sample editor including unique 'YMise' function
* Many minor bug fixes and usability tweaks
* MIDI enhancements including drum pad support

Minimum system is any 1Mb 16/32 with colour screen, however STe with 2Mb+ is recommenedable.

Of course tunes playback on any 16/32, even 0.5Mb machines :)

A Falcon-fixed archive is now available. Non-DMA sounds were silent on Falcon before, which has now being taken cared of.
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The Bits Club, again.. August 27th, 2005
Forever famous The Bits Club are back with a new release. This time it's a slideshow and music disk baked into one demo. The pictures are 'true colour' in a catastrophicly low resolution, and the music.. Well I guess you've heard previous TBC demos to get an idea..
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Cerebral Vortex releases Jaguar development tool August 27th, 2005
Cerebral Vortex, active in development on Atari Jaguar has recently released a new utility for converting TGA/IFF/TRP images into native jaguar formats (RGB16/24 or Cry/16). The program should work on any Atari in GEM.
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ACE Tracker players August 23rd, 2005
Following the much wanted ACE Tracker update two days ago, two players that can play ACE Tracker modules have been released.

The first one is a small minimalist .ttp-player by Evil/DHS. Like DUMP, TAP and the others it works fine within a simple text shell in MiNT. It's called MiniACE and should also work in TOS and MagiC.

The other one is called GemACE, and as you have already guessed, it's made by SWE of YesCREW with graphics help by C-rem/MJJ Prod. GemACE functions like GemMOD released a few days ago.
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The Gods are back! August 22nd, 2005
It's been over two years, but the gods are finally back with a new game release for the ST, STe, TT and Falcon.

The new game is titled 'Clogged Up' and is described as a puzzle game based on classic games from Binary Arts. Featuring three hundred (!) levels in seven worlds and nine new MSG chiptracks.
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ACE Tracker in new version released August 21st, 2005
After a long long wait, ACE Tracker from New Beat have finally been released in a 060-friendly version.

Complete changes in the new v0.995 of ACE Tracker:

* Works better with accelerators like CT60, AB40.
* Portamento implemented.
* Mono/Poly mode implemented.
* All interface graphics was converted into loose IFF files.
* Section "sample" was updated with new interface.
* The oscillator OFFSET parameter is now enabled in all mix modes.
* Filter tables was optimized to use less memory.
* Number of voices currently in use is shown in the MASTER section.
* Some calculations was moved from CPU to DSP to improve accuracy.

And as a very welcome bonus, Thomas of New Beat ahve also released replay routines for ACE Tracker music, called Replace. Beta versions of replace has previously been heard in a few 96k intros on the Falcon.
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MusicMon Update V2.1a August 21st, 2005
Dark Angel of Aura writes:
Hi folks,

just some weeks after releasing some bugfixes concerning the MM2.1 replay routine, Marcer uncovered another major bug which caused freaky noises and in worst case lead to a system crash...

Also the editor got a minor bug fix.

See readme.txt for details.

Gwem is going to update his SNDH converter when he finds some time...

Dark Angel

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Happy moments over at the Reservoir Gods August 20th, 2005
We wish to contratulate SH3 and Sarah of Reservoir Gods who are getting married today.

Hip hip hurray, and may this result in many new .god-files!
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Fruitware releases new ST game August 19th, 2005
A new ST-game made by Gregory D. George have recently been released. The title is Four F and the creator describes it as a mix between Chips Challange and Tron.

The game is made in STOS and was started already back in 1993, but put on ice for a long time.
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Cerebral Vortex updates Jaguar Uploader August 18th, 2005
GT Turbo of Cerebral Vortex has released a version of 'Debjagr' a development tool to upload code to the Jaguar from an Atari computer.

Previously the tool did not work with the Falcon, and especially not with 68060 processor. These shortcomings have now been corrected, and the CT60 can be used as a nice Jaguar development platform.
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Onlinecompo 2005 gets more support August 14th, 2005
The DHS onlinecompo 2005 have already seen some interest, with a couple of contributions already sent in. But to make this event even more known we are happy to present support from several leading Atari-sites:

* Atari-Explorer.Com
* AtariMuseum.Com
* Atari.Org
* AtariAge.Com

What will happen is that these sites will further advertize for the compo, which will hopefully lead to more contributions. In a few weeks we will add further prizes to the competitions as well, so stay tuned and spread the word.
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GemMOD - new Falcon modplayer released August 12th, 2005
Hot in the heels of releasing a CT60-fixed Capy version, SWE of YesCREW have released a GEM-based module player for the Falcon.

The player uses the bITmASTER replay with all the latest patches. This means it is compatible with most known accelerators and it will hardly be noticeable while playing in the background. GemMOD supports four to eight channel modules with an easy to use interface (graphics made by C-Rem/MJJ Prod!) that supports drag & drop of modules to the player window.
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YesCREW CT60-fixes Capy August 12th, 2005
SWE of YesCREW has released a new updated version of their puzzle game called Capy. The new version has changed from using Graoumf Tracker into Protracker music, this has the benefit of working well on CT60 as well. Yes, Capy now runs on your favourite accelerator board.

SWE tells us that the game still needs to be started from 640x480x16 col, and that TT-support has been dropped.
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505 of Paradox releases intruments for maxYMiser August 10th, 2005
Like many other, 505 of Paradox, although being a chip composing god, had some problems getting decent sounds out of the excellent maxYMiser tracker. Then, Dma-Sc of Sector One released a tutorial for the maxYMiser instrument editor.

After that we didn't have to wait long, 505 have now released a package of example instruments for use with maxYMiser. 505 reckons the sounds could be a good base for anyone to develope new sounds from as well.
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The 2005 DHS.NU-online compo announced August 9th, 2005
There's been many many questions about a compo for this year, much earlier than usual. The online poll clearly shows a big interest as well.

Last year we had a big hit with the compos, and we're quite sure that matching last year will be close to impossible. However, even if we can't do that, we're hopeful that there can be a nice compo anyway.

So what is it about? As the Atari ST is celebrating twenty this summer, we though that a celebration competition for this historic event is in place. So we present you the Atari ST twenty year celebration compo.

Parts of the compo includes:

* Atari ST demoscreen
* Atari ST YM-music
* Atari ST lowres graphics compo

Once the deadline has been, all contributions will be collected and put into a megademo and then released for everyone to vote for their favourites. The graphics and music contributions will be placed in special slideshow and music screens of the megademo.

Like last year, we have prepared some nice prizes to win for the three best contributions in each category.
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Nature finishes the CT60 EtherNAT August 9th, 2005
After over a year of development, Nature has finished the CT60 ethernet and USB2 card called EtherNAT. Nature are now asking for people who wishes to buy the card to contact them.

Once the card is shipping, work on the SuperVidel will likely continue, which is very good news for all of us who wants to further speed-up Falcon demos and to have a nice highres desktop in many colours.
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DHS visits LCP 2005 with some releases August 7th, 2005
During the weekend, The Little Computer People (known as LCP) took place in Linköping, Sweden. Crazy Q was on place keeping DHS present this year as well.

We came up with the screwed idea of doing another 4k intro for the party - only some days before it began. Thanks to gwEm who had been forseeing a new 4k for a good while, we already had some cool music. Unfortenly, we ran out of space and had to exclude some parts of the intro. A video will follow from

Crazy Q also competed in the music compo, ended up third with a cool Triplex track.
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Dead Hackers Societys saddest day ever August 5th, 2005
August 2nd 2005 will forever be remembered as the darkest day in the history of Dead Hackers Society.

It is with great sorrow that we announce the demise of Anders Nilsson, a.k.a. Toodeloo of DHS. He passed away this tuesday, and we still struggle to find out what happened, Toodeloo died at an age of only 30.

All quarrels over the last few years are forgotten, let's forever remember the good times. We had some great years during 92-99 starting up DHS in the bunker. Laughing, coding, composing and just had a fantastic time, which is what the scene should be all about. You'll be missed.

Anders Eriksson
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Yeahoo The Bits club are back August 3rd, 2005
This got to stop! The Bits club beats the entire Atari scene put together in activity. It's time somebody else took up devpac and coded for a bit, if nothing else it would be refreshing with something else but t1000 music ;-)

This new one has a two-plane circle interference effect, seen much on Amiga in the old days and some times on the ST as well (in Odd Stuff for instance).
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gwEm updates SNDH conversion tools July 27th, 2005
gwEm writes:
Predictably, here is the suite of SNDHCONV tools with an updated MM2.1 converter using the new Dark Angel replay routine.

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The Bits Club never gets tired.. July 27th, 2005
Yet one of the TBC intros have been released. This one seems worse than the usual ones that we've come to become familiar with in the last few months. The new intro goes by the sub-title "UNLIMITED SCROLLS".
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Art releases first 060-intro July 15th, 2005
Art, known from the TBL Atari section has released a small intro for 060-based Falcons (it is likely to start on lower spec falcons as well, but running slowly there).

The intro is clevery called 'Artari' and comes in a flavour for VGA and RGB/TV. A video-version will show up as a download in a few days when is updated.

The video file is now available thanks to
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The Bits Club back again July 14th, 2005
Shortly after the previous TBC14 intro, the Bits Club strikes back with... TBC15!

The new one is subtitled "SINE WIREFRAME INTRO".
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MusicMon v2.1 replay update July 7th, 2005
Dark Angel of Aura writes:
Hi folks!

Some of stu's new tracks showed up some significant discrepancies between the editor playback and the replay routine...

Finally I found not less than 3 bugs... All of them existed already in the MM2.0 replay routine (!) I am really wondering why it took so many years until somebody stumbled over it... :-)

The fixed bugs are:

1) Timing regarding 50/100/200Hz sounds was wrong in some constellations
2) triangle waveform of AMD (S+N) was incorrect
3) triangle waveform of PMD (WAVE) was incorrect



Falling in a deep deep sleep again...............................

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Fading Twilight #9 is out July 6th, 2005
Lotek Style of .tSCc. have released the 9th CD with music from the Atari scene. Number nine features an impressive amount of musicans:

Acid, Alan F, Alchemist, Andi, Ayreon, BB Fuck, Bitmaps, Blackbrain aka Brainwasher, Blind IO, Creators, Butter, Carbon aka NMI, Cesar, Chaos, CiH, Cool Coyote, Corni, Corpse, CosmosH, Creator, Dal, Dizzy Tun3z, Dame Vera Lynn, Dave, Davis Will, The Demon X (T.D.X.), Deneb, DJ Matko, Doctor J, Doze, Dr. Max, Duffy, Dump aka Nikom aka Cougar, Equilizer, Evil, Falcoholic, Fash, Flex, Floopy, Floso, Fouche Frederic, Fox-1, Frightful, Fuzzkid, Gary, Gem Two, Gipn, Groovemaster, Hagar, Hamtech aka Sir Chriss, Josh, Juri, Killer, Koronis, KwiaTOStan aka Mr.GODElysium^Nah Kolor, Lapatikk aka Kuchara, Latyl, Legwan, Lord, Lotus, Lt. Earwax, Mantra, Mateoos, Max the god, Mayonez aka Katon, MC Jee, Mercure, Mifsud, Miker, Mikey, MF, Morgan, Mephistow, Mr. Bond, Mr. Coke, Nemo aka Milhouse, Nexus, Nietoperek, No, Observer, Opus, Osmose, Otm, Paranoid, Parazith, Pardalis, Pepe Air, Peylow, Racket, Rak, Red Mercury, Red Devil, Reflex, Remalon, Rocky, Scum, Sgt. Slayer, Shaft, Shiuming Lai, Shrimp, Shylock the Brain, Skyline, Sokrates aka Charon, Sonix, Spaz, Spion, Stage 1 aka DJ Disaster aka Diz, Stormbird, Surf, SwappyDoo, Swizzle, Terry, Thb, Timbral, Tolkien, Toovey, Twin Freaks aka Decoder & Ratpoison, V16, Vince, White Ninja, Winchester, Wuerpe, X-Ray, Yerzmyey, Zarmi, Zoltar X, Zool aka Zoolook aka Equinoxe aka Snake aka Squish
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The Beasts Crew releases new intro July 4th, 2005
In the middle of the heat of the spanish summer, The Beasts Crew have managed to find the energy to release another intro.

The new intro is titled "TBC #14 - BIG SPRITE 3D".
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Atariscene 2004 DVD is out June 30th, 2005
Four months after the release of Atariscene 2003 DVD, the obvious follow up Atariscene 2004 have been released as well.

Like the last time, it's an attempt to vacuum the Atariscene for all releases, record them and release a double-set DVD Video of the result. Weirdly, the 2004 edition have to the minute the same playtime as the 2003 one: 178 minutes of demos and intros.

The price for the DVD is the same as for 2003; 10 euros including shipping anywhere in the world.
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EKO releases H2O game for the Falcon June 26th, 2005
After the teaser pictures earlier in the year, H2O by EKO is finally released! It's a puzzle/lemmings-like game which seems very fun.
It's a good timing as well, what do you need better than some H2O in the heat of summer?
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New music disk released June 24th, 2005
Cooper of Paradize writes:
Atari Legend & Paradize brings you a New Music Disk.

It includes 12 tracks made by Marcer (2 hidden) :)
Intro/menu fastly coded by Cooper/Paradize

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Slow slow June, news roundup June 20th, 2005
June has been a real slow month. However, here's a little fresh-up of what we've missed here.

First up is Mordicus who has released a final version of his 'Leaving Teramis - Spaceship sequence' MP3-remix. Download it below.

Second is a screen from MJJ Prod that looks half-serious and half-fake. Some exceptional graphics by C-Rem for example. However, I can swear that I've seen the digitized animation somewhere before..

And that's that. We can only hope that people are preparing some cool stuff and not just sleeping, becuase it has been the most silent month for years.
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Stax releases old screens June 1st, 2005
Bod of Stax writes:

Today (1.6.05) I've decided to release some old demos/intros I've had lying around on disk for a good few years. A couple of the screens were ment for a megademo I planned about 10 years ago, but never got very far with it, the others were meant as intro's for our CD's. It seems a shame to have them lying on disk and not share them with the rest of the Atari scene, so now they're available to the public.

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New 128byte sound intro by gwEm May 31st, 2005
gwEm writes:
Next in my ongoing series of 128 byte intros, I present a virtual Roland TB-303 in 128 bytes.


* Programmable 4 step virtual analogue synthesiser with realtime adjustable cutoff
* Bad-ass 303 acid tone
* Optimised code runs on any Atari 16/32 computer
* Of course, source code included :)

Squeal piggy squeal!

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The Beasts Crew releases a new ST intro May 30th, 2005
The Beasts Crew are back with another original and fresh intro. Yeah we're treated with one plane graphics, sinus waves and rasters. Wow something new to the ST scene!

The new creation is called "gRiDDy SiNe wAvEd SCrOll" and was coded by The Spacewalker and presumably with music by the legendary T1000.
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ST chiptune remixes May 21st, 2005
A bunch of new remixes of classic ST chiptunes has been made available by Herakles. The songs in question are

* Airball
* Le 5eme Axe
* Le 5eme Axe Ancien
* Leavin Teramis (space ship sequence, aka Mega tridi screen in European)
* Syntax Terror loader
* Union Demo loader (aka Ikari Union)
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Alive #10 released! May 15th, 2005
As previously announced, issue ten of the diskmag Alive has been planned for a mid-may release. And for once, the timing is perfect.

Along with Alive 10 comes a bunch of releases as well:

* Crazy Q's - Beatbox Mania vol 2 (including an intro by DHS)
* Outline Bootsector Sourcecodes by GGN / P01 and Cyclone
* Alive Kolour Tagger Sourcecode by GGN / KÜA Software Productions
* FCOPY DIM 2 ST Image Converter by GGN / KÜA Software Productions
* And for historical reasons Dark Angels MusicMon 1.0 Intro

And of course three new chiptunes, a new module, great shell graphics and a lot of reading. Download below and enjoy!
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Theremin 128-byte instrument released May 6th, 2005
gwEm writes:
* 128 byte Theremin *

The 128 byte drum machine got some nice feedbacks, so heres a follow up!


* Full mouse control
* Fu*k sine! 128 byte Theremin has bad-ass square wave tone
* Buggy source included

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.tSCc. releases new Wolf 3D version for the ST May 2nd, 2005
Ray of .tSCc. has just released a nice update of his Wolfenstien 3D port for Atari ST. The new version see many improvements.

Ray writes:
After a quite long delay I finally released wolf3d v0.5 beta. New features include a high detail mode for faster machines (strike the asterisk key to toggle), a 4 channel digisound engine and animated enemies! Please refer to the readme file for further information.

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Old E.K.O. game in the process of being released? May 1st, 2005
Since the mid-90's, there has been talk of a cool E.K.O. game titled 'h2o'. Somehow the game failed to be released, and very few ever saw it. After a few years, something slipped out called 'Wotanoid', an Asteroids type game, also from E.K.O.

As the name Wotanoid isn't completely urelated to h2o (with some good will) many people (me included) took for granted that it was a re-named h2o.

Nothing could have been more wrong however, as h2o has recently been shown at the french 'Jaguar Connexion' party and displayed a completely different game, from the screenshots, similarites to Lemmings can be seen. Interesting stuff indeed!

Now, let's cross all fingers and toes that this Falcon-game will be out soon!
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The Bits Club releases new ST-intro May 1st, 2005
The Bits Club, previously known as The Beasts, have released yet another intro. This time smartly titled 'TS5' with the sub title 'Preserve Your Seas'.

As the intro resembles pretty much what they've done before, I'll leave you to the download.
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gwEm releases 128byte drum machine. April 22nd, 2005
gwEm writes:
As an encouragement to musicians to code their own music drivers, I release this drum machine to illustrate how simple and fun YM drivers can be!

* Programmable 8 step drum machine
* Bad-ass hihat, kick and snare drum sounds
* Jam along in realtime - press a key!
* Source code included

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Mysterious missing 96k intro available at last April 20th, 2005
People with a good memory might remember that there was talk about a tenth 96k intro in the last years online compo. The intro was too late to enter the compo, but would be spread a few days later, or so we said.

Now, things happened quite differently, and not until recently the intro was released - and today we have a video available.

Oh, a video again - another CT60 intro? Actually no, this is something as unusual as an Atari Jaguar 96k intro. In fact the first of it's kind as far as we know.

The intro is made by Spock of TNG, and he informs us that it's his very first Jaguar code, and that we shouldn't bring expectations up very much. In any case, it's cool to see some demoscene activity on the Jag, just as we did for the Lynx at EIL3 a couple of years ago. And on the really cool side, Spock also supplies full sourcecode. Interesting stuff for the ones who have never seen how the Jaguar customchips are programmed :)
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The Beasts changes name and releases new intro April 16th, 2005
It would seem like The Beasts have gone under a change of name and is now known as 'The Bits Club'.

With the change of the crew name, the new intro seems to have gotten a little bit more original name as well. This new one is called 'TBC13 - Underwater Tentacles'.
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Studio Son lives again April 12th, 2005
DOCs writes:
Studio Son is back !

After several years of absence, Studio Son, the sound samples editor for Falcon, is back with the 2.08beta release (up to date, only in French). The main improvement is the new function "Filtering..." which enables you to produce FIR filters ( Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject ). This is carried out by the DSP 56001 and with Direct to disk process.

I must still work to add errors managements and other features, so please wait...

This is a beta version, so be careful with your samples, do not totally trust in this program. You must know I have not noticed any problems.

You can find 68030 and 68030+68882 versions in the archive.

Have fun!


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Paulo Simoes updates 50kHz player April 9th, 2005
As you probably remember, we were treated with the most high quality mod replay ever for plain STs a little while back. Now Paulo Simoes has released an update of the player.

Paulo writes:

the 50KHz MOD player for STF (YM50K) has been updated due to a sporadical bug with the Tone Portamento / Slide to Note commands ($3 / $5).
This player supports all Protracker commands except:
- Filter ()
- Finetune / Finetune setting ()
- Beats Per Minute tempos ( with xy>=32)
- Funk / invert loop ()
- KarplusStrong ( Protracker 3)

I hope that is all for bugs.

Enjoy it,
Paulo Simoes.

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New version of SNDHconv released April 7th, 2005
gwEm writes:
bashed some updated SNDH converters for the SNDH v2 standard.

mm2_sndh - with the latest v2.1 replay routine. (requires a SNDH player supporting OS traps, eg anything running on a real Atari)

ssd_sndh - no change except sndhv2

tripsndh - no change except sndhv2 (still with Damo's beta driver)

trissndh - now with my bug fixed and cache friendly replayer

xlr8sndh - no change except sndhv2

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SNDH-Editor v1.10 released April 5th, 2005
Grazey of the P.H.F. has released a bugfix update of SNDH-Editor fixing some bugs when double-saving files.

SNDH-Editor is used to edit the header informations of an SNDH-file, and can automaticly pack and depack files with ICE algorithm. SNDH-Editor recently introduced the SNDH v2 file format as well.
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Ray of .tSCc. bugfixes lz77 April 5th, 2005
Anyone remember the good compression utility with a lightninig fast depacker that was released by Ray of .tSCc. a while ago? Yes, and unfortenly it had some bugs which rendered it to be without much use.

But yesterday Ray made a new version of lz77, v1.2, available to public. The new version should fix the old bugs and should now be safe to use within your programs. Is this the final goodbye to ICE as an internal depacker?
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Falcon platformer goes freeware April 2nd, 2005
People with a good memory might remember a platform game which was released in a demo just around the corner when the previews of 'Willies Adventures' were around. Blum, as the game is called didn't get much publicity thanks to the rather superior New Beat efforts.

Now, when most people have lost hope about seeing a full Willie, the authour of Blum, Sct / Trigon, presents the full game as freeware.

Sct says:
This .zip file contains 4 others archives. Unzipped all contained archives in one folder ( this game needs an Hard Drive ). Install the numerous patchs ( in the folder ), and enjoy.

Note : The different patchs aim at making the game easier, as it is VERY tough. I played it last week, and, even if it is really fun, it's a big challenge. So, if you aren't a core gamer in 'Run'n jump' games, you'd better playing the 'easy version' ( B_Easy.Prg, given in one patch ). In order to give you a comparision, I think that the difficulty level match Rick Dangerous's difficulty level.

Don't forget :
- You cannot kill monsters, except bosses.
- You can look up and down.
- Never forget to note passwords

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Invite intro to Jaguar Connexion 2005 released April 1st, 2005
Cerebral Vortex Software Development, who swore never to do another intro or demo has just released an.. ehm, intro :)

The intro is an invite to the forthcoming Jaguar Connexion 2005 party. The invite runs on STe and Falcon (with enhanced Falcon DSP modplayer) and comes in an english and a french edition.
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maxYMiser released! April 1st, 2005
gwEm of preromanbritain writes:

this was entered in the wild compo at outline. an atari chip tracker with the following features:

* Advanced YM2149 sound engine supporting 68000 and 68020+ processors
* Familiar FastTracker 2 style editing facilities and shortcuts
* 2 effect columns
* Volume column
* User adjustable SID waveform
* Selectable 3 channel MIDI input with program change and MIDI clock slave
* Demo syncronisation and dynamic timer allocation via tracker commands
* Any replay rate between 50 and 200Hz
* Online help and command reference
* Customisable user interface
* Redundant data removal tools
* ICE algorithm packer
* All instrument parameters modifiable via tracker commands
* Super-stable 60 and 70Hz refresh rates SPDIF and internal speaker toggle (Falcon only)
etc etc...

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A long torture has come to an end! March 30th, 2005
On the way back from Error In Line 2003 a melody was nagging in my head hour after hour.. When I got home, I was certain that the beams was going to blind me!

Then the wait begun, week after week with no release of this fantastic demo.. The weeks got longer and darker and now, over a hundred weeks later, the magic is finally here.

Yes, you read it correctly! The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation has just now made their EIL3 demo 'BEAMS' available to everyone. It should work with any Falcon 4MB or more with RGB or VGA screen. Get it now!

What's next ? Perhaps the Union demo 2 next month?

UPDATE: Video now available, link below.
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Outline releases starting to arrive March 28th, 2005
The first few Outline contributions are now online for download.

The first one being a wild entry from YesCREW which is doing a slideshow in a Pong way, should work on all STs, but have a littl audio problem on the ST, so best run on a Falcon.

Secondly out is our own little 4 kilobytes intro for Falcon060. A video should follow shortly of that as well.
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Paolo Simoes releases record breaking ST mod-player March 27th, 2005
Paolo Simoes, most knows for his 'Overscan demos' from the early nighties have released a mod-playing demo/player for plain STs.

Gaaasspp.. I hear you say, that's done a thousand times, so what's new? Well, not much is new, except for the exceptional: 50kHz playback on a humble ST (yes ladies; no STe-dma sound used)!

Last year we were treated by the best STe graphics mode ever, and now we're getting the best digital sound from the ST ever. It seems innovation never dies.

The disk autoboots, but if you open the disk from desktop, there's the modplayer accessible for you.
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H.A.T.Z. 05 party to take place in May March 27th, 2005
TWH writes:

R.I.K. of Kaisersoft (Markus Römer), the event manager of the ABBUC and the whole 8bit atari fan community wants to invite you guys to a party called:

"H.A.T.Z. 05" on May, 27th - 29th, 2005.

The party location is a small village in a region called "Hunsrück" which is in the south-west of Germany.

Like in the last four years, this party is perfect to play, to code, to talk and to drink. Every system with a Fuji-Symbol on it is very welcome! The idea of the party is to have fun, to meet friends and to have a good time in the warm period of the year.

For further information and how to find the village, please contact R.I.K. directly.

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gwEm releases maxYMiser music demo March 21st, 2005
We've heard some clips from the new YM-Tracker of gwEm in the onlinecompo and the Outline invite intro.

Today, however, gwEm has released a music demo with ten tracks composed in maxYMiser, showcasing a shitload of YM effects and cool tunes. Even covers of old ST tunes (OCWAS intro!) can be heard. Graphics by colin which are pretty original. Works on any ST and Falcon.
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STU releases new chipmusic megamix March 19th, 2005
STU from Drop Da Bomb / YM Rockerz have just released a new mammoth mix of ST ym tracks.

Just as last time, the mix is done with gwEms STj software for turntable-like playing of SNDH files.

Songs featured in the mix:

00:00 - xmas intro song 1 - rhino
02:10 - jinks - mad max
03:07 - xmas intro song 2 - rhino
05:30 - metamorphic - ahim
06:46 - kidney 8 remix - jedi
08:03 - dancing t-girl - lotek style
10:51 - twitching flannels - rhino
11:22 - birth 2 - tao
14:03 - triplex 2 - 505
15:20 - outlaw - crazy q
16:52 - coolbass - antichrist
17:53 - ik - tao
19:18 - so watt - an cool
20:11 - meltdis - scavenger
21:54 - last ninja 3 - justin scharvona
22:52 - children's song - mad max
23:39 - stax 53 tune 1 - sally
24:32 - nearly spherical - mad max
25:34 - paradroid 90 - jason page
26:20 - syntax terror level 16 - mad max
26:58 - vision - jedi
28:30 - drumz - danny oneway
29:09 - verity - antichrist
30:56 - acidfunk - factor 6
31:45 - double danger action agents - nemo
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Leonard takes revenge March 18th, 2005
The ongoing battle between the coders of whom has the bigges.. erm most balls continues.

This time it's Leonard who's in the business once again, and quite decently put the other puny coders to place. A 520 ST can now display no less than 312 16x16 2bpl nonmasked sprites. Leonard continues the trend of trying to make the screens look a bit more pleasant, for example a better background, a loader with a bouncing busybee. Download below.
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Lineout releases invite intro March 16th, 2005
Earx of Lineout has just released a nice ST invite intro for the forthcoming Outline Atari party to be held at easter.

The intro works on ST(e) and Falcon, and is coded by Earx and Gloky with music by gwEm, graphics from Havoc and sprite graphics by Tinker.
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Extremly delayed DHS-musicdisk released March 12th, 2005
We were supposed to release Just Musix 4 back in 1998. All tunes have been ready since. But for one reason worse than the other, the release was delayed and delayed..

Until yesterday, I guess nobody thought it would ever be done. But 505 kicked our asses and we got it done in just one day. Ok, there are compromises made, such as a quite lame 030 version, and a thin accelerator version. However, it's a music disk, who cares about the effects - the music matters. And the standard version plays them all - 26 tracks, up to 16 channels, over 80 minutes playtime by 505, Toodeloo, Cedyn, Opus and Mr Future.

Warning: The zip is nine megs large, and the demo expands to nearly nineteen megs once unpacked.
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Phantom upgrades the sprite record once more March 12th, 2005
Another day, another sprite record.

Yep Phantom has beaten his own record by nine balls this time. Not much to add, other than it looks just like before, sounds just like before and has red balls this time.
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Music by design offers new downloads March 12th, 2005
Music by design, currently recording and finishing a commercial remix audio-cd of classic Atari ST chip tracks, has recently started to offer more downloads of the upcoming album.

It is now possible to download samples of every track, and an extended mix of all the remix-songs. The final tracklist of the CD is as follows:

01) Odyssey (Composed: Scavenger. Arr. Jan Morgenstern)
02) LED Storm (Composed: Tim Follin. Arr. Rafael Dyll)
03) DBA6 (Composed: Scavenger. Arr. Fabian Del Priore)
04) Dragon Flight City 1 (Composed: Jochen Hippel. Arr. Sonic Wanderer)
05) Exolon (Composed: Dave Rogers. Arr. Markus Holler)
06) Lethal Xcess (Composed: Jochen Hippel. Arr. Rafael Dyll)
07) Foundations Waste (Composed: Wally Bebben. Arr. Sonic Wanderer)
08) Period in 3D (Composed: Scavenger. Arr. Jan Morgenstern)
09) Quick And Silva (Composed: Chris Huelsbeck. Arr. Fabian Del Priore)
10) Custodian (Composed: David Whittaker. Arr. Sonic Wanderer)
11) Jupiter Probe (Composed: Rob Hubbard. Arr. Markus Holler)
12) Goldrunner 2 (Composed: David Whittaker. Arr. Gianluca Verrengia)
Bonus Track:
13) Maniax (Vocal Edit) (Composed: Kingsoft. Arr. Dr.Future)
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And here we go again.. March 6th, 2005
The balls are on the move again. Yeap, we're treated with another 16x16 sprite record today. An amazing one ball more than the last time.

For fairness sake, Phantom have at least a better palette than S.O.T.E. had last time.

UPDATE 2005-03-08: Zzz... oups, a new version now with another full ball extra was released. Download it below as well.
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Atariscene 2003 DVD now available March 5th, 2005
We're glad to announce the release of Atariscene 2003 - a double DVD Video release with most (all?) Atari releases made in the year of 2003.

The total playtime is 178 minutes, and cover everything from Dildo Fatwa to Escape and Dune releases. Availability might be limited, depending on how popluar it gets. More infomation at the link below.
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Grazey of the P.H.F. releases SNDH tool March 3rd, 2005
Grazey of the P.H.F. writes:

SNDH-ED is an editor which allows you to modify SNDH music files. Things like Composer Name, Song Title can easily be edited without the need to be a competent programmer. SNDH-ED is also the first program to support the new SNDH v2 specification which allows new features such as song length. Finally SNDH-ED also gives you the ability to load your Sid Sound Designer files (TRI/TVS) and save them as SNDH complete with your desired header. Read the docs for further info on the program and the new SNDH v2 specifications.

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The Beasts Crew releases new intro March 1st, 2005
The Beasts Crew strikes back again.

This time, they have come up with the clever name 'ts7'. The intro consists of a barrel scroller, some sprites and a little picture.

And sorry folks, time hasn't gone back 20 years despite what you would think when watching this one..
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Outline 2005 shirts February 24th, 2005
Havoc of Lineout writes:

We are planning to make some cool longsleeve T-shirts for the Outline party. The shirts are made of 180 grammes/m2 black cotton, size XL or XXL, and the ("silkscreen") print is double layered to ensure durability.

If enough people show interest in buying one, the shirts will be sold at the partyplace for 12 euro, or you can order one online for 15 euro + shipping costs (contact us for details). So get in touch if you want this cool shirt for your collection!

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Old game makes an Atari flashback February 24th, 2005
Who didn't love 'Another World' when it was released for the ST? Fantastic new concept with vectorized animations and cinematic scenes. Demos would later mimick the idea (Froggies over the fence anyone?) and today almost all games have vectorized cutscenes and animations.

However, in 1992 Atari ST owners were green of anger when the ST-version of the follow-up to Another World was dropped. Especially after screenshots and everything had been published from the ST.

The follow up was released on the Amiga, later on the PC, Jaguar and possibly many more formats.

A few years ago, an open-source project to re-implement the engine used in Another World and the follow up 'Flashback' was started. These days the engines work, and the games are fully playable. So today, Adam K released an Atari port of the Flashback game engine. The port requires a quick Atari to run well, Adam guesses a TT or CT2 will be suffient.

However, the engine also needs data to be playable. Searching the net for a little while, I found the complete DOS-game for download (which seemed like a normal nostalgia page with downloads of old games) - I've took out the data files from that and put it in a separate archive to download as well.
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YM Rockerz finally back February 20th, 2005
Long time, no chipmusic from YM Rockerz. There has been a massive flora of new chip-trackers and mainstream interest of the chipstyle, but no YM Release. Until now that is.

YM Rockerz are back with a production called 'Tymewarp', which sends us back to early days of ST chipmusic with a very basic soundimage.

Composers this time are:

* 505
* Beast
* Bodenständig 2000
* Crazq Q
* Dma-Sc
* gwEm
* Lotek Style
* Nemo
* Tao
* Timbral

And exocet on the pixel excellence as usual.
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Scum Of The Earth returns February 19th, 2005
A long time ago, almost twelve years, at the Birdie Nam Nam party, Illegal Exception and Lobo of Scum Of The Earth - a promising crew with it's base in Uppsala, Sweden - showed a preview of their BIG multipart demo. They were getting applauses from everyone, including Uppsala rivals Electra.

Today we get to hear of a new demo released from Scum Of The Earth, totally out of the blue. Could it finally be this big multipart demo that they release in the current form?

I'm afraid not, but however we are treated with 269 blue balls! Yes ladies and gentlemen - that's a full ball more than what Oxygene can do. Download below.
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Outline 2005 website launches February 18th, 2005
We've had the rumors, we've had the invite text, and now it's time for the website.

Cyclone of X-Troll just launched the website for the Outline 2005 party. It's verified to work in mainstream browsers as well as Highwire on the Atari.
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Paradox launches website February 17th, 2005
505 of Paradox writes:

The Paradox website is now finally online. You can read some information about the group and download all relases there, of course.

Editors note: The site have just now changed host as well, now hosted on the Atari.Org server directly, so update your bookmarks if you got the old .de URL.
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STU releases massive STj mix-mp3 February 17th, 2005
STU of Drop Da Bomb has released a very long and good mix of well known Atari-tracks made with gwEms STj SNDH-mixing software.

The mixtrack has songs from the earliest ST days to the very latest, from pure blipps to the coolest syncbuzz and sine-waves available.

P p p pl please wait...
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Paradize releases new ST game! February 8th, 2005
Simon Sunnyboy of Paradize writes:

Today Paradize releases the game PENTA by Simon Sunnyboy.
A braindazzling puzzle and sorting game for your Atari STFM/STE or Falcon with graphics by ST Survivor and chipmusic by 505/Checkpoint.
Sort a scrambled game board back in order by sliding rows and columns.

The game works with 1MB of RAM and up and is STE enhanced. It supports the STE palette, Blitter, DMA sound and a Jagpad.

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gwEm releases updated Trisound replay February 8th, 2005
gwEm has taken a little bit of a pause from maxYMiser and have been busy to improve and bugfix the Insigina Trisound replay routine.

The replay rout, originally from B.A.T. of Synergy is now system and accelerator friendly and comes with an easy to use example source (assembler).
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Outline 2005 announcement! February 6th, 2005
Havoc of Lineout writes:

We are glad we can finally officially announce Outline 2005!

Most important changes compared to last year include:

- New location!
- Less beds/computer places...
- Maybe more beds/computer places!
- New price...

Read all about it in the invite text!

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Alive #9 released! February 6th, 2005
Almost eleven months since Alive #8 was released, we now have issue number nine finally released.

It's a huge issue with a lot of articles (as to be expected) but also the first Alive issue that co-operates with Undercover Magascene, in fact the mag is titled Alive meets UCM.

Along with the mag follows two major releases; Musicmon 2.1, which includes syncbuzzers and the long waited release of Damos enhanced version of Triplex. So this is a real chip-music galore release.

This issue has music by 505/Checkpoint, graphics by Mic/Dune and C-Rem/MJJ Prod.

A new archive has been put online, with a bugfixed Triplex version in the archive. Download the updated file ( below.
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CT63 - New version of CT60. February 4th, 2005
Czuba-Tech recently announced a new version of the CT60, which is supposed to be cheaper than previous models and also a bit smaller. All this due to components being soldered right to the board rather than socketed. Less flexibility, greater chance to do it cheaper.

Czuba-Tech wants 40 orders to start producing the new CT63 (dubbed this name as it's the third generation CT60), currently 14 orders are in.

Read the official Czuba-Tech announcement below:


This is the name of the CT60 third production !

This CT63 will be a LOW COST version of the CT60 and I asked to the factory to give me a price without all components that can me removed on the board (not implemented).

The CT63 will be so :

- Price betwen 220 to 250 EUR with the 060 (full) : depending on the number of board that may be produced !
- no 060 socket : the 060 will be soldered (after tested) on the board (will get more space under the keyboard).
- heatsink will be stucked on the 060 and a fan will be fixed (plugged) on the heatsink (size of heatsink = 45*45 cms).
- the CPU & SDRAM clocked at 50 MHz instead of the 66MHz (OSC soldered (no socket) = can be unsoldered to try to boost).
- no boost of the motherboard (components not present = could be added by the user if he can find and solder them !).
- no temperature captor (it is a gadget because get more than 10 deg C of unprecision !).

This time I have 14 orders and I'd like to get 40 orders.

Let's go atarians ! It is your last chance to join the Falcon 060 world !

To confirm, please, send me an email if you want to buy between 220 et 250 EUR. After we will see...

PS : $/EUR ratio is decreasing these days...good for some people...

Please spread this message on all atari user sites !


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News roundup February 4th, 2005
It has been a slow few weeks in terms of releases and announcements, but here's a short article to cover what we missed.

First up is the release of an updated version of Paula Simoes 'Panic' 8-channel fullscreen demo for ST's. Apparently the new version actually also works on real machines - something one might have expected from the start?

Secondly, Tracking.Atari.Org has done another Tracking awards, this time obviously for the year 2004. Some expected and unexpected awards there.

Apart from this, it seems people are gearing up for something.. Could it be the Outline easter party? Let's hope so!
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Atari.Org launches Falcdemos website January 16th, 2005
After a couple of years of talk and no action, Atari.Org has now published a rather large (but yet far from complete) collection of Falcon demos and intros.

Atari.Org is careful saying that the collection is still growing, but that they wanted it out for public once they were past three hundred demos/intros in the collection.

Looking around the files, one will find many common demos from the well known crews like Lazer, Avena and E.K.O. but also some lesser known ones. If you look carefully you'll find a very rare Carebears demo which is a conversion of their most famous Union demo screen - but in glorious Falcon overscan and with a cool house soundtrack.
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Cerebral Vortex updates Poong game January 16th, 2005
French guys in Cerebral Vortex (recently active in our online compo) has released a new version of their forthcoming Falcon game called Poong.

Poong is, as the name suggests, a Pong clone - but with a twist. This Pong can do eight players at a time!

The game is not yet playable, but looks promising. A small video showing the launch of Poong was relased on Cerebrals page as well (download below).
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MusicMon v2.1 announced January 13th, 2005
Dark Angel of Aura writes:

Just three weeks after releasing MusicMon V2.0 SID the next version is already in the pipe...

*** End of this week V2.1 will be released. ***


* Sync-Buzzers
* Range of PMD Hardwave Depth extended from 15 to 63
* Pitch-Bend can now be applied also to Hardwave
* Overlay/Underlay paste feature
* Entering of song- and soundname can now be canceled by 'ESC' key
* SMC free replay routine with dynamic timer assignment

For sure the competition of the most competent YM-editor is tightening up!

UPDATE January 15:
Release of MusicMon V2.1 delayed!!!

Due to some reprogramming to avoid a break in backward compatibility to MM 2.0 SID an additional beta test iteration is required...

Release delays by 1-2 weeks...

Sorry, folks...

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Another batch of CT60? January 13th, 2005
gwEm reports that Czuba-Tech now has a backlog of six new orders on CT60. Could this mean that a third production-run is possible?

Interested people should definitly make contact with Czuba and investigate the possibilities of this. For sure six units is a far too small an amount to manufacture. But perhaps if the number quadruples, could it be possible ?
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New shoot'em up game released January 7th, 2005
Gempanic, a shooter game in GEM has just been released. The game is created by Baldrick, mostly known for his STiK internet stack for TOS.

Playability wise the game reminds a bit like Space invaders and Galaga from the early eighties. Although a fair bit easier. Specifications to play Gempanic is a bit high;
640x400 res minimum
256 colours or more preferred, less colourdepth will result in monochrome graphics (mostly)
A multitasking OS recomended
DMA sound hardware for sampled sound effects (or Gemjing where the built-in audio routines doesn't function)
A FAST Atari or clone such as a Hades or CT60.
As a bonus, the full sources are included (C language).
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Lineout updates VLM System January 6th, 2005
Earx of Outline has recently updated his nice VLM System aimed for accelerated Falcons.

New stuff includes palette bug fixing (earlier causing a stripe of flickery graphics moving around) and a new feature to lock a plugin to show the currect effect layout (for example, you like a certain plasma style, then you can lock it to that display).
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NoCrew New Year Demo 2004/2005 January 1st, 2005
NoCrew continues the Swedish New Year Demo tradition by releasing Noring's last ever (?) Falcon DSP-demo.

Previews of the intro has been seen on earlier IMParties over the last last decade. Many were sceptic that it would ever make it to release. But Noring surprices everyone and digs up his Falcon from the darkness of his cupboard.

So everyone, download and enjoy the possibly last NoCrew Atari-demo ever!

2005 isn't even three hours old, and we've already got a new demo to watch, let us hope that the rest of the year continues this good.
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