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Showing news from 1998-01-01 to 1998-12-31
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Escape December 25th, 1998
A pacman clone have been released by Spion/Escape.
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Modulecompo December 25th, 1998
Okey, time is up! The Non-musican-modulecompo deadline has been, and we have received no less than 8 modules. The non-musicans in atari world has loaded their trackers and compososed some... erm.. 'masterpieces'.
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Paranoia December 23rd, 1998
Paranoia have released a small little christmas intro. Works with ST-Falcon.
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Draco December 23rd, 1998
Draco have released v0.3.5 of his XL/XE emulator for Falcon.
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Wildfire December 18th, 1998
Wildfire has joined a new (active!) coder to their crew, and they are currently working on a new ST demo for the Error In Line convention.
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Holocaust December 18th, 1998
It seems like Holocaust will start coding a new ST demo shortly, aimed for release around summertime.
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Oxygene December 18th, 1998
Rumours tell that Oxygene are doing their best to finish the megademo in time for christmas. Only a few things such as text for the info screen, and one demoscreen (from overlanders!) is left to include.
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No Resurrection December 18th, 1998
It seems like both Llama/TSCC and Jace/STK has gotten tired of the Resurrection demoproject. Llama commenting it as: boring, time consuming, little sparetime, too few fx.
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MOD-compo deadline December 18th, 1998
It's beginning to get near deadline for the non-musican modulecompo! We want your contribution on December 24 the latest! It should be mailed to and have to be 4-channel, .mod, max 700000 bytes large! So far we have got six contributions sent in, but a few more wouldn't hurt (we are still waiting for earx, mrpink, swe, grey and a couple more to send in their mods..).
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Teenage December 18th, 1998
Phenomenon of TNH reports that their pacman clone "Crackman" is updated and available for download.
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Cobra December 12th, 1998
Cobra has just released an invite intro (Falcon) for the "Last Party" in Poland.
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FlaySID December 12th, 1998
FlaySID v3 is released! Now with DSP filter emulation and C64 console screen!
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DHS December 12th, 1998
Chippin' for air 6! just released. Ten more chippy songs from toodeloo. Falcon only.
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TRiO December 1st, 1998
Have released v0.6 of their DOOM Port for Atari Falcon.
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Titan Designs December 1st, 1998
We have not yet seen the Eclipse PCI-adaptor or the Tempest Coldfire accelerator released. And questions still remain if the Eclipse is compatible with Centurbo II from Centek. Titan Designs are sponsoring the 'Error In Line 1999' Atariparty in Dresden/germany.
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Centek/CT2 December 1st, 1998
To finally clearify why some soundtracker replayers do not work on the CT2, not even in "Standard falcon mode". The situation is that Centek choosed not to include support for the "DSP-INT" line in the CT2. A few soundtracker replays/utils does use this feature (it is a feature after all). Centek however tells us "only bad coded software uses DSP-INT". Well they really shouldn't call the normal-mode "100% compatible" when it isn't. So, now we know the reason why "Dream Dimension" and our other demos using FatalDesign/AMIGADSP routines fail with most CT2's. It wasn't a software error, but an error on Centeks side, even if they don't see it that way themself. However, it should be safe to use the DSPMOD32, GRAOUMF and AMIGA030 players. Other news from Centek include the revision-b of the Centurbo II card, and progress of the Phenix. Mangue/Adrenaline tells us that the Dolmen OS will be something like Solaris, which I personally find hard to belive.
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Toxic Mag December 1st, 1998
Toxic Mag issue number 16 has just been released. As usual a mixed issue with stuff from all over the atari community. Unfortenly mostly in french.
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I.P.I.R. December 1st, 1998
Extreme lame/fakecrew ipir sent e-mail informing about a new audio-cd to be released later this year. When exactly or how this will be available we have no clue about. The rumoured "live rumpmapping" they were supposed to show off at Dreamhack never seemed to have happened.
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New Beat December 1st, 1998
Progress is going well for the new playroutines/tracker from New Beat. Currently cool realtime DSP effects have been added to the replayroutines. Thomas describe the reverb as "best sounding" so far on the Atari.
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Error In Line December 1st, 1998
The previously mentioned atari-party planned for easter in dresden/germany has now got an official homepage and invite intro!
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Checkpoint November 30th, 1998
New 128 byte intro from Checkpoint. It's a very blocky plasma tunnel. Works with ST->Falcon, but ST speed is recomended.
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Prestige November 30th, 1998
Releases from a new (?) polish crew called Prestige. One painting program, one game, one intro and a few .dtm modules in one package. Both Falcon & ST stuff. Thanks to grey for sending.
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Oxygene November 30th, 1998
Rumours tells that Leonard of Oxygene is about to release his new ST megademo before christmas. However, which christmas this means we don't know ;)
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Reservoir Gods November 30th, 1998
Lotsa speculations and rumours about Mr.Pink leaving are nothing but just speculations and rumours. Regarding to msg/rg he is just not updating the www page anymore, but otherwise active.
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IMParty 8 November 30th, 1998
IMParty 8(000) is planned. It will take place in Grangesberg/Sweden as usual. But is changing house for the first time.
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Music competition November 30th, 1998
We are currently arranging a very strange music competition. It is for everyone that cannot do music! This means, anyone that ain't classed as "musican" can compete.
Don't be frightened and think that "I'm TOO lousy for this" becuase you ain't! Everyone in this compo will be megabad at music, and the winner will not be the best module; but the least bad one! :-)

So far, these persons have promised to create a 'song': SWE/Yescrew, Grey/MysicBytes, Evil/DHS, Havoc/FUN, NUT/FUN, Dafvid/DHS.

Rules and how to compete/vote.

1. The module has to be a standard 4-channel .mod file, maximum 700000 bytes large (that fits fine to a 720kb floppy!)

2. Deadline for the module is December 24.

3. The module should be e-mailed to

4. At December 25/26 all modules will be put online together with a voting sheet.

5. At the IMParty 8000 the winner will be announced. And if the winner is present there, he will win a beer and fame for about half a minute. :)

If there will be enough contributions, we'll make a musicdemo with all the contributions.
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New Beat November 21st, 1998
New beat are planning to release new DSP player routines shortly! They include DSP effects on different samples and still being .mod compatible! This cool player will be followed by a complete tracker.
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Atari.Org November 21st, 1998
Finally the new Atari.Org server is alive! We are currently configuring it, and we hope it will be operational shortly. Meanwhile however, the forwarding is not working, we hope to have _ALL_ subdomains fixed shortly, and that includes the old and new ones which are in the que (and might have been for a while). Soon, we will be able to fofer you free e-mail forwarding, or pop3 boxes, www space for atari web pages and much more!
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DSPMOD November 21st, 1998
If you have followed the discussions at IRC and the Bulletin here, you might have noticed that there have been some confusions about tracker players and centurbo2. Either the player didn't work with ct2, or the player had other bugs making it unuseable.

DSPMOD31 from bITmASTER/TCE suffered from the later error, and needed a bugfix. However, there was never any sources released for DSPMOD31, and therefore it has been hard to know what has it messed up, and fix it. But, dsp-mp3-coding-guru NoBrain of NoCrew traced the error in some seconds, and said how to fix it.
So I hacked together "DSPMOD32" and a fixer program for older programs using DSPMOD31. Below you can download the very UN-OFFICIAL DSPMOD32 which works with all Falcons, and restores fine (even tested with CenturboII, TOS7, FastRam, MiNT 1.15.1).
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Slow updates November 21st, 1998
Slow of this page is becuase we have gone elajt (elite). we have made a quakeclan and is playing quake all days now.


Seriously: we are just busy working with our projects, we havn't given up or anything, unlike certain other uk-based dudes. The new projects include multiple new demos and several internet things.
Just be a bit patient!
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YesCREW November 9th, 1998
YesCREW have just released a new musicdemo called "Digital Relaxation" for the Falcon. Music by Toodeloo and 505. It's a mix of chip-mods and standard mods.
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Zonk November 9th, 1998
Atarian Zonk got third place in the .mod competition at dreamhack. It's a short chippy module.
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Mind Design November 6th, 1998
Mind Designs new demo should be coming out very soon from them. Deez tells us 'only his part' is left to make. Whatever that means :)
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Avena November 3rd, 1998
Avena are now dead. Tat left all his coding business yesterday without giving a reason.
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Spice Boys November 2nd, 1998
Surpricingly, a fakedemo on atari took the third price of the "fast compo" competition at dreamhack. The rules of the fastcompo was that the intro had to be orientated around cookies. And the fakedemo from spice boys syure is about cookies, and in swedish.
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New Beat November 2nd, 1998
They have finally released their new long awaited 4k demo! It's one hell of a 4k; music, graphics like you never seen in 4k demos before and plenty of fx!
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Undercover Magascene 13 November 1st, 1998
I've just read thru the editorial article of UCM 13, and I'm quite surpriced to see a whole private part assigned to me, and they accuse me of a "campaign of desinformation" against UCM on these pages. Well, I wonder if moondog really lives on the moon and can't see our page himself. He also accuses me of removing ucm stuff from the bulletinboard. Which I havn't done. He also tells me that it's not good for dhs image to start this campaign of desinformation. Geee, it would be nice to have a chat with moondog himself sometime and hear what the hell he means, and from where he got the ideas about the desinformation campaign :)
Well now I'm off to read the rest of the mag, be back later :)
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Paranoia October 31st, 1998
The first "dreamhack" relase is here, it's a game by Paranoid/Paranoia called "Breakdance". The game is compatible with STe's and Falcons.
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Dreamhack October 31st, 1998
Is a total flop creativity wise. They speak about 1500 paying people, and I bet 1450 of those play quake all the time. The net is sort of a flop as well.. Not enough ip numbers, goin up/down like yoyo (esp daytime) and quite slow. And Atariwise there isn't anything to mention, a few irc ppl met up but that's about it. Maybe (probably not) we'll show some falcdemos on the bigscreen. The security team chasing drunk finnish kids in the sleeping room (naturally they HAD to hide in that little corner where I decided to nap..) makes it near impossible to sleep. Overcrowded showers. Tables packed too tight and people running in the tight "corridors" between the tables constantly.

Positive sides are the quite good air (it's a huge room, about 30 meters ceiling height) and few heroes actually doing something (mainly amiga it seems..). We'll see, probably one more atari release before it's ended..
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Name that party October 28th, 1998
The forthcoming atari party at easter 1999 needs a name! Do you have a good suggestion? Then fill out the form below. The one who has his name used, will have free entrance!
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SCSI Ethernet October 23rd, 1998
More info about the SCSI-Ethernet card has been released from NUT/FUN, and they have signed on with Ozk of Assemsoft to write the MiNT driver routines. Also SWE of YesCREW will help out in this matter.

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Easter Egg October 23rd, 1998
MUCH respect to Checkpoint and Escape for taking initiative and continue the Fried Bits / Siliconvention tradition with a new party at easter 1999! The plans are not 100% done, and there's no official name for this event yet. But as soon as there is something to report, expect to read about it here. As you might have read in the bulletin, this party will take place in Dresden/Germany.
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Mind Design October 23rd, 1998
Are about to release a new Falcondemo! Viking of Mind Design says: "there are only little things left to change". What this demo will include is well hidden information. A wild guess would be some deez-blobs (just like dhs demos never run out of tunnels..) :)
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Sidstation October 23rd, 1998
The authours of the hyper-cool new synth called "Sid Station" are doing a midi-player for psid files to be played with the Sid Station. This program will at least work with the Falcon and will later be ported to other platforms.
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Calimero October 21st, 1998
New coder from a new crew, "Calimero of Come'n'play" have released their first intro. It's one of those 128 byters again :)
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Typhoon October 21st, 1998
New game released from Typhoon. It's called "The Trace" and works with STe and Falcons (so the docs says, but it didn't work with my Falcon at all..). Music by 505/Checkpoint.
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NoCrew October 21st, 1998
Noring and Nobrain of nocrew have continued work on their great mp2 dsp decoder for the Falcon. They have made a complete script languange called "Shoe" and recoded the whole DSP decoder. It's now faster and sounds alot better. Furthermore MiNT guru 'Draco' has improved sound init/restore and filehandling routines, plus got rid of a few bugs. This new decoder should become available any day now.
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FUN October 21st, 1998
Hardware guru 'Nut' of F.U.N. is developing the hardware for a cheap SCSI-Ethernet adapter. Nut says the plans is to have a prottype read this winter (which means in a couple of months) and is looking for people interested to write drivers for various systems (mint, linux, sting..). If you enter #atariscne at late nights you should be able to spot him there.
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Dreamhack October 21st, 1998
Is starting in little more than a week, and it looks like there won't be any atari competition, and they don't let us in the amiga compo so we havn't really made our best to complete a demo in time. However, New Beat coder 'Thomas' has nearly finished his new fantastic 4k demo and will release it there (if he comes, still a bit uncertain). Furthermore Paranoia has said it's possible his new game will be released during Dreamhack even if he won't be there himself.
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YesCREW October 17th, 1998
The final version of Capy is released! Includes two full levels and a leveleditor! It's released as "fairware" and any donations are welcome. I suggested sending a flock or angry bees, but Yes Crew coder SWE only laughed at that suggestion.
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POV October 16th, 1998
POV have released their introcompile #163.
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Paranoia October 16th, 1998
Have released a small fakedemo..
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Mystic Bytes October 16th, 1998
Slightly delayed, here is the updated version of 'Teardrop' from Mystic Bytes. It should now have a working memorycheck and you who have hdcaches and stuff can finally run it. Grey tells us it should haver slightly better design and the picture from Mod is corrected.
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Wildfire October 13th, 1998
If you have a weak heart, or any kind of illness, I suggest you stop reading here, because the following stuff is high-schocking material!
Yesterday, Wildfire released (!!!!!) their long long long awaited STe demo! Was it worth the wait?
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Avena October 9th, 1998
Well, it was only a matter of time - Avena have finished their first 128 byte intro. Inspired by the "Optimized Amiga Programming" competitions Tat put together a water-effect in 122 (!) bytes.
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Mind Design October 9th, 1998
Yeps, active crew Mind Design have released their first 128byte intro. The intro is made by Deez, which once more prove that Deez is in love with blobs! :-)
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CPU Love October 3rd, 1998
CPU Love has released a Falcondemo called "When dreams come home". Graoumftracker music, which in my opinion outperforms the rest of the demo.
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Checkpoint October 3rd, 1998
It seems like a new wave of 128 byte intros are going to be, german crew Checkpoint have done a new one! This time it's a starscroller, which works with st->falcon. Excellent stuff as usual from Defjam.
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24 hour games October 3rd, 1998
Two of the '24 hour' games from the RG convention have been released so far. I've not watched them yet, so can't make any comments.
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Vectronix September 27th, 1998
Vectronix newsletter #20 is released. It has much more Vectronix related stuff than usual, which is good! I would think a limited edition is to be seen in the next ucm as usual, which by the way is close to release regarding rumours in vexnews 20.
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Sector One September 27th, 1998
Sector One are planning to release a new game in a week or two. It's a game where you are supposed to shoot Bill Gates. "Pie Bill Gates" is the name and should work with any Atari. More about it when it becomes available.
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Checkpoint September 27th, 1998
Belive it or not, but Checkpoint have released a small 128byte intro. It's a rotozoomer of the fujilogo in TOS ROM. There is a program you run at first, that locates the fuji position and writes you a prg file to run with the correct offset. Neat.
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Hemoroids September 22nd, 1998
News have reached the DHS office that Hemoroids, the famous ass-pain disease are now attacking coders all over the.. uhm no that's the other Hemoroids. Okey, let's take it from start:

News have reached the DHS office that Hemoroids, the french ST/STe democrew are about to release a new STe demo! Supposedly called "Phototro" and coded by Nucleus. When it is released, expect a download option from this site.
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Around the operating system issue 3/98 September 22nd, 1998
ATOS issue 3 1998 released.
The german-only diskmagazine "Around the operating system" has come out with a new issue. This time alot more "scene" related than before. But unfortenly the whole thing is in german, and I guess not alot of people can read it. But, I've ran the QuaST demoreviews thru altavistas translation service, and made it available here. Sure the grammatics is terrible, but at least you get an idea what they are writing about.
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CMWention 1998 September 22nd, 1998
Has come to an end, and Mr Pink, the not so pink coder from Reservoir Gods tells us that we should expect a few "24 hour games" in a while. However, I don't quite understand how a 24hour game can take days to complete. But with thouse spinny UK'ers you never know - maybe their hours have 600 minutes!

Ripley of Reservoir Gods reported that a "silly large amount of Falcons" was brought to CMW and Mr Pink continued with praising the new Avena demo he got to see a preview of. From Tat we didn't hear much more than "I'm going to hack your 4orce intro". Ehum.. :-)
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YesCREW September 15th, 1998
YesCrew have released a new musicdemo today! It's called "A softer side of toodeloo" and features jazzy and funky songs by Toodeloo. The demo is coded by Vido of YesCrew.
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RTS Party September 12th, 1998
The remaining two demos from RTS party have now arrived (thank you Beast!)
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RTS Party September 11th, 1998
Well, as usual when it comes to frenchines, you get to know about the partys taking place there AFTER they have been. They close up themself in a box and don't tell anyone outside France about their acitivites. So, it didn't exactly come as a chock when we got to know that a party named "RTS" had ended a few days back. What was more traumatic though, was that apparently there were releases coming from this one! Holy cow, it wasn't exactly yesterday we got some new stuff from France! So far, two of the four releases are here, one is a small intro for the Falcon by Popsyteam, and the other a Hades040/060 demo!
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Mystic Bytes September 7th, 1998
As seen on the bulletin and #atariscne Mystic Bytes have released a new 4k demo (active bastards!!). It's a preview of their new 3d-world routs.
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Mystic Bytes September 2nd, 1998
Mystic Bytes have been working a bit with their "Teardrop" demo and most bugs should be sorted out shortly. Including the memory check and the overly packed JPEG image from mod. Grey tells us to expect it within a couple of weeks.
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T.O.Y.S. September 2nd, 1998
Again, Peylow of Toys has been coding. The game "Marbles" he started coding at IMParty 7 is now finsihed. Sources included.
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Cream August 30th, 1998
According to Reservoir Gods, Cream are working on a new ST megademo, described to have "Falcon quality effects" on a bare ST. Though Creams official homepage reveals nothing of this.
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Modulearchive online August 28th, 1998
After much hard work, finally the Modulearchive is up! It's not very huge at the moment (about 200 songs (18 meg archived)) but it's a beginning! I know there are loads of other tunes to rip, and I would be very thankful for assistance!
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Centurbo 2 August 22nd, 1998
The first batch of CT2 cards sold out in a very short time. Centek are now expecting the next delivery shortly.
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Reservoir Gods August 22nd, 1998
Have just released a new 128 byte intro. The textfile and Reservoir Gods homepage states "true colour mapped walls", "shaded floors and ceilings", "screen swapping". They continue with "it's a complete wolf3d engine in 128 bytes". Well I have to say I'm doubtful about this, as I havn't seen it yet. Sounds interesting though!
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T.O.Y.S. August 22nd, 1998
Reports are telling that Toys are working on a nintendo emulator as well. But this one for multi-computers, and working inside GEM windows. This might be a good option, as the emulator then can get the extra boost in speed on 040/060 machines an emulator needs, just face it, a 16 MHz 030 doesn't cut it for emulation purposes.
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New Milan RTD August 22nd, 1998
A new "round table discussion" or make it "press conference" if you like, with the Milan team is being setup on IRC (ircnet) on September 7 at the #milan channel.
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Reservoir Gods August 22nd, 1998
The gods have recently started the "Sourcecode archive". So far it doesn't have extremly much material, but more will come for sure.
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Digital Lab August 22nd, 1998
Digital Lab has just been upgraded to v1.10. It's a 32bit retouching program for any halfmodern TOS machine.
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FUN release August 22nd, 1998
FUN have released a new version of their Falcon game "Men at war". Now features: bonus items, drone bombs, new graphics, and music from Toodeloo.
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TNH August 16th, 1998
Dutch crew TNH have just released the first testversion of their "Crackman in the search for his dealer" game. It runs on STe's only as far as I can tell (bitplane problems on Falcon and crash on ST).
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2-Life Crew August 16th, 1998
Green-Tommy of 2-Life crew have started the "Atari programming FAQ". It will be available from DHS site whenever a new version pops up!
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Reservoir Gods August 15th, 1998
Reservoir Gods have just released a new version of their Gameboy emulator "Godboy". Now promises all this:

* Lots faster emulation (faster than an original gameboy)
* Full spriteclipping
* Cinemascope and Overscan screenmodes
* Colour and monochrome displaymodes
* Gameboy reset implemented
* MSG music
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Da Boosters August 15th, 1998
A new fakedemo crew from Greenland (!) has appeared. They have made their first Falcon release called "spacebot". The result is.. ehmm, well it's funny and ugly!
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Mind Design August 14th, 1998
Viking of Mind Design have released a small chipmusic demo called "Sometime they come back"!
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Mind Design August 14th, 1998
Deez have finally released his "4-ever beating" 4k demo called "4some". Does it beat 4-ever? It's up to you to judge! This is, just as for the DHS 4k, a delayed orneta release!
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DHS August 14th, 1998
Our "4orce" 4k demo, aimed for the Orneta party quite didn't make it in time for the competition (which didn't take place anyway). But we've fixed it now after the party.
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Mystic Bytes - Teardrop August 13th, 1998
As previously reported, that the new MB demo "teardrop" needs 14mb has proven to be false info. When I ran it, with 13.7 meg free ram the demo reported "out of memory". And when I ran it with 13.9 meg free, it worked. This had me belive 100% that the demo was 14mb only. But no, Mysticbytes have made the crappiest memory check to date. :) Regarding to Earx of FUN they check how much ram is TAKEN, and not FREE. And they assume no computer have more than 4meg, or less!
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Loud August 13th, 1998
Has released their long awaited "Back in France" ST megademo at JEM'98. No comments yet, as I've not been able to watch it (doesn't run on falcon).
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Jem Releases August 12th, 1998
We're still waiting for the JEM things, one intro of unknown source, and the ST-megademo "back in france". I've been told that it's being sent to me at the end of the week. So check back about then for a download!
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Dreamhack August 12th, 1998
Dreamhack with Atari competitions? Well it's a subject that might not be totally untrue. At this moment discussions are going that Amiga competition will be a joined Atari/Amiga compo to let everyone compete. Hopefully we can give you an answer on this in the next few weeks! What is Dreamhack anyway? Well, it's a big party, in a big hall, very nice place to have a party at, one of the best imagineable actually!
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New releases August 12th, 1998
Yeps, I've now collected the releases from Orenta, and I have to say the quality was a nice mix of good and not so bad things. Nothing really awful in the senior or ipir style. Mystic Bytes won the democompetition with FUN at a second place. Mystic Bytes won yet a Falcon, but are planning to sell it cheaply to the wizzcoder of Syntax (yippie). As you probably know, mOd of .tSCc. won the graphics pixel-competition with a very nice drawing (hey torsten, make one for us too ;)).

Still there are a few "thought" releases from Orneta which hasn't landed yet. The Falcon 4k from Mind Design is supposed to hit the deck any hour now, and the STe demo from Wildfire is delayed (again!). I don't understand how, but Baggio have seen new bugs in the demo the last few days before the party and decided not to release it. Very mysteriously as we've had "rock solid" promises of a release from them since May, now, I am in serious doubt that we'll ever see it. Anyway, the legeandy coder from "Shadows" have joined forces with Amigacrew "freezers" and was supposed to release his new Falcondemo at QuaST. What happened? I have no idea, I hope somebody can tell me later on. Apart from those three, also DHS was trying to make a 4k in time for the party. Unfortenly didn't succed that. Still, we have coded on it and it's getting damn near finished. Question is; release as delayed QuaST 4k, or wait until Dreamhack?
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QuaST - music mystery August 12th, 1998
At QuaST, several musicentrys was left over, and not played. I will take our (DHS (Toodeloos)) contribution as example. Deez of Mind Design helped us getting the song there, and when he handed over the song, the arrangement said it was going to be played. But.. it never was. Also, 505 of Checkpoints contribution was not Played, they had lost his disk! Also, some Amigaguys was left out from the competition of mysterious reasons.
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Scary stuff August 10th, 1998
Rumours have reached the DHS office that IPIR, the horrible lamedemo crew some somewhere will attend at "Dreamhack" demoparty. The rumour continues with their plan of a live version of the rump-mapping effect! Involving a flashlight as the lightsource.

Apart from IPIR, it seems like the organisers of Dreamhack will allow Atari demos to enter the competitions! This is your big chance to win some serious money on your new demo (huge prices for best demo in 68k cathegory..). More about dreamhack later!
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Parties ended August 10th, 1998
Thanks to Grey we now have a few titles to download from QuaST party. It's two larger falcondemos, one ST intro, and one 4k intro for the falcon. The new Mystic Bytes demo requires every bit of memory your 14-meg falcon can bring. You even have to shut off hd-caches to be able to run it, also be sure you start from the lowest possible resolution (640*200 1 colour). Expect this to be the first in a new flow of 14-meg demos. It's time even we atarians get a little upgrade, it has been 4 meg since 1992 now.

Apart from this, Wildfire and Mind Design withdraw their entries for QuaST, why? Don't ask me.. Winner of the 24bit gfx compo is mOd from .tSCc. as already seen at the bulletin board.
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Parties ended August 9th, 1998
Yups, both parties have now ended. As I type this, Grey of the Mystic Bytes is sending me the demos from QuaST. Expect a download option shortly. I will probably make a download page as usual.

Regarding the JEM (ex. Gigafun) party, it had one atari intro shown, unknown so far who has made it though. The "Back In France" demo from NLC was released, but not shown due to stupid arrangement. I hope to get those shortly as well for you to download.
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Maggie 26 released August 8th, 1998
Maggie #26 was released yesterday. About 1.1 meg (!!!) of articles, reivews, party reports, interviews, coding help etc etc! A "must have" issue. Also, on falcon there is a small preview on Tat's new fantastic 3d routines (dsp).
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Parties going August 8th, 1998
Right now, both JEM'98 and QuaST'98 are going! The reports from JEM'98 so far are lame. People on IRC behaving like shit, nobody seems to be doing something. Hopefully they had already prepared everything for the compo, but knowing since last years no-release "gigafun" maybe we shouldn't hope/think too much.

From QuaST however we havn't heard a sound. If this is becuase everyone is busy coding, or if the internet conection doesn't work we don't know yet. The latest news is that we will see at least three "full sized" new falcondemos, and three new 4k demos for falcon.

As usual, DHS will try to bring you the releases -as soon as possible- after the party has ended, stay tuned.
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Nature August 2nd, 1998
The new version of Reekin' Rubber 0.9 is now available. Check a bit down for details of what's new.
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Mind Design and Paranoia July 31st, 1998
Mind Design and Paranoia have formed a new union, or "umbrella-organisation" called "Lunatic Asylum" (well, that seems like a well-deserved name ;)). Planned are some co-operations in the future. Paranoid of Paranoia might be able to help out with graphics in the "Worms" clone Mind Design is working at.
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Nature July 31st, 1998
Reekin Rubber v0.9 is in the progress of release. New stuff include:

* Heavy optimizing (higher fps)
* Faster videomodes
* Faster drawing modes
* Pause screen
* and more..
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Massacre - new/old STe demo from dhs July 31st, 1998
This is our NAS'95 STe demo. I thought for years about polishing it to look good. But I have now realised I will never do that, so here you have it. Ugly, bad, a hit for demoreviewers to write their nastiest "sawings" ever etc. It's 5 years old code, 3 years old put-together and looks/sounds old in all ways. It's your choice to download ;)
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Chippin' for air5 July 31st, 1998
Yes yes... it's another chippin' demo. ;-) This will be the last for a while in this style. This time includes an ancient background effect from amiga and a simple menu. Well it's better than the first chippin' menu anyway ;)
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DHS releases X-Mix triology July 31st, 1998
The long promised X-MIX experimental music releases are now here. Three releases, total 24 tracks in about 9 megs to download!
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IMParty 7 July 31st, 1998
IMParty 7 have now (nearly) ended. We had expected around 18 persons, but about 25 showed up. There was not a lot of creativity this time, I think the Internet connection killed that again. :-! Well,. not entirely, DHS managed to finish chippin'5 and peylow of toys nearly finished a new st game.
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Mystic Bytes July 27th, 1998
Grey told me the other day that Mystic Bytes didn't give up on the ST demo just cause of the failed release at InterJam. The new plan is to have it ready in October/November instead.
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New Beat July 27th, 1998
Yeps, Thomas of New Beat has revealed a few new details about the "soon to come" (soon is a relative word you know ;)) platform game. There are now several characters to choose from when playing. Except for Wille you can control Wilma, Wihlmer and god knows all "Wil-anyword" characters involved.

Thomas is currently trying to re-code the soundsystem for faster replay and cleaner exit. If you have made a fast 8ch dsp routine, which can play mods and sound effects - why not contact Thomas? He's on IRC #atariscne every night.
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Mind Design July 27th, 1998
It seems even Mind Design scrapped the idea of doing a 96k demo for Orneta. They'll go for a big one instead. :-) Their 4k intro is about finished by now as well.
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New game from Omikronman July 27th, 1998
Omikronman writes:

Enemywar is a board-game wich looks a bit like chess, but it's more a science-fiction-game wich has very different rules and a very different gameplay. It's a two-player-game:

First, both players buy different spaceships to reach the other players space station or to kill all enemy ships. A spaceship has 'main-power' to attack another ship and 'defense power' to repulse the enemies force. The ship wich has not enough energy gets lost. The ships vary in the moves they can do, in the energies they have and in there price. To make the game more interesting, some special things may happen:

If you get a tank-field, your ship get's a random amount of extra main power. Note that your ship can be filled up with 300 % main power or more if you like! But remember that your ship's defense-power didn't change and the other player may be able to kill your ship as easily as before.

Sometimes asteroids fall down on the board and make it more and more difficulty for your ships to find the right way to the other players space station as you can't kill a asteroid with a standard ship. To kill a asteroid, you can use the asteroid-destroyer. At the beginning of the game, each player gets one of this ships free of charge, but you can buy some more of them if you like.

At the beginning of the game, you get a tank ship too. If you want to fill up one of your other ships with extra-main-power, simply move the tank-ship on it! You'll be able to buy some more tank ships if you like.

A nice ghost-effect may appear on the screen and perhaps you wonder what happens...

Well, the board has a size of 16 x 10 fields. The space station of the players are on the very left and the very right of the board. The space stations are not moveable.

The game contains a lot of nice sound samples. The title picture and the winners pictures are all done by Michael Friedl, all codings, design of the board and the spaceships are done by myself, Markus Binder, called [Omikronman].

The game is at 95 % finished. I now wait for some more pictures by Michael Friedl. If he's ready with this, I will put the pictures to the game and make some more sounds or music. I hope Michael will be able to make the pictures very soon as I'm waiting for a lot of weeks now...


- Markus -

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Avena sources July 27th, 1998
Tat of Avena has been so kind to humanity that he hasn't just made beautiful demos for us to watch. Nope, as if that wasn't enough he have now put the full "Sono" sources online at his webpage, as well as the source for the latest "3k" demo released some days ago!
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IMParty 7 July 27th, 1998
IMParty 7 begins tomorrow at 18.00! In Grangesberg as usual. This year we had to put it in the middle of a week due to overbooked house, this results in fewer people coming (about half of the usual crowd it seems). However, the release-scheme doesn't seem that depressing, we (dhs) will have some new things for you, even if nothing remarkably cool, rumours are telling both DTVM and IPIR lamecrews will attend, and that IPIR have done a new super ugly demo. Hum, have to wait and see if this is true, so far in my knownledge, nobody have really got to know who those IPIR guys are, even though they have been around for years (I still remember they had a "lamedemo" at Megaleif in 1992!).

Anyway... tomorrow it's paaaaaaaarty-tiiime!
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Centurbo II is shipping July 25th, 1998
Yesterday I received a snailmail (wow, can you imagine!) from Centek with the annoucement that their Centurbo II accelerator now is for sale and shipping!

* The board is simply put in the CPU-Expansion slot, and the overclocking parts need 10 soldering points.
* The board fits inside a standard Falcon case.
* The board features a new 68030 at 50 MHz (no overklocking of the old 030).
* The board offers a SIMM slot for up to 32 Meg of 32bit FastRam, clocked at 50 MHz. With 32bit/50 MHz databus.
* Videl overklocking to 50 MHz (1024*768 256col, or 768*576 HiColour on VGA).
* ST-RAM overklocking to 25 MHz.
* FPU overclocking to 50 MHz.
* DSP overclocking to 50 MHz.
* Price: 1990 french francs.
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Atari.Org - people needed July 25th, 1998
We need people to work on the Atari.Org database. People who are really "into" an Atari and would want to maintain -the- database about "their" machine should contact us!

Check out for more specific details. The plan is to build a database over Internet-resources about Atari. This means any Atari, from 2600 to Medusa060 and emulators.
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Rasero Team July 23rd, 1998
They have released a small ST/STe demo, which has a more serious side than their other productions, although, don't expect wizz-coding.
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Cobra Team July 23rd, 1998
Have released a small Falcon-intro with some old code from MacGyver which are making a mess out of Winoi/Cobra's face.
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Planned QuaST stuff July 23rd, 1998
This is what I have heard so far about releases at the QuaST'98 party!

* Big demo from Mysic Bytes! (coool! active guys!)
* Big demo from Cobra Team (yeah they scrapped the 96k thing and will make a big demo instead!)
* 96k demo from Mind Design! (no details yet, mysterious deez! ;))
* 4k demo from Mystic Bytes!
* 4k demo from Mind Design!
* 4k demo from New Beat (not definite)
* 4k demo from DHS (not definite)
* "Scene game" from Paranoia (no idea what it can be)

All this, plus more (secret) stuff is what I've heard so far. I don't think anyone will be dissapointed. :-) Hopefully they will have a good distribution mechanism.
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Atari.Org July 23rd, 1998
The guy behind the famous "" have now arranged to take over the Atari.Org domain from Hackbear (which didn't use it, just had it). As a first step to build the "ultimate atari resource" on the Internet, it is now possible to get "virtual-domain-names" for Atari related sites! Just like our site can now be called via, so could yours!

If you have a page wich is for Atari (no matter which system) you are entitled to a subdomain. When you choose a name, do it carefully. General names like "" or "" are reserved. Also "stealing" a name from somebody else is not a good idea.

But how does this work then?
Well, if you have seen things like the monolith "" http forwardings, you know what this is. If you havn't, well in very short words it works like this: You register a virtual-domain, to point at your own "real" homepage address. So when a person goes to it will automaticly change to the real url of your site. Quite easy, no?

Well this is the start, be sure to check in here once in a while to read the news of what's happening with Atari.Org services, I'm certain you will be stunned by all the things when they take place!
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Maggie Team July 20th, 1998
Yeps, the release of Maggie #26 is closing in. So far, we've heard about a giant ALT-Party report and massive articles from Mr Pink, and a DSP m-register explanation from Tat. Also, it should feature a Tat intro. Worth waiting for!
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Checkpoint July 20th, 1998
Checkpoint (That's Defjam, Joe Cool and 505) are working on the Modulation #2 music compile. Well, now we know for sure that we didn't miss the #2 release, it was a bit confusing with #3 coming before #2.. But you never know with germans ;)
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Avena July 20th, 1998
Tat have just released his non-finsihed 4k intro which he made a year back. It consist of DSP envmapped starfield made up of alot of fishes. :)
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Avena July 13th, 1998
As seen on the bulletin a week ago or so, Tat of Avena is back into coding on the "Binliner" 96 intro. With the slight difference that he gave up the 96k idea and now goes for a full demo instead! :-) Only a couple of days ago, Tat made a first snapshot from the new demo available, showing a part of a 3d world.
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Sector One July 5th, 1998
Sector One have just opened their homepage! Downloads, graphics, music etc!
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# IMParty 7 July 5th, 1998
After a hundred false dates, a thousand rumors and a few complaints the date for IMParty 7 is finally set.
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Jem'98 July 5th, 1998
The "Journees Europeenes du Multimedia" party is taking place in France from Aug 6-9 this summer! This party is formely known as the "GigaFun" party.
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Gemdemo v0.5 released July 4th, 1998
v0.5 beta of GemDemo has been released!
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Undercover Magascene July 4th, 1998
Yes finally you can now get UCM #12!! I havn't tested it yet so no comments here.
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UCM comments July 4th, 1998
Hahahaha.. this is my first reaction after reading UCM. In several places they are complaining over a person that make them SICK. It's quite clear they mean me there. ;-) Well let them be really sick then! I will still be complaning when things don't arrive when they are promised to. :-) Also, Mc Laser got so terribly sick of me that he had to write eight lines in CAPATAL LETTERS of how sick he become. Moondog complained over that too few voted in the charts. And then he complained that those who were voting voted for the wrong crew. Well, hope he gets happier next time when he will receive at least one vote less (mine).

The complaints continue with "people only talk and not do anything". I wonder who doesn't talk.. I guess their 30+ days delayed release was planned all the time ;-)

Those are the boring parts of UCM. I still enjoy their demoreviews alot, and I was laughing loudly reading the "5lessons" review.

The music was very nice both ST and Falcon versions. But the promised THERAPY Falcon-intro was unfortenly left out.. That's it, in short words.
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Centurbo 2 July 2nd, 1998
Yes it finally seems like the first batch of the Centurbo II accelerator cards have left the factory!

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Gemdemo v0.4 released July 2nd, 1998
Yeps, after many requests, we have now made GemDemo v0.4 available for public. It's still a beta release, and it's far from completed. But at least you can test it now.
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UCM #12 June 24th, 1998
UCM #12 is promised for the coming weekend by 100%. So check in here about then for a download!
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Mind Design June 24th, 1998
The newly reborn 'Mind Design' are planning to release two demos at the Orneta'98 party in Poland!

One being a demo wich should have good musicsyncing, and the other a new 4k which promises to kick ours (dhs) 4k demos to hell. Sounds interesting ;-)
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Gemdemo update notes June 24th, 1998
We have to excuse for the late Gemdemo release, but we havn't had time to work on it alot the past two weeks. Since the last time we reported there have been a few new features implemented to it, and we think it should be ready for release in July.
Right now Gemdemo have been tested on quite a few systems, and it seems to be working with everything, except the beta-Milan040 we had chance of testing it with. We have been collecting "frames per second" rates for all those systems, and not very surpricingly the Hades060 is in the lead. ;-)

Now, the moduleformat is nearly complete, with alot of things possible. There is now control of the demo effects, statistics window, 1x, 2x and 4x zoom modes and a few more things.

More info to come later, stay tuned!
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Orneta'98 for Swedes June 24th, 1998
Yeah, it's a big shame there has been no Swedes to earlier Orneta partys. Well, this summer this is about to change! So, we're now wondering what interest there is? So far, around 8 persons have shown interest to come.

Basicly the trip looks like this:
* Bring cars to Stockholm, with 4-5 persons in each.
* Ferry trip from Stockholm -> Gdansk, we're bringing the cars.
* A ~70 km drive from Gdansk to the partyplace.
* Have fun as hell for a weekend!!
* Go back to Gdansk->Stockholm->home.

Price? For one car, with max five people, a cabin with four beds, return ticket: 2320 SEK. This is darn cheap if you ask me!
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Teenage June 22nd, 1998
Dutch crew TNH are planning to release a new pacman clone which should beat all other clones on the market (these are the authours own words of course ;)). The name will be "Crackman in the search for his dealer". Hum, somewhat mysterious name, but you know.. Netherlands drogpolicy is a bit unlike everything else ;)
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Orneta'98 June 22nd, 1998
For you who follows the Bulletinboard this is already old news.. But here are some fact about Orneta‚98:

* Starts August 7, 1998.
* Ends August 9, 1998.
* 2 big screens (main 7 x 5 m)
* main room 800 my, showers, 6 toilets, sleeping rooms...
* professional protection
* bar (hot and cold food. you can also order food you want!)
* realTime text
* SID Room and Manga Room
* over 30 competitions
* prizes value - 10.000 DM (!!!)
* internet - 5/10 places (ISDN connection)
* beer at the party!
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T.O.Y.S. June 22nd, 1998
Peylows Falcon has broken, so he have been coding ST things again. He have now coded a screen for the Oxygene megademo project, and early reports say it's a blaster. :)
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Cream June 22nd, 1998
They are busy with finsihing the new musicdemo for the summer, and of course A-t- is busy drawing graphics for the whole atariscene soon (;)). Rumours also tell that Tao will release his Chipsound editor soon (we really hope this is true!!).
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Reservoir Gods June 22nd, 1998
Yeah, those crazy brits are now reloading to be able to release even more stuff! What they are up to? Well belive it or not, but the lot of them are moving into a house together! Mr Pink told me that Godscape is on the way, and that he will now concentrate on making the table formatting functional.
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Diskmaggie June 22nd, 1998
As seen on the bulletin board, Maggie issue #26 is scheudeled for release at the end of July! They promise us "no dissapointments". :-)
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NoCrew June 17th, 1998
NoCrew have released anohter 128 byte thing! This time a PONG clone in 128 bytes! Truly cool stuff.
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Wildfire - Winter exits June 17th, 1998
It seems like the maincoder of WildFire, Winter, is leaving for good. And we havn't seen anything from him in years anyway. Hopefully Baggio can finish the demo himself now.
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UCM #12 Delayed even more June 17th, 1998
Yes as we speculated some days ago, UCM#12 is delayed again. Last word was "2 weeks more". And who belives that? ;) Maybe Maggie 26 will be out before UCM 12 now!
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Mind Design rises from the dead June 17th, 1998
The Viking from Mind Design have unexpectedly returned from the states one year earlier than expected. And he is full of creativity for coding again. And Deez is probably going to go back to his old crew again..
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NAS 1998 June 17th, 1998
Well, the releases are lacking from NAS 98. WRC's promises of new stuff was only hype (as usual). Other short words I've got from NAS: "The Milan didn't work, the coding event sucked, the house was crap". So.. don't go hold your breath for cool NAS demos this year..
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WildFire opens new website.. June 17th, 1998
Wildfire has just opened their newly made homepage!
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Nordic Atari Show June 12th, 1998
The yearly NAS is starting today. Rumours tell that a Milan will be shown and that actually some demos might be out (all this come from wrc sources, which has proven to be wrong countless times before..). But maybe..
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Reservoir Gods June 10th, 1998
Two new GodleNES releases: Bubble Bobble & Silkworm.
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Wildfire June 10th, 1998
Deez of Wildfire have been busy coding on the basics of a new game for the Falcon. It's a "worms" clone (like worms on the amiga or jaguar for example). So far the landscape generator and scroll routines are made.
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.tSCc. June 10th, 1998
.tSCc. have finally put their Modcompile number 15 online! #15 have only four modules, but where one is quite large. The intro is interesting.. it has a multibitplane (3 bitplanes it seems..) dithering chunky-2-planar routine which looks way way better than Confusions 1bitplane dithering gobberage they used in the "Amok" demo. BTW, on the .tSCc. homepage they write that the best effect in "Amok" is just a fake. Yes I'm speaking of the superb green torus phong at the end.. It is an animation :(
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Nature June 10th, 1998
Nature have released a new version of their Falcon cargame "Reekin Rubber". Nature has also an active Amiga part, which did a quite impressive job with a demo at the last Gathering party, they showed a quite decent Quake engine that ran rather ok on 020! If they could only port this to falc.. ;)
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Poets of decay June 10th, 1998
First, UCM #12 was planned for InterJam release.. Then a few weeks before the party we were told it would take a day or two extra cause they wanted to review the demos. Well even closer to the party thouse couple of days stretched to a week. And after the party it had grown to two weeks. ;-)
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Gemdemo progress June 7th, 1998
Gedemo is progressing well, the moduleformat is growing in complexity and the shell is getting more advanced. Soon there will be user-control of the effects, and even a user-defined demolist. Meanwhile, until you can get a preview of gemdemo, you ca see a screenshot from a Hades060 running it! This is still at good framerate! :)
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YesCrew June 7th, 1998
YesCrew have just released a new demo of their TT/Falcon game called 'Capy'. The game reminds alot of Stoneage and Oxyd.
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Gemdemo - New concept June 5th, 1998
Now you might think.. "what on earth is this" or "totally lameness" or maybe "fucking crap..". Well, whatever you might think of the idea of running a demo in GEM, we're working on it anyway. ;-)
When I downloaded Therapys SMURF (cool program!) utility, and watched the "about" dialoge, which has a rotozoomer in it I came up with the creazy idea of maybe trying to run of our demoeffects inside a gem window. I took contact with the GEM coder #1, Ozk of AssemSoft in Norway. I know him since before, and he does things with GEM no C-programmer would ever dream of. In short words, what happens when Ozk do GEM coding: SPEED happens. And I mean a great difference here. Ozk was happy to help out with this idea, and work began. I started to code a small demo-effect (the flat 2d bumpmapper) and sent the source to Ozk who then had all ideas ready how to make it as fast as possible. Shortly therafter Ozk sent me the first preview. I was very very intersted to see if it moved at all, or if it was just megaslow. Well, tap my fingers! The darn thing ran nearly the same speed as when allocating your own screen. And this in GEM!

After this I coded anohter small effect (the tunnel) and Ozk improved the GEM routines. Now, the work for grapiccard support began. We spend a whole night discussing how to make the 16->15bit(intel) conversion as fast as possible. People from DHS, Toys, AssemSoft and The Black Lotus argued hour after hour which was aould be the best. And it turned out that Ozk came up with the best way himself :-).
This means that Gemdemo should work with nearly all graphicscards that has a 15bit or 16bit graphicsmode. This includes: CrazyDots, CrazyDots2, Nova, Hades060/040 cards and standard Falcon videl of course. And belive it or not the people with those cards and computers have tested Gemdemo and it actually works fine! Thanks to Tiitsu (Hades060), Frank (ab040/Nova), lp (TT/Nova), Nut (TT/Nova) on IRC #atariscne for testing it!

If you still don't quite belive this, have look at this screenshot I made from my Falcon today. It's a 256col dithered version, but you'll get the idea!

So, you might think.. when can we test this? Well, the answer is we don't know yet. We're currently working on making all demo effects modulebased, which means new effects can be coded by different persons without involving the authours (us) and that new effects can be added without the need to download all the old ones again. The work with the moduleformat is nearly finished and works very well already. Right now the effects can have two zoom modes; one normal, and one zoomed (2x) mode. We're planning to make a 4x zoom mode as well (this has to be coded within the effects though..) and after that, try to write easy to understand docs, example sourcecodes and other things you need for developing your own demoeffect modules!

Now, those who thought DHS would be involved in such a big and serious project raise your hands! ... ...... ..... as I thought, none! ;-)
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Cream June 4th, 1998
Cream has recently opened their webpage for real!

They have also updated their SID player for the STe and Falcon, and now even a ST version is available!
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Reservoir Gods June 3rd, 1998
They have just released a new 128byte intro, and a new fractal generate program.
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NoCrew June 1st, 1998
NoCrew have released yet a 128byte intro!
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Reservoir Gods June 1st, 1998
Reservoir Gods have released two new GodleNES games: Legend of Zelda & Flipull.
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InterJam June 1st, 1998
InterJam is now over and we're still waiting for the releases. However, the two Mystic Bytes demos are already here! The three-release rumour didn't really hold in reality, but on the other hand it seems like Escape released a demo without anyone knowing. Undercover Magazine is expected in approx two weeks from now (mid-June) anmd that should include complete party report, realtime article, reviews etc.
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NoCrew May 30th, 1998
Finally, finally.. NoCrew released someting agin. ;) It is two 128 byte intros, featuring realtime Mandelbrot zoomer and some strange plasma thing. These are the first demos I know of that are released as GPL, which means the sources are included. :-) Falcon with FPU required.
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Octalyser free May 30th, 1998
Now Octalyser is finally free to use for everyone. I got permission from the author today that I can give a full version away.
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InterJam is going May 30th, 1998
Yeah, InterJam starts today! The status is still unknown, as it seems they are totally without net-access. However.. the talk before the party indicated new releases from .tSCc. (modcomp 15 and a new st 4k demo), three releases from Mystic Bytes where one is supposed to be a new st demo, Sentry has hopefully a demo of their TB303 synth emulator ready. Undercover Magazine #12 is slightly delayed, due to the fact hey want to include reviews of the party entries and a realtime article, rumors also say that Therapy has done a Falcon intro for UCM12. More about InterJam after it has finished!
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The Exceptions May 14th, 1998
Mad Max announced on the .tSCc. guestbook that he will release new "4-Channel Digi-Sid-Tunes" at the InterJam! :-)
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Reservoir Gods May 12th, 1998
Reservoir Gods (damn, I have to make a macro for this name, I'm typing it more often than any other word!!) have released a new 128-byte intro (yes you read right, they managed to do one more!).
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Lazer May 12th, 1998
Yesterday I met Energizer on IRC (#atariscne naturally ;)) and he sent me a synth-remix of their endtune from Lost Blubb!

I am also allowed to put it online here for you guys to download.
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Reunion party - cancelled May 11th, 1998
A couple of days ago, I received a sad message from Havoc/Giants, telling that the Reunion party is cancelled until further notice, the exact words are below.

Unfortunately I have to inform you that the Reunion Party is cancelled. Because my sister has a serious brain injury, I am now in Peru to support her. At this moment, it remains unclear whether it is possible for me to be back in Holland in time to run the party. But even if I get back in time, it would be on such a short notice that organizing it the way I want it to be organised would be quite impossible. This added to the fact that I really don't feel like a party while my sister is very ill on the other side of the planet, has made me decide to cancel the party for this moment. Maybe I can make it happen some other time, when the bad times are over.

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Reservoir Gods goes 128bytes mad May 11th, 1998
No less than 5 (!!) new 128 byte intros have been released by those hyperactive .uk'ers. One of the five is even a fullly working Tron game. Truly good work!
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Reservoir Gods May 11th, 1998
New game from Reservoir Gods! This time one would almost guess that the "Reservoir Frogs" was involved in the gamedesign, as the game is full of frogs; alive frogs, dead frogs, squeezed frogs,talking frogs, and even ai-frogs! Yes, if you havn't guessed it yet, I can reveal to you now that it's a multi player "Frog jump" game. One to six players, and/or AI-Frogs.
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ST-Collection 12 is out May 11th, 1998
Typhoon & friends have finished and released the ST-Collection #12. The collection has only ST intros this time, from various crews such as .tSCc., Checkpoint, Avena and St Knights.
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News to the DHS Scene page May 11th, 1998
If you didn't see it in the "news" page, and missed it when scrolling down here, you're trapped now :)

Well, we have included a new nice "message board" or guestbook-lookalike thing that you can use for advertizing your site, or simply to say that DHS rules ;)
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Toodeloo / DHS May 3rd, 1998
Toodeloo has released a whole bunch of new high quality tracks which has been reviewed by the biggest tracker community known on internet,Tracks in space.

The tracks has recieved some very high ratings and is really some kick ass music :-)
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TRiO releases pmDOOM v0.5 May 3rd, 1998
TRiO have released v0.5 of their port of DOOM to the Falcon.
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Uk Atari Shows continues April 28th, 1998
Hot news from Felice/Maggieteam.. the UK Atari Shows will take place November 14th at Bingley Hall in Stafford. Stay tuned for more info in this issue!
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Sentry busy coding for InterJam April 28th, 1998
Sentry are planning to release the first version of their realtime DSP-TB303 synth emulator at InterJam. Hold your thumbs for this one :)
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New IRC Channel April 28th, 1998
After all the mess at #atari, with takeovers happening several times a week. And generally quite a few people that seems to be there mainly to stear the channel away from the atari subject, we have now opened a new channel aimed for those with interest in "scene" things. The channel is housed at IrcNet (the euroside of the past EfNet) and the name of the channel is #atariscne. So, what are you waiting for? Get on irc now! :-)
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Undercover Magazine #12 on the way April 28th, 1998
Yeps, Earx told me that we should expect the #12 issue at the InterJam party. Which should be (if my memory not fails me once again) in about a month. Don't forget to send in your votesheet for their charts! The new issue should have a new more readable font (hello ansiterm authours, thanks.. ;)) and also palette splits that seems to be working on most machines (can you imagine..).
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Paranoid releases new STe game April 28th, 1998
Today I received a mail from Paranoid, with a request of putting the following on here:

STEtris v0.8
It's now free for everybody to download and have a look, beta-testers and comments badly required, the game is not finished and i need some data what is there left to do better or probably quit the whole project because it isn't worth it anyhow. ;-)
STEtris is a 1-2 player Tetris for the STE and Mega STE, Falcon support is not given yet, should be given later on.
1 player mode is incredibly boring so far, it's just an ordinary Tetris. Playing against a friend means, that as soon as you remove a special amount of lines (this is selectable in the title screen), you can access a Special FX menue to do some nasty tricks on your opponent :
- add some lines to his pile
- speed up his gameplay
- replace his current block with another one
- lock his "rotate"-button
or even switch controls : You have now his window and he has to play on your window. ;-)
In the near futurue, STEtris will also have a computer play against you, so the computer will do nasty tricks on you if you DO not remove a specified number of lines. ;-)
And, as usual, MOD-music, Rasterlines and Interlace graphics. :-)

Anybody who might be interested should please have a look and tell me what errors the program still has, what option should be included or whatever.

Thank you. :-)

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Five unbeatable swedish lessons April 21st, 1998
Learn yourself speak swedish in 5 easy steps. Yes, finally, the ultimate swedish guide has appeared. Rumours say it was done during ALTparty, and the voices sounds mysteriously much alike Deez and Baggio of Wildfire. If you're into learning swedish (good tips how to give compliments to swedish women included!).
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Reservoir Gods GodleNES April 21st, 1998
A whole bunch of new releases with the GodleNES emulator has been made: Mario Golf, Joust, Legendary wings, The adventures of lolo
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Deez of Wildfire finally made it April 21st, 1998
The Wildfire 4k intro from ALT Party is now finished, a little too late. But who cares, it's here now anyway. It needs a Falcon with FPU to run.
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Chippin' for air 4! released April 15th, 1998
A few days later than expected.. but here it is, the musicdemo that was totally erased a week back by a hd-crash. Now recoded and actually seems to be working, how about that?
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Chippin' 4 delayed April 14th, 1998
Due to surpricingly much work to do at the ALT Party, the expected Chippin' For Air IV has been delayed a few days. Expect it at the end of the week or something close to that.
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Dream 4mention released April 14th, 1998
DHS released a new 4k intro at the Alternative Party.
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Alternative Party April 14th, 1998
Alternative Party has now ended, and left us quite shocked. HOW on earth could a VIC-20 perform that demo with only 3.5k free ram? It had 5 (!) texturemapped tunnels going at once, with music and everthing. On the Z80 based MSX they showed even more incredible things, such as triple- transparent zoomrotating chessboards (this was unreal..). There were lots of other really unusual machines as well, one being a really cool MSX-TurboR machine, a later version of the MSX system, with double Z80 and an r800, it also had a 6 (or 9(optional)) channel FM-synth soundchip which beats any chipmusic-generator heard before. On the Atariside of things I would alsmost say that it was the most usual computer here, with MSX as a close second. There were alot of Falcon and STe demos shown on the bigscreen.

So, where there any releases? Well, the much awaited Avena demo wasn't completed in time, Tat explaning it as "It's been a slight re-scheudleing" (re-spell that so it sounds ok ;)). As expected, Wildfire didn't finish their STe demo (now I am really doubtful if they ever will make it..). Deez did a hard job at alt trying to complete a new 4k demo, but didn't really make it in time. However, DHS, Senior Dads, Reservoir Frogs and a new team called "Alternative Spice Boys" entered the scene with new releases.
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Reservoir Gods April 6th, 1998
Two new releases for their "godlenes" emulator: Megaman and Digdug.
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Backups are for chickens! April 6th, 1998
Just some short info.. we lost 75% of our sources yesterday due to a harddisk crash (thanks diamond edge for crashing it!!!). We're doing our very best to re-work everything that we already had done for ALT-Party, but it seems we will not be able to finish everything in time. So for X-Mix, you probably have to wait a while longer than expected. :-/
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Well after yesterdays chock message... April 2nd, 1998
we can tell you that it was all a (very successful) April Fools joke. :-) No less than 16 persons e-mailed us and ansked what was going on. Thanks alot for all that support guys. Anyway, as it was purley a joke, you can expect new stuff from us later on, and everything should continue as "usual". Until next 1st of april...
April Fools!!
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Reservoir gods - delivery problems April 1st, 1998
It seems like RG have problems with distributing their new titles right now. Reason? Well the bleeding UK postalservice is on strike! Damn them, now we can't enjoy the latest RG releases as planned.
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The Black Lotus - Working hard April 1st, 1998
As reported earlier, TBL has looked into the AMP project, and that's not all, no.. Art/TBL has many more projects going. Among other things he's come pretty far on DESCENT for Falcon. It includes heavy DSP optimizing for texturemapping, fastram support etc. Also, TBL are working on a new Falcondemo, previews shows that it can be -really- cool, just hang on out there and I'm sure you'll be astonished in a while.
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THE END - DHS exits the demoscene.. April 1st, 1998
As you all know, all good things has to have an end, and we have now decided to leave the demoscene business for good. We have done a small "goodbye" demo that you can download if you wish to see something simple.

This homepage will still be maintained though, so you don't have to worry about that.
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# Reservoir Gods - Godlenes March 21st, 1998
Final Fantasy and Tennis released for their GodleNES emu.
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A breif overlook of the last releases.. March 18th, 1998
First of all, let's say that you probably already have seen these demos/intros if you are a frequent reader and/or downloader here. Anyway, the Volcanic party ended a week back and there a new Falcon group released a demo with a couple of interesting things. Not so bad for a first production, definitly seen worse ;). Volcanic party also saw the release of many GFA Basic demos for some reason, this seems to be a trend by the remaining ST crews in France. Not that I am a big fan of these kind of demos myself, but atleast something gets released. The winning demo from Volcanic were some kind of "anti pc" thing in French that I didn't understand a word of.

On the introside both UCM 11 and Maggie 25 have intros of quite good class. UCM 11's intro is from Checkpoint and features all from classic 80's effects to new-style with c2p converters. It has music by 505 (made in Sid Sound Designer, and it's really good!). Dissapointingly Maggie 25 didn't have an intro for the ST issue, but Mystic Bytes have done a rather good effort on the Falcon intro instead. It consist of a "chippy" techno-song, the usual gouraud obects (seen in their 4k as well), rotozoom, lut-plotter, lut-plotter combined with rotozoom (slow!) and a bunch of rendered logos. For a download of these, look furter down this page.
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Even more lameness March 18th, 1998
It seems the lamedemo or also called "fake" demo crews are growing as never before. Two new demos from a new one called "Reject" has been released.
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Reservoir Gods with more GodleNES releases March 18th, 1998
Yep the active brits has completed work on two new godlenes releases. Funnily they released "Rainbow Islands" which already exists for atari, I'm not sure of the reason about releasing it, as the atari version is both more colourful and quicker. Perhaps to be able to use msg's new bubble bobble music.

The second game is the very old one named "Ice climber" which was bundeled with the nes for years.
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The Black Lotus & NoCrew in co-operation? March 18th, 1998
Art of The Black Lotus have agreed to continue work on NoCrews port of the AMP Mpegaudio decoder. The aim is a realtime .mp3 decoder in DSP. Future has to tell what will happen. Perhaps the Sector One guys could join the MP3 mailinglist that NoCrew is hosting?
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Sector One - back? March 18th, 1998
Rumours are going that Sector One, the French ST crew are working on a long awaited realtime mpeg audio layer 3 (.mp3) decoder for the Falcon.
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TRiO steals code?! March 18th, 1998
No, not really, they have compiled the Unix-DOOM sources for Falcon. As expected it runs very slow, quite far from playable on a standard Falcon. If you got a fastram accelerator however, the speed will probably be more than ok.
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Maggie #25 March 10th, 1998
Well, about half of it is here, the ST edition only. Don't even ask why.. Just download it.. Hopefully the Falcon thing should be here by tomorrow..
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Reunion '98: The Giants are planning a party March 9th, 1998
Yeps, Giants are back, arranging an Atariparty in The Netherlands. This is what Havoc of Giants says:

Reunion'98 is a party, organised for and by old Atari demoscene people from Holland. It will be organised by Havoc/Giants. As the Atari scene in Holland is quite dead at the moment (only FUN and Sentry seem to do something at this moment), it is logical that this party is mainly aimed at the people who made the Dutch scene a cool one during the 'top years', that is to say 90 to 95. Anyone who feels or felt connected to the Dutch Atari demo scene in these years, or more recent years, is invited to come over to the south of the country for a nice time and a good beer.

The party will start on Friday, 15th of May 1998 at around 1800 hours, and will last upto Sunday, 17th of May 1998 around 2400 hours. The main part will start most probably on Saturday. Entry fees will be very low, just some money is needed to buy a present for the people whose space we're using.

Please do remember that this party is not a computerparty in the narrowest sense of the word. The name Reunion might indicate that the intention is to have some fun with the people you've all met through the years and whom you might have lost contact with now.

Any questions, replies or information requests can be sent to: (Havoc/Giants)

Please allow a few days for reply!
There is also a mailing list for the party, if you want to be on it, please send a mail to me.


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Volcanic Party - short report March 9th, 1998
Here's a small report from the Volcanic party. It's written by David "Splash" Carrere.

The party took place in Cournon d'Auvergne, near the city of Clermont-Ferrand in the french "Massif Central". This year, we were 470 people in a huge room (one of the biggest of the area around Clermont Ferrand). There was a majority of PC, but a lot of Amiga and Atari also came. Some tables were full of Atari computers (St, Falcon, Centurbo, Towers, ...) ! There was also a Commodore 64 (mine !... to be accurate, it was one of a friend of mine) wich showed to PC users that a simple 6502 at 1 Mhz could do almost better than their Pentium II ! (Some PC users were really astonished).

There was a giant screen with two Barco projectors. Why two ? Polarised glasses were given at the entrance, and a 3D animation film was projected (3 days before to be shown at the famous Imagina show, if my memory does not betray me). There was also some 3D pictures. Other classic stuff were projected: Demos, synthetized images, video clips, ...

There was a demo compo, wild compo, 4 channel music compo, multichannels music compo, techno music all the time (... sometimes a bit BORING !). A ORIC demo was presented for the wild compo ! (It was not so bad !).

I did not see Atari demos, but I know that there was not a lot. PC and Amiga demos were numerous and sometimes really good (quality, originality sometimes, and a lot of HUMOUR !). Wild demos were also very funny, with home made films (Strange martians wearing a big Microsoft Windows box attack the Earth !).

And to make things better, the organization was really good (no problems with electricity, food, ...). I did not know parties in others european countries, but I know some french parties, and among all of them, Volcanic party is surely the best. [ The Saturne Party (near Paris) is also a good party, but the last edition (October 1997) was really spoiled because of huge electricity problems].

Well, that is all I can say about this great party !


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Reservoir Gods March 7th, 1998
Shortly after the release of the first (very slow running) GodleNES they have now improved the speed a great bit, and my guess is that with a nemesis it is very near the original NES machine in speed now. Reservoir Gods have released two new packages, one with Super Mario Brothers again, but with the fast emulator, and the second being "Space Invanders".
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UCM 11 comments March 7th, 1998
Well, I usually don't comment things like this, but this time I have to do it I guess. In this issue, the "war" between Maggie and UCM continues and in my opinion the mail from MrPink and replies from UCM's editor are getting a bit out of hand. Can't we have two magazines (both free, so no commercial competition) that exists without yelling at each other? It feels quite silly to read UCMs complaints on Maggies shell, when their own doesn't work either, and vice versa.

For example, Maggie claims #24 is "exitable" by pressing F10, so I did and the thing crashed. I've tried many times more with many other setups, always a crash. Not very great. And, the new UCM shell in #11 goes on in the same footprints as before. I can't get the mag working on my ST, although it is an ST mag. Tried with TOS 1.62, 2.06, clean boot, full boot etc, it just doesn't run. On the Falcon however it works ok, with the exeption that it plays the ST music where it should have been Falcon. :-) And so it continues, none of the two mags are perfect, can't we just live with that and get rid of the quite stupid war?
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Volcanic 4 March 7th, 1998
The frenchs must have been hiding the infos about "Volcanic" party pretty well. Cause nobody I asked have ever heard of this party, and still here we are treated with a couple of Falcon and ST releases from it.
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UCM #11 March 7th, 1998
Yep the germans have released the 11th issue yesterday. It has many many articles, nearly all with "scene material". Clearly one of the best issues so far. It has a nice ST intro by Checkpoint as well. Music by TAO/Cream (ST chiptune). But what the hell are you still doing here reading this crap?
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Reservoir Gods February 26th, 1998
After the resonable success of GodBoy, the GameBoy emulator from Reservoir Gods, they have now advanced to make a full NES emulator for your beloved Falcon called "GodlNES".
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Reservoir Gods release! February 26th, 1998
Reservoir Gods are now taking up the competition of doing most 128 byte intros. This time they released the "Pasta" 128 byte intro. Featuring fractal calculations. Falcon only.
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Jaguar Explorer Online February 26th, 1998
A new issue of this "never die" Jaguar fans magazine has been avilable sice beginning of February 1997. As usual lots of quotes from newsgroups and words from developers.
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YesCrew releases Capy demo February 26th, 1998
Fans of Stoneage and similar games can await golden days shortly again. YesCrew has just released a short demo of their coming game "Capy". It works on Falcons and TT's (runs in 640*480 mode).
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Amnesic Cactus February 26th, 1998
Amnesic Cactus have just released the very delayed "No Flowers" ST Demo.
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Falcon Users Netherlands February 26th, 1998
Bonus of F.U.N. has just released a demoversion of his new Falcongame "Men at war". It works with all kind of monitors and 4meg ram.
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Reservoir Gods February 6th, 1998
Reservoir Gods have just released a 128 byte intro! It consists of a realtime zooming and background scrolling fx.
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DHS brings you Liquid Sunshine February 6th, 1998
Yep, here's yet a release. This time a short intro, but rather large in terms of diskspace.
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Reservoir Frogs February 1st, 1998
Queeek, queeek.
Time for the first Reservoir Frogs multipart fakedemo. They make fun of everything..
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Impulse February 1st, 1998
After over one and a half year since the last release from Impulse, when everyone (well I guess so atleast) had counted them out, they surprice us with the release of a two-player shoot'em up game!
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Chippin' For Air 3 January 29th, 1998
As a little surprice in the cold winter, here's a new musicdemo with chip melodies. This time we bring you some excellent Jogeir Liljedahl tunes, but in glorious chip form!
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Nature January 27th, 1998
Nature has released v0.6 of their Lotus cargame for Falcon. It has texturemapped roads, surroundings etc.
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TRiO January 27th, 1998
Trio have released a new version of their DOOM engine. Now much improved with sprites, menus and stuff.
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Toxic Mag January 27th, 1998
Toxic Magazine issue 14 is released! A large issue with lots of articles (unfortenly all in french). It has lots of extras and a nice ST intro by St Knights.
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Senior Dads January 23rd, 1998
Shortly after the 128byte release from Reservoir Frogs, Senior Dads released one too, called "Dadplazzma".

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Confusions January 21st, 1998
Confusions are soon going to release a new issue of their diskmag called "Filler". Stay tuned for more info..
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.tSCc. January 21st, 1998
.tSCc. (man I can never get used to write it like that) have just released their modcompile 14. As usual there is an intro which works on everything from st-falcon (this time some fast voxel worlds and a cool TAO tune). The .mod files this time are a huge mix of everything. Among the highlights the Lost Boys old "Crikey wot a schorcer" intro/end songs converted to .mod format
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FlaySID 2.1 January 17th, 1998
David "Slash" Carrere is working hard on the next release of his excellent c64 SID player "FlaySID". The next version (2.1) will feature more filters (including lowpass which regarding to David sounds very good). David also have ideas howto optimize the DSP SID emualtor for even better sound.
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Sentry January 17th, 1998
After a long pause, Sentry are now back working on very cool stuff. They have come pretty far on a realtime DSP Roland TB-303 Synth emualtor! Right now Meisje of Sentry is doing work on the filters. More info to come later.
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Mystic Bytes January 17th, 1998
Rumours are going that Mystic Bytes is up for a new Falcon release very soon. If it's anything like their 4k intro "Surprise" we're up for a real treat.
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Undercover Magazine starts new service January 13th, 1998
We got a mail from the UCM guys (mOd/.tSCc.) the other day telling me about the new department in their magazine, this is what he had to say:

From the next issue of UnderCover on we like to have a new topic, called "Chatbox" or something like that. In that article, anyone can say anything to anyone. It's just an idea from the PC-mags and there it works fine. So people have to write only "little" notes, like:

mOd of .tSCc. says to evil/DHS
Nice homepage. I guess your's is the best in the net. Keep on going.

and send it to Ucm or one of the contactsmen. And then we release all that. There can be commercials for new products with Ansis and such stuff. At last it is also pretty good for telling your opinion some people you are not in contact with.

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Wizztronics.. struggle incorporated January 13th, 1998
Wizztronic have after 3 years of development scrapped a nearly finished product. What seemed liked the best accelerator to be for the Falcon is now history. Sorry guys that have waited all this time.

However, Wizztronics claim that they are working on a new TOS based computer (060, DSP...). But to be perfectly honest, who belives that they can do a whole new computer when they can't do an accelerator..
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Alternative Party January 13th, 1998
It's now official that ALT-Party -will- take place at easter in Turku/Finland.
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128-Julia from DHS released January 9th, 1998
We've just released a second 128 byte intro for the Falcon. Now it's realtime julia transformations.
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Resurrection in progress January 8th, 1998
The "resurrection" project with crews invloved as .tSCc., ST Knights and more is nearing release. Mod of .tSCc. reports that the graphics is already in a final state. Watch out for this one, probably one of the best ST demos to be released ever.
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FlaySID January 8th, 1998
Yeah finally! After a long wait the new version has arrived. Now with lots of new stuff. Faster code, SID oscilliscopes, different SID modes, wave-form check and lots more!
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DTVM January 3rd, 1998
DTVM have released the 14th STe-demo in the series of "Jesus M-Demos".
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DHS - 128krawl released! (Jan 3, 1998) January 3rd, 1998
During IMParty 6 Peylow/Toys did a 128byte intro, and then inpired us to do one as well. What first seemed like a 15min job turned out in hours of size-optimizing everything. Anyway, if you have a Falcon with FPU you can watch it.
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DHS - Dream Dimension released! January 3rd, 1998
Yeps, after half a year of waiting you can finally download our new Falcon demo "Dream Dimension".
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IMParty 6 is over January 3rd, 1998
IMParty 6 has been, as usual lots of beer was consumed, and lots of funny photos were taken (and manipulated (I'll strangle you later HAM! ;))). There was four demos released at IMParty 6, where 3 are available right now, Unfortenly I forgot to copy TOYS 128byte intro. This year there was no internet at IMParty, so the creativity was alot higher than usual. Well, more about IMParty 6 at the real IMParty homepage later.
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