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Showing news from 1997-01-01 to 1997-12-31
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The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation December 30th, 1997
.tSCc. have released a quite strange Falcon-intro called "Z Z plural Z alpha". It starts out with a long precalculation of a very strange animation. If you watch the animation carefully, and then looks at some other object, you'll be surpriced how it will look.. Voodoo..
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Yoyo December 30th, 1997
Yoyo have finally released their Orneta'97 ST-intro. It's all about gouraud stuff.
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Yoyo intro December 30th, 1997
Yoyo have released an intro for ST/STe! It's full of vectors all thru.
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Oxygenes new megademo, situation. December 20th, 1997
Right now (christmas time) the mainmenu, three screens from Oxygene, a few screens from Griff/EI and perhaps one from DHS are confirmed to participate in the demo. And question is if this isn't enough, cause it's planned to fit on only one 10sectors floppy. The screens can be for ST and if you want STe only.
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Cobra releases MacPlayer v1.2. December 20th, 1997
MacGyver from Cobra has released a modplayer based on Bitmasters replayroutine v3.1. It plays ordinary .mod files with 4-8 channels at 49 KHz. It can play with interpolation and/or surround sound.
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Checkpoint releases new intro December 20th, 1997
A new small intro from Checkpoint has been released to celebrate a birthday. It's quite similar to Checkpoints last intro (eg, fire fire fire).
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Senior Dads December 20th, 1997
Senior Dads have released a Falcon Xmas demo. It's what you can expect from a "crew" like them.
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New DHS Release! December 15th, 1997
DHS just released a little complication of christmas related things (pics, music..)
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New Undercover Magazine issue! December 15th, 1997
Undercover Magzine #10 is out! A million (well, nearly ;)) of articles about Atari scene and lots more.
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Oxygene megademo-project December 15th, 1997
Leornard of Oxygene is currently working on a new megademo (old style, with mainmenu etc.). He's currently trying to collect screens from lots of people. Are you interested?
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Reservoir Gods December 15th, 1997
After seeing the totally brainblsting DHS Xmas demo the Reservior guys just had to do something. Well folks, here's a demo full of mean jokes about lots of democrews. Remember to give them back for this ;))
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Mystic Bytes November 15th, 1997
Is a new polish crew who have raised from the ashes of Shadows and other polish crews. They have recently released a very good 4k intro.
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DHS November 15th, 1997
We have updated our 4k-intro from Orneta "4ever" and the "Chippin' for air!" musicdemo to run fine from TOS 4.01 and 4.02 (it crashed before).
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Escape November 15th, 1997
Escape has surpriced us again! With the release of "Modulation 3" they have done the musicdemo with the best frontend I've ever seen. It has a complete point & click windowing gui built in.
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New DHS Release! November 15th, 1997
Yes, after alot of wonders, we've now released Just Musix 3, thanks for all support (esp. MenU & Grey!).
Just Musix 3 includes 4 - 16 track music by Toodeloo.
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IMParty 6 October 20th, 1997
Yehoo! A new IMParty is being arranged over newyear!
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Wildfire release October 20th, 1997
Deez of Wildfire has released a little graphic demo for the Falcon. It's called "All dressed up and nobody to fuck" (wonder if this has anything to do with deez social life? ;)).
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Dreamhack October 20th, 1997
There are major fuckups with Dreamhack right now. It seems most probably they they cannot use the large Arena-Kupolen as planned. They are offering 280sek back for those who have prepaid though (you payed 300 sek to get the ticket..).

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Thing v1.20 is here!! October 20th, 1997
he ultimate desktop "Thing" is updated to v1.20. It now has dozens of new things added, among them greatly improved support for minix-fs and alot nicer interface.
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Maggie 24! October 18th, 1997
Maggie 24 is out! Lots of demoreviews etc.
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Chippin' For Air 2 October 15th, 1997
Chipppin' For Air 2 Is released. More chiptunes from Toodeloo/DHS and slightly improved front end.
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New ST(e) demos, really?! October 1st, 1997
Well, most of you probably know about the new -BIG- ST demo coming from ST Knights.
But fewer might know what this really is to include? Well I havn't heared much, except that .tSCc. are coding a ENV-Mapping demopart for it. Llama doesn't say much but knowing his 4kb intro from Silicon it can really be a blaster!

Furthermore the poles are saying the worlds greatest ST demo is soon to be released, namley "Amok" demo from Confusions. Grey who's seen most of the parts is very excited about a 4 bitplane ENV-Mapping routine. Let's hope for a quick release of this one.

More then? Well, DHS have put some hours work into a new ST demo as well, featuring ugly-as-hell c2p routines but pretty ok framerate in advance to that. Can't say much as for now, but we're aiming at a DreamHack'97 wildcompo release. :-)
Also, the ancient DHS STe demo who won the ST competition at NAS'95 will be finsihed. Not very impressing one though, it's a demo made of the Tyranny demossystem some nights when Evil had nothing better to do :-).

Well, it doesn't end here (good eh?), Wildfire with Baggio in the lead promises their new STe demo to be "kickass". Let's hope they finish it sometime before year 3000. I've got reports so far of very fast Gouraud routines, and even faster 3D rotation-routines.

Well that's it for this time..
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Confusions October 1st, 1997
Confusions have released their new ST demo "AMOK"!
It should be downloadable from here any day now, so keep looking!
AMOK should be one of the finest ST demos so far, with env-mapping and other new things.
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Dreamhack October 1st, 1997
Dreamhack, this is a new party taking place in Sweden. In the LARGE hall of Kupolen/Borlänge. It's about 14000 squaremeters and place for over 2000 computers.

But unfortenly it hasn't got any Atari competitions, so why even mention it here? Well mainly becuase we're going to check it out. Perhaps future Dreamhacks could include Atari competitions as well, let''s see what the staff says after this years dhack.
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InterJAM October 1st, 1997
Inter are arranging a new party in the beginning of october! Let's hope for a release of "Interview" now! (heh, it's allowed to dream, right?).
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InterJam October 1st, 1997
InterJam has been, nearly 90 people visited. Unfortenly the number of Atarians was extremly low, though Mod/TSCC managed to get a third place in the graphics contribution. One Atari intro was in the competition, but not released yet. Stay tuned for more info.
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Atari Fair October 1st, 1997
This years german Atari Fair seems to have been quite a success. Lots of new hardware and software was presented. Among them a Hades060 running in paralell with a stick-in pentium card. Milan 040 (and soon 060) was also on show.

On the software side, Gryf was showing the forthcoming v1.2 Thing version. This new version features heavily increased support for extended UNIX filesystem flags (used by MiNT), 3D Dialogues, faster directory windows and smart symlinks view.
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Midi file player October 1st, 1997
Finally someone has taken the initiative to create a GM compatble midifile player for the Falcon. The author of Digital Tracker has released a demoversion of this program.
 There are no comments, add one! - what the heck is this?? October 1st, 1997
Well you can relax, it ain't a new demo from us, but rather a demoversion of the updated version of "Digital Tracker".

It's now been renamed to "Digital Home Studio" hence the "DHS" short name.. Sorry folks, maybe next time ;)
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Siliconvention 98 October 1st, 1997
Siliconvention 98 have been cancelled. Bad economy since last year and increasing rents have set stop for it. :-(

Now, the Maggie team and other .uk pals are investigating the possibilities of a replacement for Siliconvention.

Stay tuned.
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New DHS demo released! (Chippin' for air!) October 1st, 1997
Yes, after the depressing facts that no demos were released at this years InterJAM, we devoted a night for writing a little musicdemo with "chip" melodies by Toodeloo.
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Amok October 1st, 1997
It seems like the already reelased AMOK version (new ST Demo from Confusions) was withdrawn, so we have to wait yet a while for this one. :-(
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Maggie 24 October 1st, 1997
Maggie 24 is being released on Friday 17'th October for the UK Atari shows. Check here on late Friday or Saturday for a download.
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Amok preview!! October 1st, 1997
Confusions have released a preview of their winning Orneta ST demo. It features all from polygonparts to realtime phongshading.
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Orneta 97 September 1st, 1997
Orneta 97 has been held in the floods of Poland. Lots of XE/ST/Falcon intros/demos was released.
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Place 2 b 5 September 1st, 1997
Place 2 B 5 has been in August again as usual. This year 5 demos and intros were released, none of world-hiclass but still worth a look (atleast the #1 demo).
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Gigafun 97 September 1st, 1997
Gigafun 97 seems to have been a major dissapointment, none serious demo or intro were released. I only heared of a "fake intro" but havn't got my hands on this one even.

Let's hope next years Gigafun will take revenge on this one..
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IMParty 5 July 21st, 1997
IMParty 5 has been held in Grängesberg/Sweden as usual. People from Sweden, poland and finland was visiting this time, including people from Wildfire, IMPonance, Toys, DHS and Aggression.
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Stax/RDT July 1st, 1997
Stax/RDT have released a new demo of their "Running" doomclone for the Falcon.
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Centurbo 2 July 1st, 1997
Should be available now, or atleast very soon.
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Phenix July 1st, 1997
The Phenix Falcon clone is nearing release. This is a PCI-based Falcon clone with 68060 CPU and 5630x DSP.
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ADM July 1st, 1997
ADM will try to convert alot of Amiga chipmusic players for the Falcon. This means we can enjoy the Jochen Hippel tunes in their absolute best versions! Give him your support on irc. :)
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Animal Mine & Inter July 1st, 1997
Animal Mine & Inter Will arrange the Animal Mine Convention / Inter-JAM in the autumn. More info on this later!
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Shadows July 1st, 1997
Shadows are working hard on a new Falcondemo they hope will be released later this summer.
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New diskmag July 1st, 1997
Grey/Shadows is starting a new diskmagazine, that will be partly in Polish and partly in English.
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bITmASTER July 1st, 1997
bITmASTER of the Chaos Engine have released a DSP Realtime Mpeg Audio layer 2 decoder. It supports external DSP clock for real 44.1 kHz replay.
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The Place To Be 5 July 1st, 1997
The Place To Be 5 is being arranged in france again this summer.
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Art Of Noise player July 1st, 1997
Complete CPU and DSP routines for TAT/Avenas Art Of Noise porting to Falcon. These routines are used in his latest brilliant "sonolum.." demo.
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Orneta'97 July 1st, 1997
The classic polish Atari party is taking place in Orneta as usual this summer.
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Reservoir Gods July 1st, 1997
Reservoir Gods have just released thier "GODBOY" Gameboy emulator for the Falcon. One game included (Bubble Bobble).
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Falcon Users Netherlands July 1st, 1997
F.U.N. have released issue 1.5 of their Diskmagazine for Falcon. It features realtime article from Siliconvention, pressreleases and much more.
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SND Player July 1st, 1997
SND Player is a new player for playing .SND chip music files. The SND format is an invention by BDC/Aura to easily be able to play songs from all kind of composers. SND Player is a modern GEM application that supports iconify, drag&drop, colouricon-interface (1, 16 and 256col versions), VA/AV start, background menu, ACC support and much more.
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Nordic Atari Show 1997 July 1st, 1997
NAS 1997 Has just been, and was smaller than ever. Supposdely due to bad timing and bad advertizing. There was, unlike earlier years no demos released here. However, it was a nice event with a better place and better organizing than ever before. Hopefully for NAS'98 there should be more research for a more suitable date and better advertizing.
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Disk maggie 23 July 1st, 1997
Maggie 23 Is out since a few weeks. One of the better issues ever, with a long Siliconvention report by MrPink and reviews of all Siliconvention releases.
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Cnam July 1st, 1997
Manugue/Adrenaline have now fixed a new server for! The new address to use is
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IMParty 5 July 1st, 1997
IMParty 5 is being held between July 17-20.
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Siliconvention April 2nd, 1997
Siliconvention has been, and was a great event! There were five Falcon demos shown, four which are already released.
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Avena April 2nd, 1997
Avena won the Falcon democompetition at Siliconvention. Tat coded evertyhing, and with music from Tommy and graphics from Agent-T it was a great showing!
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Shadows April 2nd, 1997
Shadows released their second Falcon demo at Siliconvention. It features bumpmapping, phongshading, tunnels and more.
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The Sirius Cybernetics Coproration April 2nd, 1997
.tSCc. won the intro and coding competition at Siliconvention. Scy/TSCC also took second place in the multichannel music competition.
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Therapy April 2nd, 1997
Therapy showed a few parts of their coming Falcondemo at Siliconvention. Looks promising!
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Pandemonium April 2nd, 1997
Pandemonium released their first Falcondemo at Siliconvention.
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Cream April 2nd, 1997
Cream have released v2.00 of their C64 SID music player.
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Falcon Users Netherlands March 1st, 1997
A new group from Holland has formed, with members from ex. Synergy and more. They have released two small intros for the Falcon so far.
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InterView March 1st, 1997
Inter are planning to release their new Falcondemo at Siliconvention.
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Siliconvention March 1st, 1997
The largest Atari party of 1997 will probably be the Siliconvention in Bremen/Germany. Many crews are planning to release demos there.
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Avena March 1st, 1997
Avena are planning to release a new breathtaking Falcon demo at Siliconvention, coded more or less entierly by Tat and music from Tommy.
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IMParty 4 January 10th, 1997
IMParty 4 was the largest IMParty so far! People from sweden, norway, united kingdom and finland were present!
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