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Welcome to the page of APXconv!

APXconv is a little tool to convert APEX-blocks into useable imageformats.

UPDATE: V1.1 released.
  • v1.0 always saved the height of IFF images the same as the width. I had only used it with 256x256 textures, so I never saw this problem. Thanks to Deez for reporting!

What is it useful for?
  1. Have you ever made a picture in APEX and only saved it as a block file? I have, and arrrrrgh! APEX can't load the colour-palette from the block file! Terrible. Loads of hours have been spent re-doing stuff becuase I've forgotten to double-save the images in gif format.

    With this program, the APEX blocks can be transferred into readable IFF-files (directly loadable into APEX) and then you have your palette back as it was!

  2. Have you ever made a picture smaller than the screen size, say a 256x256 texture, and then tried to save it? Right! APEX only saves the damn screen, not the block in TARGA and GIF (the very latest APEX versions released can save blocks as gif too (still not TARGA), but it seems very few bought APEX when this feature had been added).

    So with this tool, you can save an APEX-block in any resolution and easily convert it to an IFF or TARGA image for displaying in other programs than APEX itself.

  3. If you need to learn save TARGA or IFF from your own assembler programs you can rip out these parts from the source (source is included in the archive).


Download APXconv v1.1 (020+ needed)
Last updated: February 22, 2004
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