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Nullos Tracker Krap

This is a small player for NTK music modules. Often used in french Falcon demos. NTK files have been around for some time, but there hasn't been any player that could play the music files and still keep multitasking running.
That's the reason for creating "Nullos Tracker Krap".

Screenshot Features, compatibility..

Nullos Tracker Krap doesn't offer any features over the normal ProTracker module format. In fact NTK-files are converted MODfiles. Unfortenately, the original ProTracker modules are often lost from older demos, so we kinda need a player for the converted files.

The player uses 49.1 kHz, 16bit stereo mixing, so it should sound as good as any normal DSP module player. The program should work from any circumstances. TOS, MagiC and MiNT. Even from MiNT virtual consoles. It has support for long filenames and works fine from MinixFS and Ext2FS under MiNT.

To the right you can see a screenshot of Nullos Tracker Krap running in TosWin 2 under N.AES and FreeMiNT. Click the image for a fullsize version.

Nullos Tracker Krap needs a Falcon with 1mb or more memory, it runs with standard and Centurbo II equipped falcons, other accelerators are untested.


Download Nullos Tracker Krap v1.0 (both binary and source included).

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August 14, 2001
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