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MiniACE is a small commandline-based music player for ACE Tracker songs. MiniACE uses the original ACE replay routines by Thomas Bergström of New Beat.

ACE Tracker

If you havn't heard of ACE Tracker before, a short description would be that it's a music tracker unlike most others. First it offers synthetic voices calculated in realtime by the DSP 56001. Then it also supports 16-bit samples to mix with the synthetis. Up to sixteen channels at once total. And as a bonus it also offers post-effects and filters to individual channels.


MiniACE should work with any Atari/C-Lab Falcon with most acclererator cards. Hopefully iyt works with any TOS-compatible operating system, including FreeMiNT from virtual consoles or Toswin terminal windows.


»  Download MiniACE v1.0 binary and sourcecode

  MiniACE screenshot
MiniACE running in a Toswin terminal window under XaAES in FreeMiNT.


Last updated: September 4, 2005
Anders Eriksson
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