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Dump is short for "Denna Urtrista Module Player" which makes it the worst name ever for a program on the Atari Falcon platform.

The program is, as the name suggest a module player. It have a couple of features that make it stand out from the crowd of other moduleplayers.

Work has mainly been made to keep dump as small as possible and has been programmed entirely in assembler.


Dump features.

  • Plays 4/6/8ch .mod files created with a long number of different music programs.
  • Compatible with all known accelerators (Falcon FX, Nemesis, Centurbo I/II...)
  • Using the DSPMOD player so you won't notice much, if any slowdown.
  • Memory efficiant ASCII interface, which works from MiNT virtual consoles. The only DSP based player that does as far as I know.
  • Switchable (in realtime) surround sound
  • Switchable (in realtime) interpolation of the sound
  • Sourcecode included.


Dump does not feature.

  • Big clumpsy GEM interface
  • Big clumpsy C libraries
  • Bugs ( ;-] )


DUMP Programming:
Anders Eriksson


DSPMOD Programming:


ozk / assemsoft



Screenshot of Dump v1.6 running in TosWin with MiNT and N.AES


DUMP v1.71 changes:
  • vbl handler fix by ozk (thanks!) - dump now works fine under XaAES


DUMP v1.7 changes:
  • small opts in text prints
  • small opts in supexec
  • small bugfix of a bad stack correction
  • fileflags corrected to make dspmod run with ct60
  • bug fixed, if dsp is locked, it's not freed any more
  • bug fixed, dsp lock check corrected
  • bug fixed, if sound was locked, it's not freed any more
  • bug fixed, sound lock check corrected


Download of DUMP.
Dump v1.71 (zip)
Dump v1.71 (tar+gzip)


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Last updated: May 9, 2005
Anders Eriksson

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