JULY 5 - 7

  Tickets for Sommarhack 2019
The party place is limited in size and we have a maximum of twenty four tickets with computer seating and about a dozen more without table space.
Price with computer place: 20 EUR / 200 SEK SOLD OUT
Price without computer place: 15 EUR / 150 SEK

Payment is done either via Swish (Sweden only) or PayPal, the ticket is reserved after payment is done. Please send an email to alongside the payment, we will confirm the booking as quickly as possible.
Swish: 0706438754

Special t-shirt offer!
Sommarhack 2019 t-shirt Thanks to Ultra of Cream, the Sommarhack visitors had the possibility to order a Sommarhack 2019 t-shirt at a very affordable price. The offer is no longer valid as the shirts are now being produced.

We'd like to thank Ultra a whole lot for his generous support!

  Registred tickets
1 se Acca   Table ticket
2 se Excellence in Art / SMFX   Table ticket
3 se ET / DHS   Table ticket
4 se Dafvid / DHS   Table ticket
5 se Slort / DHS   Table ticket
6 se Evil / DHS   Non-table ticket
7 se Freeco / New Beat   Table ticket
8 se Speechless / DHS   Table ticket
9 se Zorro / Ghost   Table ticket
10 se Daniel / New Beat   Table ticket
11 nl spkr / SMFX   Table ticket
12 de mOdmate / SMFX   Table ticket
13 gr GGN / KŁA   Table ticket
14 fi Britelite / Dekadence   Table ticket
15 fi Ricky Martin / Dekadence   Table ticket
16 se Deez / Evolution   Table ticket
17 de 505 / SMFX   Table ticket
18 fi Wiztom / Aggression   Table ticket
19 fi Partycle / Reservoir Gods   Table ticket
20 se Instream / Nature   Table ticket
21 se Hencox / Nature   Table ticket
22 se Highpuff / Struts   Table ticket
23 uk Damo / Reservoir Gods   Table ticket
24 uk Tat / Avena   Non-table ticket
25 no Nerve / Ephidrena   Non-table ticket
26 se Crazy Q / DHS   Table ticket
27 no Frequent / Ephidrena   Table ticket
28 fi Emphii / Extream   Non-table ticket
29 uk gwEm / Psycho Hacking Force   Non-table ticket
30 se Baggio / Evolution   Non-table ticket
31 de No / Escape   Non-table ticket
32 se Thomas / New Beat   Non-table ticket
33 se Ompancho   Non-table ticket

  Ticket with table seating
  Ticket without table seating

0 tickets left with table space SOLD OUT
3 tickets left without table space