JULY 6 - 8

  Tickets for Sommarhack 2018
The party place is limited in size and we have a maximum of twenty four tickets with computer seating and half a dozen more without table space.
Price with computer place: 20 EUR / 200 SEK SOLD OUT
Price without computer place: 15 EUR / 150 SEK

Payment is done either via Swish (Sweden only) or PayPal, the ticket is reserved after payment is done. Please send an email to alongside the payment, we will confirm the booking as quickly as possible.
Swish: 0706438754

Special t-shirt offer!
Sommarhack 2018 t-shirt Thanks to Ultra of Cream we can offer Sommarhack 2018 t-shirts at a very affordable price.

Just add 80 SEK or 8 EUR to your ticket payment and inform us which size you'd like (S, M, L, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL) in your registration e-mail.

The shirts come in black with the Sommarhack 2018 print on the back, delivery when you arrive at Sommarhack 2018.

The offer lasts until March 31st, after that Ultra will do the printing.

  Registred tickets
1 seAccaTable ticket
2 seExcellence in Art / SMFXTable ticket
3 demOdmate / SMFXTable ticket
4 nlspkr / SMFXTable ticket
5 seET / DHSTable ticket
6 seDafvid / DHSTable ticket
7 seSlort / DHSTable ticket
8 seEvil / DHSTable ticket
9 seGizmo / DHSTable ticket
10 sgLoke / DHSTable ticket
11 grGGN / KŁATable ticket
12 seZorro / GhostTable ticket
13 seFreeco / New BeatTable ticket
14 seDaniel / New BeatTable ticket
15 seThomas / New BeatNon-table ticket
16 fiBritelite / DekadenceTable ticket
17 fiRicky Martin / DekadenceTable ticket
18 seInstream / NatureTable ticket
19 seHencox / NatureTable ticket
20 fiWiztom / AggressionTable ticket
21 seMr MotorolaTable ticket
22 seAnnelie WNon-table ticket
23 fiPartycle / Reservoir GodsTable ticket
24 ukGrazey / Psycho Hacking ForceTable ticket
25 ukgwEm / Psycho Hacking ForceTable ticket
26 seOmpanchoTable ticket
27 seDeez / EvolutionNon-table ticket

  Ticket with table seating
  Ticket without table seating

We are sold out for tickets with table space, but you can still reserve tickets without table. If we have cancellations, then we will offer an upgrade on a first come, first served basis.
3 tickets left without table.