JULY 7 - 9

  Welcome to Sommarhack!
Here we go again, for the ninth time Sommarhack will take place in Grådö, Dalarna.
In 2016 we introduced an extra compo that had a unique limitation. In 2017 we're at it again, but this time forming the limits after the Big Border screen of the Syntax Terror demo by Delta Force. Check the compo page for more details.

Contacting us
Preliminary time table
Friday 14:00 Party opens
Friday 20:00 Game competition 1
Saturday 16:00 Game competition 2
Saturday 17:00 Deadline for demo/music/graphic
Saturday 21:00 Competitions
Saturday 22:30 Competition results
Sunday 14:00 Party closes

Weather forecast
March 25, 2017
The tickets are now released and we're ready to receive your booking. Hurry up as we only have 24 computer seats an a few more without table space.
February 19, 2017
Sommarhack 2017 web page opened, welcome!
November 12, 2016
SMFX and DHS released the Sommarhack 2017 invite demo for Atari STe at the Silly Venture 2016. Check it out!