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DHS.NU news article
BadMooD alpha-version released for Falcon January 17th, 2014
DML writes:

BadMooD - playable 'alpha' release is available!

Requirements are in the README, but a 'stock' Falcon030 with 14MB and some HD space is what you'll need.

There are detailed release notes in the archive, and I feel all of them are important (particularly, if you don't want to be annoyed by something which has an explanation, or can be reconfigured). There are a few things in this area so please take the time to read the notes if you really want to get the best experience out of the existing build. At the very least, read the parts about controls, performance and displays. The rest can be dug through whenever...

Put simply: RTFM ;-)

There is a bug tracker linked from the site with anonymous/guest login for reporting bad stuff. It hasn't been well tested, but we'll fix things if it doesn't work for you.

Now I can take a bit of a break while the endless heap of bugs piles up :-)

Greetz to all


UPDATE 2014-01-23:
BadMooD Alpha release 2 with Jagpad support and bugfixes, download below.

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