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DHS.NU news article
SV2k13 invitro for the Falcon has been released ! November 4th, 2013
Grey writes:

It's the last 4th invitation intro by Lamers & Mystic Bytes for the forthcoming Silly Venture 2k13 ATARI party in Poland - this time for the standard Falcon030 with 4MB of RAM.

SV2k13 takes place from 8th to 11th day of November 2013 (Friday - Monday). Everyone is more than welcome to send his remote entry for all Atari compos using BOTH e-mail addresses, which are:


The deadline for msx/gfx and game is midnight of 8th November (Friday) and midnight of 9th November (Saturday) for intro/demo and wild entries.

Get ready for true Atari spirit ! :)

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