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Sommarhack 2019
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DHS.NU news article
Sommarhack 2013 is over June 30th, 2013
Four days of summer in the heart of Sweden has passed by in front of the Ataris, for the fifth year in a row.

We've had a great time and met some old friends as well as a few new ones. The usual never-ending barbecues, sunny weather, the occasional rain and stress to run the demo compo in time.

This year we got five demos/intro, eight pictures and four music contributions. A fifth music was prepared but we were unable to retrieve it in time, sadly as it was a quite unique Atari Lynx music entry. In any case the music is available now post-compo. Another different entry was a 4k procedural graphics from Cyg/BLaBla. The party version was buggy and didn't work, so in the end a finished rendered version of the picture was shown in the graphics compo rather than demo/intro compo. You can download both party-version and final version of the procedural graphics.

Thanks to everyone that visited or supported our compos!
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