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R-Type Deluxe for Atari STe December 25th, 2012
As many of you probably have noticed, Bod of Stax have been working for a while on an R-Type remake. The upgraded R-Type were to include STe improvements to graphics, speed and audio.

Today Bod released the first beta version of the game, to show that it's development is moving on nicely. Straight up from the title screen it's obvious that things have improved from the original ST game; Smooth sprites, high quality music playback.

The in-game is fluent and it's really what we would have wanted back in the day. So far the in-game music is missing, Bod is asking for musicians to help with re-arrangements of the tunes in Musicmon or maxYMiser. SID-voices no problem as long as they don't use Timer-B.
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