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DHS.NU news article
Falcon game released by Dune December 12th, 2012
Thadoss of Dune released a brand new beat'em up game called 'Beats of Rage' for the Falcon at Sillyventure 2012.

It plays similar to Double Dragon, but with much smoother gameplay, bigger sprites and 8-channel audio. Spread over nine levels you'll meet up with thirteen enemies. The game is written from scratch in 68030 assembly and should work on any Falcon with 4MB or more.

2012-12-15: Game updated to v1.1

Bug fixed:
- 2 enemies had one attack that didn't generate hit points
- the joystick is now working
- the jump movement is not taken into account when the player
respawn (he was leaving the screen, and the game freezed)

New features:
- the border should be black instead of white (not verified)
- Better IA for the enemies: enemies walk to the player if they're too far
- inner game timer accelerated to have a more nervous game
- a new animation which gives a better arcade look to the game (I let you discover it)
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