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DHS.NU news article
New mag from CiH and Felice December 9th, 2012
CiH writes:

Mag! - Press release -

Live from the party hall at Sillyventure 2012. We are proud to announce the ill-advised arrival of our latest production. The Mag! Magazine. It's not quite Maggie, but has a strong aroma of it, thereabouts.

It is available in a universally portable 'pretend diskmag' HTML shell format. A 'Classic Maggie' styled ST menu shell version will be available shortly, as soon as Felice has straightened out a few kinks there.

Some of the articles will bring a nostalgic tear to your eye. As they missed their intended publication date for 2008, they certainly did to mine!

However, there is some pristine specially written new stuff in there too.
So read it and quietly enjoy!

CiH/Formerly of Maggie and Alive!

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