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DHS.NU news article
gwEm releases Gwime album on Falcon November 6th, 2012
gwEm of the Psycho Hacking Force writes:

The end of last year was one of strange locations and instability for me. This lead to some strange and unstable music :) It was hard to know what to do with this weird batch of four tracks I made, but Evil/DHS knew exactly what to do - make a Falcon music disk!

The instrumental part was 100% produced on my STe in maxYMiser. With the vocal part I wanted to have a grime influence.. but then that turned into something else: Gwime.

Code: Evil/DHS
Photography: Amy Sayer
Music: gwEm/PHF

Enjoy the Falcon music disk, and if you like you can also download the tracks in high quality on my bandcamp page - see link below.

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