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DHS.NU news article
VCS invite for Sillyventure 2012 October 27th, 2012
Grey writes:

Hello Atari World!

Yeah, impossible becomes possible - after the latest SV2k12 invitro for Falcon by Extream (and previously for ATARI STe by Paradox), it's time for another, 3rd invitation with 8-bit accent - enjoy the Atari 2600 invitro by Tjoppen, Jakub Husak & Grey.

It's already only a couple of weeks till the biggest international Atari-only party in Poland ! There's over 100 visitors willing to come, from such countries like Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, France, Czech & Poland. Due to planned amount of compo entries for each ATARI platforms (including remote ones), the competitions will be held within two days (Friday - GFX, MSX & Game, Saturday Intro, Demo & Wild).

For more infos about upcoming SV2k12 event in Poland (7th - 9th December, 2012) please check the official website:

Or get in touch with ppl coming from your country:

POLAND (Grey / Mystic Bytes) - greymsb(at)
FINLAND (Emphii / Extream) - mika.poikonen(at)
GERMANY (505 / Checkpoint & PDX) - 505(at)
ENGLAND (CiH / Maggie Team) - cih(at)
SWEDEN (PeP / SAK) - pep.fishmoose(at)
FRANCE (Zerkman / Sector One) - francois.galea(at)
CZECH (Jan Krupka) - krupkaj(at)

See You at SV2k12 !

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