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DHS.NU news article
Outline announces the Atari Scene Awards May 5th, 2011
Havoc of Lineout writes:

As you may have noticed, another edition of Outline is taking place in Eersel (near Eindhoven, Holland) in about 4 weeks from now. Preparations for the party have been ongoing for some time now, and the same goes for ticket sales. Despite the fact that we haven't had as much time to promote the party as in some previous years, half of the available full tickets (including beds) have already been sold. If last year's statistics are anything to go by, we're expecting to fill the W'tjewel venue to the brim with demosceners once again.

Ofcourse we hope to welcome a large contingent of Atari sceners. Outline is firmly rooted in the Atari scene, continuing a tradition of over 20 years of events for this platform. Although we have also taken it upon us to make Outline a suitable meeting place for other platforms, we will never forget our roots, and want to emphasize this by starting a new tradition- the Atari Scene Awards. In this inaugural edition, we will hand out two awards. One will be a Lifetime Achievement award, the winner of which will be decided by a panel of experienced sceners from all over Europe. The second category is a Public's Choice award, for which we kindly ask you to send in your selection of favourite Atari prods in 2010 to in the following format:

3 points - BITS #69 - Random Colours by BITS
2 points - Greatest Hits by Spiceboys
1 point - Scroller and Picture by .nUn.

The productions you vote for must have been released in 2010, and run on an Atari(-compatible) platform. Votes can be sent in until Saturday, May 28th 2011, 24:00 CET. The final result will be announced during Outline 2011, and the awards will be presented during the ceremony. Should a winner not be present in Eersel, then we will ofcourse send the award to their home address.

Looking forward to receiving your votes!

The Outline Team

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