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DHS.NU news article
SNDH archive v3.2 released December 17th, 2010
64 new/updated SNDH files (157 tunes).

Well the SNDH archive gets a winter smattering of tunes to keep you warm and toastie on these cold evenings.

The archive now contains a mighty 6464 tunes! An apt total for a release I would say.

I've delved once again ripping some old tunes plus we are bang up-to-date with cracking hot stuff by !Cube, 505,Tomchi, DMA-SC, Yerzmyey Tao and Divag.

A 'new' composer worthy of a mention is Jean Baudlot who was prolific in the busy ST days giving tunes to classics such as Future Wars, Operation Wolf and Cruise for a Corpse.

As usual we bring a few exclusives, most notable is the ultra rare Mad Max conversion of Rob Hubbard's Skate or Die!

Finally I found a crop of old Tri-Sound songs which you'll find in the unknown folder. Please contact the SNDH team if you can identify the composer.

The next SNDH update will be quite different, you'll see why on release!
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