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DHS.NU news article
SIllyventure news November 10th, 2010
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:
(dated on 10.11.2010)

Here is the latest news concering the forth coming Silly Venture 2k10 party in Poland, dedicated to all Atari platforms:

First of all - remote entries are welcome ! If You cannot attend the party, take a part in the competition(s) from home!

We've received strong support from various active Atarians. Thanks to Nils Feske (505) we've been in touch with the president of "ABBUC" (ATARI Bit Byter User Club) - the biggest ATARI 8-bit User club worldwide. All "ABBUC" prizes are worth over 400 !

Also "GR8 Software" - a still active game-developer for Atari XL/XE in Poland, has offered some cool games for compo contributors.

We've got also support from the 16/32/64-bit sector:

- Lotharek (polish hardware developer) has offered an "SD Floppy Emulator" for Atari ST.
- Paskud (polish hardware developer) has offered a "14 MB Memory Card" for Atari Falcon.
- Rodolphe Czuba (french hardware developer) has offered a CTPCI - PCI expand for CT60/63.
- Kevin Dempsey / Reboot (Atari Jaguar Development Team) - two new games for Jaguar (Superfly DX and Beebris)

And good news at the end - FREE KEGS OF GOOD QUALITY POLISH BEER AVAILABLE AT PARTY-PLACE ***FOR FREE*** for every SV2k10 visitor !


Grey / Mystic Bytes
SV2k10 Organizer

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