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DHS.NU news article
No Fragments #10 released April 27th, 2010
Lotek Style of .tSCc. writes:
Welcome to archive ten from the NO FRAGMENTS series. This archive covers DISK MAGAZINES for ST and FALCON. You can find over 700 issues of various atari diskmags on this CD-ROM. The release was already planned some years ago but I was not able to find some issues of various diskmags. Instead of letting the project die I am releasing the current status of the archive.

I regret that this isn't a 100% complete archive but as I mentioned in previous issues my time and motivation are running out. Also the low response these days doesn't make me feel that many people who are still out there acknowledge what I am doing or really need these archives anymore. Maybe I am wrong but this is my impression.

If there is some stuff missing or damaged, then please inform me or send me acurate versions and I will collect it for an update. If I ever will make one. I doubt the relevance of CD-ROM archives is really still there in the year 2010. The future lies in online web collections like Atarimania. If you still feel the passion you should stay atari but if not it is time to move on.

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