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This is YM2149 ii July 31st, 2009
gwEm of The PHF writes:

I took my STj, a Technics and my Vestax and recorded a second edition to the hit "This is YM2149" compilation series... I call it "This is YM2149 ii" :)

Concerto For Acid Band - Jess/Overlanders
Pacemaker - 505/Paradox
No Sheep in Outer Mongolia - Mad Max/The Exceptions
CPU Eater - 505/Paradox
Funktion - Damo/Reservoir Gods
Pea - SH3/Reservoir Gods
Chu Chu Rocket - MSG/Reservoir Gods
Tetris - gwEm/PHF
dYManite - Stu/Drop Da Domb
Killer - Big Alec/Delta Force
Different World - gwEm/PHF
Cassiopeia - Floopy/MJJ Prod
Outlaw - Crazy Q/DHS
Bubble Days - Dma-Sc/Sector One

I took mostly hits from active sceners this time, with a couple of classics. Hope you will enjoy this mix.

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