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DHS.NU news article
Oxygene February 20th, 1999
Finally Leonard has released the Nostalgic-o-demo for ST/STe machines. The demo has a very well-choosen name. Almost all screens are in a very old fashion, that has been seen countless of times before.

A few parts stand out from the other, the intro especially. It's a really awesome 3d-world (bsp-tree, like the eko-system on falcon), too bad we didn't get more of this. There is also a quite nice texturemap/envmap screen from Overlanders, but doesn't come near the efforts by .tSCc. in framrate and size.

Also, cream has a screen that demonstrates their SID Emulator and plays the Union-demo original SID songs. The rest of the screens are as said above, old stuff, maybe a bit optimized.
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