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Sid Sound Designer February 9th, 1999
As a lot of people have been asking about Sid Sound Designer replay routines that actually work (what a revolutionary feature :)). I've decided to upload a version that is heavily bugfixed. It was planned to be included in the fortcoming "useful routines archive" that will be coming online in a while, but what the hell, if people needs it now let them have it. It plays SID-Wave on all three channels and works with ST/STe/MSTe/TT030/PAK030/Falcon/CenturboII with or without Fastram. I belive the basic of these routines are from Synergy, then changed alot by MC/AnimalMine (for the SSD editor). Defjam then ripped the replay from SSD 3.5-preview, and bugfixed it. However, FroST/Loud bugfixed it even more (Falcon IDE was resetted with Defjams version) so now it seems to be really safe to use. The package consist of a binary module, an example source how to call it and one example song.
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