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DHS.NU news article
IMParty 8 January 4th, 1999
IMParty 8 ended today, and the party was a success. This once again proove that small parties outclass the larger ones easily. Most coding creativity was seen from Wiztom/aggression and Thomas/New Beat. Thomas new Falcontracker called "Flex Track" is getting near a preview release, it looks very promising and includes some new concepts to trackers. More about Wiztoms activites a bit down. About 40 people attended to imp, including the new 'Wildfire' coder 'Zounds' which seems to be a bright and cool dude, both baggio and zounds are confident of having a st demo ready for release at EIL. Spice Boys was present at IMP and they made a modcompile with help of their new member "The Giant" from holland ;-). Opus and Fuzzkid released the last ever "CPU Love" demo during IMP and a new team from netherlands released a fakeintro as well.
More about IMP8, photos etc will be announced later. But put in short: it was fun!!
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