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DHS.NU news article
Centek/CT2 December 1st, 1998
To finally clearify why some soundtracker replayers do not work on the CT2, not even in "Standard falcon mode". The situation is that Centek choosed not to include support for the "DSP-INT" line in the CT2. A few soundtracker replays/utils does use this feature (it is a feature after all). Centek however tells us "only bad coded software uses DSP-INT". Well they really shouldn't call the normal-mode "100% compatible" when it isn't. So, now we know the reason why "Dream Dimension" and our other demos using FatalDesign/AMIGADSP routines fail with most CT2's. It wasn't a software error, but an error on Centeks side, even if they don't see it that way themself. However, it should be safe to use the DSPMOD32, GRAOUMF and AMIGA030 players. Other news from Centek include the revision-b of the Centurbo II card, and progress of the Phenix. Mangue/Adrenaline tells us that the Dolmen OS will be something like Solaris, which I personally find hard to belive.
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