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DHS.NU news article
Music competition November 30th, 1998
We are currently arranging a very strange music competition. It is for everyone that cannot do music! This means, anyone that ain't classed as "musican" can compete.
Don't be frightened and think that "I'm TOO lousy for this" becuase you ain't! Everyone in this compo will be megabad at music, and the winner will not be the best module; but the least bad one! :-)

So far, these persons have promised to create a 'song': SWE/Yescrew, Grey/MysicBytes, Evil/DHS, Havoc/FUN, NUT/FUN, Dafvid/DHS.

Rules and how to compete/vote.

1. The module has to be a standard 4-channel .mod file, maximum 700000 bytes large (that fits fine to a 720kb floppy!)

2. Deadline for the module is December 24.

3. The module should be e-mailed to

4. At December 25/26 all modules will be put online together with a voting sheet.

5. At the IMParty 8000 the winner will be announced. And if the winner is present there, he will win a beer and fame for about half a minute. :)

If there will be enough contributions, we'll make a musicdemo with all the contributions.
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