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DHS.NU news article
DSPMOD November 21st, 1998
If you have followed the discussions at IRC and the Bulletin here, you might have noticed that there have been some confusions about tracker players and centurbo2. Either the player didn't work with ct2, or the player had other bugs making it unuseable.

DSPMOD31 from bITmASTER/TCE suffered from the later error, and needed a bugfix. However, there was never any sources released for DSPMOD31, and therefore it has been hard to know what has it messed up, and fix it. But, dsp-mp3-coding-guru NoBrain of NoCrew traced the error in some seconds, and said how to fix it.
So I hacked together "DSPMOD32" and a fixer program for older programs using DSPMOD31. Below you can download the very UN-OFFICIAL DSPMOD32 which works with all Falcons, and restores fine (even tested with CenturboII, TOS7, FastRam, MiNT 1.15.1).
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