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DHS.NU news article
Parties going August 8th, 1998
Right now, both JEM'98 and QuaST'98 are going! The reports from JEM'98 so far are lame. People on IRC behaving like shit, nobody seems to be doing something. Hopefully they had already prepared everything for the compo, but knowing since last years no-release "gigafun" maybe we shouldn't hope/think too much.

From QuaST however we havn't heard a sound. If this is becuase everyone is busy coding, or if the internet conection doesn't work we don't know yet. The latest news is that we will see at least three "full sized" new falcondemos, and three new 4k demos for falcon.

As usual, DHS will try to bring you the releases -as soon as possible- after the party has ended, stay tuned.
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