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DHS.NU news article
UCM comments July 4th, 1998
Hahahaha.. this is my first reaction after reading UCM. In several places they are complaining over a person that make them SICK. It's quite clear they mean me there. ;-) Well let them be really sick then! I will still be complaning when things don't arrive when they are promised to. :-) Also, Mc Laser got so terribly sick of me that he had to write eight lines in CAPATAL LETTERS of how sick he become. Moondog complained over that too few voted in the charts. And then he complained that those who were voting voted for the wrong crew. Well, hope he gets happier next time when he will receive at least one vote less (mine).

The complaints continue with "people only talk and not do anything". I wonder who doesn't talk.. I guess their 30+ days delayed release was planned all the time ;-)

Those are the boring parts of UCM. I still enjoy their demoreviews alot, and I was laughing loudly reading the "5lessons" review.

The music was very nice both ST and Falcon versions. But the promised THERAPY Falcon-intro was unfortenly left out.. That's it, in short words.
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