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DHS.NU news article
Orneta'98 for Swedes June 24th, 1998
Yeah, it's a big shame there has been no Swedes to earlier Orneta partys. Well, this summer this is about to change! So, we're now wondering what interest there is? So far, around 8 persons have shown interest to come.

Basicly the trip looks like this:
* Bring cars to Stockholm, with 4-5 persons in each.
* Ferry trip from Stockholm -> Gdansk, we're bringing the cars.
* A ~70 km drive from Gdansk to the partyplace.
* Have fun as hell for a weekend!!
* Go back to Gdansk->Stockholm->home.

Price? For one car, with max five people, a cabin with four beds, return ticket: 2320 SEK. This is darn cheap if you ask me!
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