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DHS.NU news article
Paranoid releases new STe game April 28th, 1998
Today I received a mail from Paranoid, with a request of putting the following on here:

STEtris v0.8
It's now free for everybody to download and have a look, beta-testers and comments badly required, the game is not finished and i need some data what is there left to do better or probably quit the whole project because it isn't worth it anyhow. ;-)
STEtris is a 1-2 player Tetris for the STE and Mega STE, Falcon support is not given yet, should be given later on.
1 player mode is incredibly boring so far, it's just an ordinary Tetris. Playing against a friend means, that as soon as you remove a special amount of lines (this is selectable in the title screen), you can access a Special FX menue to do some nasty tricks on your opponent :
- add some lines to his pile
- speed up his gameplay
- replace his current block with another one
- lock his "rotate"-button
or even switch controls : You have now his window and he has to play on your window. ;-)
In the near futurue, STEtris will also have a computer play against you, so the computer will do nasty tricks on you if you DO not remove a specified number of lines. ;-)
And, as usual, MOD-music, Rasterlines and Interlace graphics. :-)

Anybody who might be interested should please have a look and tell me what errors the program still has, what option should be included or whatever.

Thank you. :-)

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