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DHS.NU news article
Alternative Party April 14th, 1998
Alternative Party has now ended, and left us quite shocked. HOW on earth could a VIC-20 perform that demo with only 3.5k free ram? It had 5 (!) texturemapped tunnels going at once, with music and everthing. On the Z80 based MSX they showed even more incredible things, such as triple- transparent zoomrotating chessboards (this was unreal..). There were lots of other really unusual machines as well, one being a really cool MSX-TurboR machine, a later version of the MSX system, with double Z80 and an r800, it also had a 6 (or 9(optional)) channel FM-synth soundchip which beats any chipmusic-generator heard before. On the Atariside of things I would alsmost say that it was the most usual computer here, with MSX as a close second. There were alot of Falcon and STe demos shown on the bigscreen.

So, where there any releases? Well, the much awaited Avena demo wasn't completed in time, Tat explaning it as "It's been a slight re-scheudleing" (re-spell that so it sounds ok ;)). As expected, Wildfire didn't finish their STe demo (now I am really doubtful if they ever will make it..). Deez did a hard job at alt trying to complete a new 4k demo, but didn't really make it in time. However, DHS, Senior Dads, Reservoir Frogs and a new team called "Alternative Spice Boys" entered the scene with new releases.
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