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DHS.NU news article
A breif overlook of the last releases.. March 18th, 1998
First of all, let's say that you probably already have seen these demos/intros if you are a frequent reader and/or downloader here. Anyway, the Volcanic party ended a week back and there a new Falcon group released a demo with a couple of interesting things. Not so bad for a first production, definitly seen worse ;). Volcanic party also saw the release of many GFA Basic demos for some reason, this seems to be a trend by the remaining ST crews in France. Not that I am a big fan of these kind of demos myself, but atleast something gets released. The winning demo from Volcanic were some kind of "anti pc" thing in French that I didn't understand a word of.

On the introside both UCM 11 and Maggie 25 have intros of quite good class. UCM 11's intro is from Checkpoint and features all from classic 80's effects to new-style with c2p converters. It has music by 505 (made in Sid Sound Designer, and it's really good!). Dissapointingly Maggie 25 didn't have an intro for the ST issue, but Mystic Bytes have done a rather good effort on the Falcon intro instead. It consist of a "chippy" techno-song, the usual gouraud obects (seen in their 4k as well), rotozoom, lut-plotter, lut-plotter combined with rotozoom (slow!) and a bunch of rendered logos. For a download of these, look furter down this page.
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