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UCM 11 comments March 7th, 1998
Well, I usually don't comment things like this, but this time I have to do it I guess. In this issue, the "war" between Maggie and UCM continues and in my opinion the mail from MrPink and replies from UCM's editor are getting a bit out of hand. Can't we have two magazines (both free, so no commercial competition) that exists without yelling at each other? It feels quite silly to read UCMs complaints on Maggies shell, when their own doesn't work either, and vice versa.

For example, Maggie claims #24 is "exitable" by pressing F10, so I did and the thing crashed. I've tried many times more with many other setups, always a crash. Not very great. And, the new UCM shell in #11 goes on in the same footprints as before. I can't get the mag working on my ST, although it is an ST mag. Tried with TOS 1.62, 2.06, clean boot, full boot etc, it just doesn't run. On the Falcon however it works ok, with the exeption that it plays the ST music where it should have been Falcon. :-) And so it continues, none of the two mags are perfect, can't we just live with that and get rid of the quite stupid war?
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