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DHS.NU news article
Undercover Magazine starts new service January 13th, 1998
We got a mail from the UCM guys (mOd/.tSCc.) the other day telling me about the new department in their magazine, this is what he had to say:

From the next issue of UnderCover on we like to have a new topic, called "Chatbox" or something like that. In that article, anyone can say anything to anyone. It's just an idea from the PC-mags and there it works fine. So people have to write only "little" notes, like:

mOd of .tSCc. says to evil/DHS
Nice homepage. I guess your's is the best in the net. Keep on going.

and send it to Ucm or one of the contactsmen. And then we release all that. There can be commercials for new products with Ansis and such stuff. At last it is also pretty good for telling your opinion some people you are not in contact with.

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