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DHS.NU news article
New ST(e) demos, really?! October 1st, 1997
Well, most of you probably know about the new -BIG- ST demo coming from ST Knights.
But fewer might know what this really is to include? Well I havn't heared much, except that .tSCc. are coding a ENV-Mapping demopart for it. Llama doesn't say much but knowing his 4kb intro from Silicon it can really be a blaster!

Furthermore the poles are saying the worlds greatest ST demo is soon to be released, namley "Amok" demo from Confusions. Grey who's seen most of the parts is very excited about a 4 bitplane ENV-Mapping routine. Let's hope for a quick release of this one.

More then? Well, DHS have put some hours work into a new ST demo as well, featuring ugly-as-hell c2p routines but pretty ok framerate in advance to that. Can't say much as for now, but we're aiming at a DreamHack'97 wildcompo release. :-)
Also, the ancient DHS STe demo who won the ST competition at NAS'95 will be finsihed. Not very impressing one though, it's a demo made of the Tyranny demossystem some nights when Evil had nothing better to do :-).

Well, it doesn't end here (good eh?), Wildfire with Baggio in the lead promises their new STe demo to be "kickass". Let's hope they finish it sometime before year 3000. I've got reports so far of very fast Gouraud routines, and even faster 3D rotation-routines.

Well that's it for this time..
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