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Showing news from 1999-01-01 to 1999-12-31
Showing 120 articles
NoCrew September 3rd, 1999
NoCrew are on the go again. Today a new MP2-Audio was released with a buch of new things: DSP busy check, correct replay in 32 KHz, restore of sound matrixx and more.
BlaBla September 2nd, 1999
A new french crew called BlaBla (?) released a little demo at the LTP3 party in france called "oldiez". The demo features some quite interesting 12-bit truecolour 'c2p' screen and 1vbl chunky efx.
DSPMOD September 1st, 1999
Yep, again a bug has been fixed. :-) YM Players didn't sound after running DSPMOD31/32/33, so here is a version which is a little bit more friendly and restores sound back fine. Devpac/Assemble sources.
Cream September 1st, 1999
After you saw Creams ripoff of Avenas sono-demo at the Silliconvention 1997, you were quite sure they wouldn't try this again, as well frankly, it didn't really live up to the original. But now they try again. Well almost. Or, kind of. Candyman has been fixing Sonolum(etc) and the Binliner previews to run with VGA monitors (100Hz). The Sono... needs the original distribution of the demo to function.
Module archive August 31st, 1999
Yep it took 11 months, but finally it has been updated with 9 megs of modules!
Oxythan August 31st, 1999
Oxythan have released a little ST intro at the LTP3 party.
Dune August 31st, 1999
Dure are back with a new 1999 prod! A nice intro from the LTP3 party.
UCM August 28th, 1999
Undercover Magascene #16 is released. Charts, reviews, intro, interviews and much more.
UCM Charts August 26th, 1999
Editor STS of the UCM mag writes in an email:
This is the last chance to have charts in UCM16. I know it's damm late but I need them to complete UCM16 and I need at least 40 votes before Friday 8pm.

Show me you can be quick and smart and that you are interested in the revival of UNDERCOVER.

Send it back to thanxx a lot
Cream August 24th, 1999
The Creamies are back. They have written a modular player for many Amiga chipmusicformats (hippel, huelsbeck etc). They released a demo to show how it sounds. Some of the most common Hippel ST-songs but in Amiga format is playing. There is a very fine remake of the Thalion intro and a cool resetscreen as well.
Escape August 18th, 1999
The "plasma" Whip! plugin is now available.
TRiO August 18th, 1999
TRiO have become porting mad. And it's a good madness. :) No more than four popular PC games have been ported to TT and Falcons. The games are "Doom", "Heretic", "Hexen" and "Quake". Please note that you need at least some Fastram to have the games nearly playable. Quake would need 040/060 for the intense FPU use (crawwwwls on a ct2). All games need extra datafiles (wads and other) from the original PC games. Shareware demos should be available on ftp sites.
Falcon Users Netherlands August 17th, 1999
FUN have just released a new Whip! plugin module. It's Raycasting effect with spectrum analyser as texture. Sourcecode included.
FUN August 17th, 1999
The "Thanks" PMP intro has been re-released. Bugfixed.
PMP August 15th, 1999
Most releases from PMP has now dropped in, just a couple more exists to collect. Today a new game and a "thank you" demo from FUN was released.
Escape August 15th, 1999
Escape have recently released a new Whip plugin effect. It does however look like their server is down, so I havn't been able to collect it yet.
Undercover Magascene August 3rd, 1999
Deadline for articles is getting close. So hurry up and send STS your articles asap!
Pre Milennium Party August 3rd, 1999
PMP is now over. Preliminary reports are mostly about the extremly trickyness to find the actual partyplace. Some people went all the way from France, and headed back home after not finding the party! Otherwise people say it was a nice event with cool visitors from all over europe.

In "old" DHS tradition, we will host a little downloadpage for the releases. So far only one of the multichannel- modules is available for download.
The Exceptions July 27th, 1999
The new ym-sidsong from Mad max is here. ST/STe/Falcon exec file.
The Exceptions July 24th, 1999
About two years ago we reported about two new Mad Max sid songs being released. Then everything got quiet again. Until UCM surpricingly got an interview with him. And unless it was a faked message, he's 'back' again with a new chipsong. When (if) this is available, expect it to be downloadable from here.
Mike Steven July 24th, 1999
Mike Steven have just released three small demoscreens for ST/STe machines. Each of the screens are very alike the others, and the scrolling/dist routines run slowly.
Falcon Users Netherlands July 24th, 1999
The pre-millennium party by FUN is closing in. It looks like there will be a fair amout of people present. And they even allow "alien" demos, muzax and pics to enter the compos.
NoCrew July 21st, 1999
Has just released v0.995 of their DSP MP2-Decoder for Falcons. New things are much improved external clock detection and some new shoe-commands.
SSD intro July 5th, 1999
An update of the SSD musicdemo is avilable. It had black palette on ST machines before.
Spice Boys July 5th, 1999
This fakecrew released a technodemo called "Magstarka saker" at the IMParty 9.
IMParty 9 July 4th, 1999
IMParty 9 have been going for 1.5 days now, and it's damn fun as usual! It took a good while to get the ppps going and thus the sidcompo was a bit delayed.
Class-4 July 4th, 1999
Centurbo 2 pressrelease. The cards are now back in stock and should be ordered as soon as possible.
Sid Sound Compo July 4th, 1999
Results are here!
Undercover Magascene July 1st, 1999
St Survivor has released a guide how to create UCM articles.
IMParty July 1st, 1999
The 9th edition of IMParty is starting tomorrow. It looks like it will be unusually small this year.
Class-4 July 1st, 1999
A new pressrelease about the Phenix computer development was made today.
SSD Online Compo June 26th, 1999
The deadline has been, and it's time to vote!
NoCrew June 23rd, 1999
Once again, it's Whipping time. NoCrew has brought up the most original VLM so far; A pong game!
FUN Whip module June 23rd, 1999
Earx of FUN has brought up a new VLM for Whip. It's called "Dotbox". He has also upgraded his old Nailspin VLM.
Game compo June 22nd, 1999
The Magic-online site together with X-online are having a competition in creating the best gem-game. They have 250 dollars as price.
Bluring whip June 22nd, 1999
A new Whip plugin released. It is more or less a straight conversion of one of the Dream Dimension screens, with some addition graphics on top.
Stax June 21st, 1999
Stax are back with a new demo. This time a slideshow thing of Bod/Stax favourite film. ST/STe with STe enhanced sound.
NoCrew June 21st, 1999
NoBrain of NoCrew have coded a new plugin effect for the Whip VLM.
NoCrew June 17th, 1999
NoBrain of NoCrew has coded a new Whip! plugin effect. This time a water-cascade thing.
Torment June 17th, 1999
After a long long time of idleness, Torment of the Inner Circle is back with a little intro for the ST/STe! If you like oldschool things, this is it :)
More Whipping June 14th, 1999
Yeps, SWE/YesCREW requested this one, so what else than loading devpac and do it ;) It's a little Whip! RGB-Splitter plugin. Again, nothing special.
NoCrew June 14th, 1999
The mad crew from fishyland have released no less than three (!) new 128 byte intros! As usual it is GPL so the sourcecode is included and can be freely used.
SSD Compo June 14th, 1999
Contributions are beginning to pop in! Now 10 days to go until deadline. I was asked if I would allow covers of other songs, and the answer is yes. It might upset some, but it also opens up for a larger compo.
Stax June 14th, 1999
Bod of Stax is working on a new demo for the ST which is planned to be released in a few weeks. Talk about a chock-return of Stax this year :)
UCM 15 June 13th, 1999
Undercover Magascene Issue #15 have been released. It features reviews of most EIL demos and other things released since #14. Also the Art-Factory and several other UCM specials are back. Works with ST(e) and Falcons. Although it's reported to have problems on some Falcs.
X-Tris June 13th, 1999
A little tetris clone for the Falcon from poland.
More DHS whipping June 12th, 1999
Another little Whip! module made available. This time the infamous 2d-bumpmapper.
NoCrew June 11th, 1999
New Whip! effect-module from NoCrew released. It's a realtime juliafractal responding to the incoming sound.
DHS goes Whip June 11th, 1999
A little Whip! effect threw together after request from NoCrew. It's a little tunnel again, behaving strange if you have sound connected to your mic input..
T.O.Y.S. June 9th, 1999
AiO and Peylow of T.O.Y.S. just released a new 4k game for the Falcon. It's a Super Mario Bros clone.
Falcon Users Netherlands June 8th, 1999
Earx of FUN just released a new pluginmodule for the Whip! Virtual Light Machine from Escape.
Inner Circle June 5th, 1999
Yes the brits are back. Torment of the Inner Circle are currently working with a new intro for the ST to be released in the near future. Expect a download link here as soon as it's out.

Cream June 5th, 1999
Abyss, Candyman and Tao has discovered the terrible truth of Agent-T's graphic success..

Online compo June 5th, 1999
The 4-colour compo is over. The results have been counted and a winner has been set.

As the 4colour compo is over, a new one has been set. This time it's a Sid Sound Designer competition.
Centurbo II June 2nd, 1999
New batch of the CenturboII RevB is being made. Make your order as quick as possible if you want one.
Escape June 2nd, 1999
Have upgraded their "Whip!" Virtual Light Machine for the Falcon. It now supports VGA mode as requested, and full docmentation for writing your own effects.
Online compo June 1st, 1999
The deadline has been, all contributions has been collected and uploaded together with a votesheet!
Whip May 30th, 1999
Escape has released a "Virtual lightmachine" style program for the Falcon. Realtime display of graphical effects responding from the incoming soundsignal.
Undercover Magascene May 30th, 1999
As you all know, Moondog has handed over the UCM leadership to ST Survivor/Loud. STS is now looking for more writers, esp ones that are able/willing to review Falcondemos.
Scenelist May 27th, 1999
For interested people, there is a mailinglist to join now for atari "scene" topics.
NoCrew May 25th, 1999
Finally the NoCrew 128byte intro from EIL is released. It's a megascroller without asciirips from the rom!
Error In Line May 25th, 1999
The last two releases pretty much closes up the EIL downloadpage. There ain't much (or anything) left to put there. It has to be the first time in history this happens.
Online compo May 25th, 1999
Less than a week to go, and 8 pictures sent in. Hurry up!
IMParty 9 May 14th, 1999
IMParty 9 is set to July 2 to July 4 now. More info to be found at the IMParty 9 homepage.
Atari.Org May 14th, 1999
During the last two weeks, a whole range of new services and functions has opened up at Atari.Org. Check it!
Atari.Net May 14th, 1999
A competitior for Atari.Org has opened at So far their services are a bit sparse, but will probably improve as time go by.
Online compo May 14th, 1999
A few pictures has already been sent in, and there is just 2.5 weeks to deadline now. So if you havn't started yet, do so now!
Titan Designs May 14th, 1999
Titan Designs have reformed and changed name. Visit their homepage (which still have the old url, and old content) for more info.
Centek May 14th, 1999
Centek have joined forces with Class-4, and now changes name to Class-4 as well. With this merge, Centek becomes a stronger more stable comany, regarding to Centeks press message.
Centurbo II May 14th, 1999
Centurbo II have sold out. Centek are now looking for interest for a new batch.
Class-4/Centek vs Core Design May 14th, 1999
Core Design (previously Titan Designs) has made some comments about the Centurbo II (obvoisly they were not too positive), and Class-4 (previously Centek) responds back in a rather irritated tone.
PMP May 4th, 1999
You can now visit the official Pre-Millenium-Party homepage.
Cobra May 3rd, 1999
The Falcondemo from Cobra is about to get released. Watch the EIL download page the fortcoming days. And that also closes up the downloadpage, there ain't much missing (some wildcompo only I belive). The Cobra ST-DEMO that was shown at EIL wasn't intended to be spread and it didn't compete in the compo, sorry if you had been waiting for that.
Dizzidence May 3rd, 1999
Dizzidence have released a little preversion of a demo.
Toxic mag April 28th, 1999
The final issue of Toxic Magazine is release. #17 features almost only french articles, except an interview serie with the Cream dudes which is in english.
DSPMOD 33 April 28th, 1999
Smart guy Earx found a bug with the DSPMOD32, and here is an update. It is strongly adviced to run this one instead of the old.
Sentry April 26th, 1999
Eagle of Sentry has come back to life. After a long time of idleness, he has returned with an updated version of his packer!
Pixel compo April 26th, 1999
Already four top-gfxmen announced that they will contribute in the 4colour compo. Agent-t-, Modmate, Vulgar and Havoc. So, come on Edo, Requiem, Paranoid, St Survivor and the rest, give them a match :)
Online compo April 23rd, 1999
Finally it's time for anohter Online competition to attend! This time it's pixeling-hours that awaits.
Escape April 17th, 1999
Escape have released a "bye bye" intro with some effects and lots of thanks for the help with EIL 1999.
Avendesora April 17th, 1999
Avendesora have released an intro for the ST/STe written in gfa basic.
Equinox April 9th, 1999
As if the EIL flood of demos wasn't enough, Equinox has now released their long long awaited "Virtual escape" demo! It has fast effects, SUPER design and topclass ym-sid music! Hint! At the bootup, the demo does this: cmp.b #1,$fffffc02.w ; beq hidden ;)
Error In Line roundup April 8th, 1999
Here is a breif summary of our Error In Line journey.

It all began in October/November with the competition we had here, where people could vote for the best partyname. We received alot of suggestions, but as far as I know, none of them were "Error In Line". After the name was set, there was an invite from CP/ESC for the ST, and numerous textfiles around. The hype was slowly getting higher and higher. A bit into 1999 everyone was more or less convinced this "was it" for 1999. We released a little EIL intro for the Falcon to keep the interest for EIL at top.
At this time I felt a little sorry for the organisers, there was alot of hype and everyone seemed to expect nothing but a perfect party. Time went by, and the EIL homepage got one sponsor after the other added. We in the Swedish travel team had setup a mailinglist and was talking how the heck to get down there. In the end most of us decided upon going with car to Gothenburg, then ferry from Gothenburg to Kiel, and last drive approx 600km from Kiel to Dresden. All that went pretty smoothly except for a bitchy hangover I somehow got at the ferry ;-).

Next.. find the partyplace. This wasn't the easiest task! We drove around Dresden for about 45min until we found the place. 505/CP sat at the entrance, we recognised eachother directly as we've been trading pornpics of eachother earlier (ehmm..).
Entering the partyplace... yes this was a real experience. Not a single time I have seen a computer party held in such enviornment! It was at a basement of a student house, with small rooms all over the place which were made like "caves" and bars everywhere. After the first "chock" of seeing this *COOL* place, I found Energizer/Lazer who was keeping the Swedish room under control :). Then we went back to get our packing, and it seems like our parking wasn't welcomed by the gardener or something, becuase we had taken a "shortcut" over the grass (whistle...). After a turbo-unloading of the car, we began carrying stuff downstairs, and to my surprice the organisers HELPED carrying the stuff. This was definitly not what usually happens. Megathanks for that help! Next was decrunching the equipent so we could start coding again, it had been nearly 40 hours without coding and most of us seemed a bit shaky. While rushing to get the Falcon running I had already shaked hand with a dozen people I've met on #atariscne IRC channel. It seemed everyone was there! But man that was wrong, not even half was.. they arrived in the next hours! The rooms and corridors quickly filled up, and in the end there was not many seats left. In our swedish room, we had computers enough for a whole platoon, and we sat tight and nicely together ;).
We had brought food, in the belief this would be quite the same as FB3 or Siliconvention (eg, everything closed..). But no, it seems like Dresden isn't so obsessed in closing everything as Bremen is, and the organisers had Pizza and Chineese orders all days! This was totally super. They also sold cold Cola and Beer in the bar (which was located in our room.. hehe, perfect!). Talk about Pizza - they were clearly eatable, not tops and not crap. But they had something fun, namely the "party pizza". Anyone meeting the swede gang know many of us are over the 100kg line in weight, and we want lots of food :) However these party pizzas fulfilled all our dreams! Size of a half bed or something! Nam nam, baggio and Havoc (both big dudes!) got two meals each from one pizza.

The party went on, and people were having a good time, talking and exchanging coding tips. There wasn't anyone behaving badly as far as I know, which again proves the Atarians are friendly chaps all over. After a while I had met about everyone, except the "mysterious" Defjam which left the scene just some weeks before EIL. When I finally talked to him, I didn't recognise the Defjam I've met on IRC at all. This guy was in the best coding-mood one can be. And he decided to go home and complete his "Sure Trip" demo. Damn good to have him back! :-)
The days went by, and the sleeping/shower place was great too, when I were taking a shower on sunday morning I got company! A nice nude (~20 years old) girl came in! Wowness, this doesn't happen all the time :-)). She didn't seem the slightest emabarrased and just tripped into the shower. Maybe they don't care so much in the east, who knows. But it was a nice surprice after seeing Baggio and Deez for three days ;)

Sunday night was compotime. This was sort of interesting. They showed the MSB "Breath demo" first, and it was really good. Then our demo came on, and it seemed they messed up the projector just in time for that, becuase everything was more or less white. Poor Edo didn't get his pictures shown nearly as they should be. Next was Defjams demo, now they turned the brightness down (he he, tactical move perhaps ? ;)). But it really didn't matter they could have had brightness on max for defjams demo as well, it would have won anyway. This is the best thing ever done on the ST. Totally brilliant. And he actually thought about quitting?! Bahh! Suretrip demo rules! After this pleasure they showed another demo, from Stax! I had no idea they planned one. And it was also a GREAT one. Mapped wolf3d worlds, mode7 stuff and so on. Incredible things. Then it went on to Falcon demos. I wasn't expecting much from anyone, except FUN that has been saying they have routs that outclasses their old demo (which was a good one by itself!). I saw some 3d at Earx CT2 Falcon, and it was wonderful fast. However, at the compo, something went wrong and the demo wasn't showed as it should. And later on, it went even worse, they tried to show the DHS preview-crap demo. And it all failed, after 3-4 tries I left the room starting to tidy-up the stuff I had so we could leave rather early next morning. After approx 30 mins I heard the music from our Falcondemo going and I applaused for myself "wow they must be great technicans capable of pressing a number to choose rgb" ;-). To my surprice there were applauses in the comporoom after our demo had been shown. Oh well, it might have been for some other reason I thought. Then I met 505 and he said they were showing the Cobra Falcon demo, and he said I probably should go and see it. I ended up beside Mr.Pink on a weak bench which made some worrying sounds when I stood on it. But that's life when you're in the 100+ club ;). And now I saw some 3d object from Cobra. Nice one! Except that it could just as well had been a 1-fps slideshow from harddisk. From what I could see, it gets the #1 price in "slowest falcondemo" competition. I asked grey if they used 040 Falcons or something when coding, but no.. They used ordinary ones! Maybe they drink much vodka over there and see everything in motionblur? Hehe.. anyway, after this it was up the 9 (or 10) stairs to get some sleep. Early in the morning I woke up, took a shower (no babe this time!) and then went down packing things. Unfortenly they had the prize ceremony just when I had to pack, so I missed the thing. After about half an hour someone (I think it was TAM/Toys) met me and he said "you won a CT2". "Bahh" I thought and went on. Then I met Joe Cool, and he said "Congratualtions". Now I was really worried.. "did that crap thing actually win?!". And yes, it did. Loke had brought the price into our room and there it was, the brand new CT2 card. Yippe-yo! We also took some sort of prize in 128byte compo (2nd or third I would guess). Then we had to leave, and the trip back home went smoothly for about half of us. The other half got stuck in Swedish customs (ha ha ha) ;)

A few days after the party I can't think of much that could have been done better. Sure the videoprojector could have done a better job and the Germans should smoke alot less. But as a whole I liked EIL _very_ much. It will be damn hard to make something equally good again. Probably not possible. So mega thanks to the organisers, and to the helpful ladies at the bar which always wanted to chat :).
Error In Line April 6th, 1999
So, one of the best Atari parties EVER has ended. It was one hell of a good thing, and had lots of stuff in the competitions. There will be a more detailed report here later, but for now have a good time enjoying the current releases!
Depression March 29th, 1999
Depression nave released modpack1 after their modpack2 last month!
Error In Line March 29th, 1999
Only five days to go! Rumours of several ST and Falcon demos have been circulating. On the ST side, Mystic Bytes, Cobra, Cream, Wildfire, Loud and DHS have announced competition contributions! On the Falcon- side there is more "hush hush" but it seems we will be treated with a few ones there as well, including a new demo from FUN!
Maggie March 27th, 1999
Better late than never they say. And sometimes they even say "worth waiting for". Was Maggie 27 worth waiting for? Download and find out! Pink and company has finally managed to release it!
Error In Line March 24th, 1999
There are a few new things on the competition-side of EIL that has been cleared out lately. First of all, there is a very fine price in the Falcon competition, namely a Centrubo II card.

And, there is now a possibility for those that want to join the compo, but feel they don't have time to complete the demo in time for EIL. They can compete with the unfinished production, and then have two weeks (April 16'th the latest) to send the final copy in, or the staff will release the compo-preview. This is good news as there is a better chance more people can join the competitions!
Dune March 20th, 1999
After a looong loong wait, Dune finally releases their "Paradise" dentro! Runs with ST/Falcon machines.
New Beat March 18th, 1999
Thomas of New Beat have released the first preview of "Flex Trax". A new soundtracker for the Falcon. It supports normal .mod 4/8 channels with additional DSP effects without breaking compatibility to old players (well hopefully ;)).
Worst ever March 14th, 1999
Well, did you ever fancy hearing Green Tommy of 2-life crew sing? Or maybe Evil and Toodeloo of DHS? Well, fancy no more, download the tracks below. :-) Falcon compatible mp2 files.
FUN March 14th, 1999
FUN musican Comp7 has released two new tracks as mpeg format. Made with Cubase Audio Falcon.
Avena March 4th, 1999
Tat has now released the sourcecodes for Binliner.
Typhoon February 25th, 1999
Has released a little ST (STe maybe) intro on the Volcanic party.
Depression February 21st, 1999
Depression released their "modpack2" with modules from many atari musicans.
Maggie February 20th, 1999
Rumours tell that Maggie #27 should be due any week now, super-delayed issue this time, hopefully we get something extra in return.

mOd February 20th, 1999
Super-graphican mOd left .tSCc. to freelance instead. So if you're a coder, hurry to up to order jobs from him ;)
Oxygene February 20th, 1999
Finally Leonard has released the Nostalgic-o-demo for ST/STe machines. The demo has a very well-choosen name. Almost all screens are in a very old fashion, that has been seen countless of times before.

A few parts stand out from the other, the intro especially. It's a really awesome 3d-world (bsp-tree, like the eko-system on falcon), too bad we didn't get more of this. There is also a quite nice texturemap/envmap screen from Overlanders, but doesn't come near the efforts by .tSCc. in framrate and size.

Also, cream has a screen that demonstrates their SID Emulator and plays the Union-demo original SID songs. The rest of the screens are as said above, old stuff, maybe a bit optimized.
Oxygene February 20th, 1999
Finally Leonard has released the Nostalgic-o-demo for ST/STe machines. The demo has a very well-choosen name. Almost all screens are in a very old fashion, that has been seen countless of times before.

A few parts stand out from the other, the intro especially. It's a really awesome 3d-world (bsp-tree, like the eko-system on falcon), too bad we didn't get more of this. There is also a quite nice texturemap/envmap screen from Overlanders, but doesn't come near the efforts by .tSCc. in framrate and size.

Also, cream has a screen that demonstrates their SID Emulator and plays the Union-demo original SID songs. The rest of the screens are as said above, old stuff, maybe a bit optimized.
FUN February 9th, 1999
Latest news about their SCSI-Ethernet project is now here.

Error In Line February 9th, 1999
A new Error In Line invite intro is released, this time falcon only, made by yours truly (tm).

Sid Sound Designer February 9th, 1999
As a lot of people have been asking about Sid Sound Designer replay routines that actually work (what a revolutionary feature :)). I've decided to upload a version that is heavily bugfixed. It was planned to be included in the fortcoming "useful routines archive" that will be coming online in a while, but what the hell, if people needs it now let them have it. It plays SID-Wave on all three channels and works with ST/STe/MSTe/TT030/PAK030/Falcon/CenturboII with or without Fastram. I belive the basic of these routines are from Synergy, then changed alot by MC/AnimalMine (for the SSD editor). Defjam then ripped the replay from SSD 3.5-preview, and bugfixed it. However, FroST/Loud bugfixed it even more (Falcon IDE was resetted with Defjams version) so now it seems to be really safe to use. The package consist of a binary module, an example source how to call it and one example song.
Avena February 9th, 1999
Tat has put up a webpage where he will put the sourcecodes for his Binliner demo. Currently a few preview executables can be downloaded.
Centek January 25th, 1999
Centurbo II revision-b is ready. It will ship shortly and is improved in several ways compared to the revision-a board.
Cream January 25th, 1999
As promised, Cream released their " things" yesterday! It's a superb YM/SID Musicshow with spectacular intro/reset screens! ST, STe and Falcon compatible.
Hugi Diskmag January 23rd, 1999
It looks like PC-zine "Hugi" will start to publish Atari related articles in the future. We already got a good example of this on our bulletiboard. Check out the next issue in March..
Cream January 23rd, 1999
Cream announces that " things" is finally going to be released this weekend! 14 SID tunes and 2 new YM tunes from TAO is included, as well as fx coded by Candyman, and the very latest Agent-t- graphics! Check this space for a download in the next days!
Checkpoint January 23rd, 1999
Finally, after years of waiting, Checkpoint released Modulation 2! It's a great musicdemo that works with ST-Falcon machines. Great intro from Defjam (with Sidsound Designer music) and nice menu!
Error In Line January 11th, 1999
You can now join the "Error In Line" mailinglist for the latest news etc. Send an e-mail to with subject "subscribe".

Also, a swedish Error In Line mailinglist has opened. This is mainly for discussing the swedish travel-arrangement to/from eil. You can join this list by sending an e-mail to with subject "subscribe". A homepage for the swedes going to eil is coming up in a while as well.
Aggression January 6th, 1999
So finally Aggression releases Motion. Well, actually not, it's 'only' the sourcecodes and screen-by-screen binarys. No multipart put together demo unfortenly. But at least you can get an imagination what Motion would have been like.
Cobra January 6th, 1999
Cobra has released a new Falcon demo at the "Last Party".
SND Player January 5th, 1999
At last, SND Player 1.00 has been completed. What took it so long? No idea, but probably mainly lazyness and busyness with other projects.
Spice Boys January 4th, 1999
Have made a simple Falcon musicdisk of the non-musican contribs.
Non musican modcompo finished January 4th, 1999
Votings have been counted and here are the results:

22 points - Evil / dhs
20 points - Carbon / reject
15 points - Havoc / fun
13 points - Spion / escape
10 points - Ayeron
07 points - Cih / maggie team
03 points - Blind-io
00 points - Marcer / elite

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Evil says "I'm very happy and the beer was very good (thank you havoc!)".
NUN January 4th, 1999
New fakecrew from Holland.. called NUN! Yes, a bunch of nuns have created a Ataricrew. Erm.. :) They released their first intro at IMP8000.
IMParty 8 January 4th, 1999
IMParty 8 ended today, and the party was a success. This once again proove that small parties outclass the larger ones easily. Most coding creativity was seen from Wiztom/aggression and Thomas/New Beat. Thomas new Falcontracker called "Flex Track" is getting near a preview release, it looks very promising and includes some new concepts to trackers. More about Wiztoms activites a bit down. About 40 people attended to imp, including the new 'Wildfire' coder 'Zounds' which seems to be a bright and cool dude, both baggio and zounds are confident of having a st demo ready for release at EIL. Spice Boys was present at IMP and they made a modcompile with help of their new member "The Giant" from holland ;-). Opus and Fuzzkid released the last ever "CPU Love" demo during IMP and a new team from netherlands released a fakeintro as well.
More about IMP8, photos etc will be announced later. But put in short: it was fun!!
Reservoir Gods January 1st, 1999
Reservoir Gods have released a new Xmas/Newyear intro for the Falcon.
Da Boosters January 1st, 1999
The mysterious greenland-based crew has been active and released a late Mary Xmas Falcon demo! A disk was suddenly found on a table at IMParty 8000 and on there was the new intro.
CPU Love January 1st, 1999
Has released a new Falcon demo called 'The Final Journey'. Released at IMParty 8000.
Mystic Bytes January 1st, 1999
Finally their musicdemo is completed and released. It was a long development, but now people with 14mb Falcons can finally check it out.
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