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Showing news from 1995-01-01 to 1995-12-31
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Inferiors July 1st, 1995
The left-over coder from Imagina that didn't loose himself into LSD worlds. Now back on the Falcon with sevreal projects on the go! One of which is a Defender clone (inspired by Jeff Minters update of Defender) called Stargate. Stargate will feature wild action, 1vbl (60fps) screenupdates all the time. No slowdown at any times guarenteed, cool sound, rendered, handdrawn and perhaps even digitzed 65536- colour 16bit-truecolour graphics! One to defenitly look out for.
Unique Development Sweden July 1st, 1995
Unique Development Sweden, seems now to have totally abandoned the Atari market, after two great games. This is a big loss to the Atari STe/Falcon games market since both Obsession and Substation was either promised or rumoured to be done in a highclass Falcon only version. Bad luck all gamers, Unique is off.
Frontier Software July 1st, 1995
which has many new Falcon projects on the go. First out was Digital Tracker, which I suppose hasn't missed your attention. Second release seem right now to be a game from EKO called H2O.

Later on we can expect releases as:
Exodus - A Doom clone for the Falcon in Truecolour. Promises 320*160 1*1-pixelsize window updating at 3 50hz VBLs. Featuring staircases and other nice things.

Image Studio - pattern and texture generator for Falcon. As it sounds from Frontier, this will be a great piece of software.

Wotanoid - A Asteroids clone in Truecolour from EKO. Fully rendered graphics and full framrate.
Start It - A program in the tracks of Seletric and let'em fly (sounds almost like a Freedom copy).
Dune July 1st, 1995
Dune has been awfully quiet the last year. No release, or contribution to any demo partys. However, Dune are now planning a new Falcon demo for release at the Aggressive Party 2. The lack of movements from Dune the last time is mainly because their head' coder EvilMetal since a year back has started a new Atari software firm called Frontier Software.
Imagina July 1st, 1995
This old STe crew is now dead and burried. It seems everyone except just a few got hung on drugs and stuff. Hope they can get on with their lifes sometime in the future...
NPG July 1st, 1995
NPG are currently finishing their mega-delayed Truecolour side scrolling shoot'em up game - Icubator. It features all 2vbl (30fps) update, colourful graphics by Carnera and high class music by Domm. Also included are special warp "Wolf3D" worlds.
EXA July 1st, 1995
EXA is the new name of the ex. Adrenaline members. They have already released a quite decent demo called Evolution'. This is a crew to watch out for in the future. Their graphicans deserve a special note, since their artwork is brilliant.
Adrenaline July 1st, 1995
Adrenaline has now been split up, two members has joined the new crew "EXA". The members still in Adrenaline are planning three new demos, a game and some commercial product.
New Beat Development July 1st, 1995
New Beat Development previously never relased any demo on Falcon, are now planning for three releases at Aggressive II, one 128kb intro, and two 4kb intros.
Aggression July 1st, 1995
Aggression promises to release a new 'revolutionary' Falcon demo called called 'Motion' at the forthcomming Aggressive II Party in Helsinki/Finland.
Saturne July 1st, 1995
Some of the old Abstract members (demomaker for example) started a Falcon edition of the multiplatform democrew 'Saturne'.
Fatal Design July 1st, 1995
Fatal Design is the main part of Abstract in a new shape. They are now also developing on the Jaguar.
Absence July 1st, 1995
Absence with the ex. Aura member Stallion, Absence will now be arranging the Fried Bits 4 party (renamed to Symposium '96).
Abstract July 1st, 1995
Abstract has been split up. You will probably never hear from this crew again. Long live their brilliant Xperience demo!
Absence July 1st, 1995
Absence is a new team formed by ex. members of Aura and other Independent crews. Wish 'em luck!
Aura July 1st, 1995
Aura is on the edge of dissapering for good. Stallion has left, and now only one member is still there. Time will tell, but we will probably never see another Aura demo, on any machine. Unfortenly. :-(
MagiC IV July 1st, 1995
MagiC IV with Falcon support is now releassed!!!!!!!!!
EKO/EXA/HMD July 1st, 1995
EKO / EXA /HMD have released a new Falcon demo called "Geranium", which contains realtime phong shading for example.
New Beat Development July 1st, 1995
New Beat Development are currently developing a 'Rayman-alike' platform game for the Falcon called 'Willie the adventurer'. 50fps parallax scrolling and screenupdates promised. Together with 8 channel high quality sound and music.
Falcon FX July 1st, 1995
Falcon FX is a new multiboard for Atari/Clab Falcons. Some of FalconFX features are:
* CPU 68030 - 40mhz
* STRAM BUS - 20mhz
* DSP 56001 - 50mhz
* VIDEL GFX - 50mhz
* FPU 68882 - 66mhz
* TT Compatible FastRam!

FalconFX can be upgraded separatley, so if you only want to add FastRam to your Falcon, this is the solution! In accelerated mode, the 20mhz STRAM-BUS enables the VIDEL to be clocked at 40mhz in Truecolour, and giving 640*480 truecolour display with VGA-MS monitors. A full fitted FalconFX should be a bit lower than 2000SEK 300us, 400dem or 180ukp)
SpeedUp July 1st, 1995
SpeedUp is a new interesting Atari/Clab Falcon accelerator. It's maximum speed are:
* CPU 68030 - 50mhz
* STRAM BUS - 25mhz
* DSP 56001 - 50mhz
* VIDEL GFX - 50mhz
* FPU 68882 - 70mhz

The 25mhz BUS enables 50mhz videl to operate in Truecolour mode, and with good software (like BlowUp) 800*600 Truecolour is possible on VGA-MS monitors.
XaAES July 1st, 1995
XaAES a new freeware AES for MiNT. Should be out in a beta version at the end of November, and a full featured release is planned in Jan/Feb 1996.
Afterburner 040 July 1st, 1995
Afterburner 040 is out! The first Falcon040 board, the speed increase is told to be fantastic and it should be very much compatible with older software.
NVDI July 1st, 1995
NVDI 4 has been released, with support for Type-One fonts and selection of fonts without the need to install them into your assign.sys file.
Absence July 1st, 1995
Absence has a ProTOS demo version out of their new brilliant mind banglergame
Xtream July 1st, 1995
Xtream have released a demoversion of their new "BoulderDash" for the Falcon. It's called "Cavemania" and looks promising.
Hades July 1st, 1995
Hades, a new Atari clone! It's a PCI based thingy, with 040 or 060 CPU. Should be available spring 1996.
Obsession Pinball July 1st, 1995
Merlin software have bought the rights to the Atari version of Obsession. And they are going to upgrade it to use 256 colours in a first Obsession I' version, later to be followed by a Obsession II' which promises MultiBall and redesigned tables. Falcon only ofcourse.
Aura/NewTrend July 1st, 1995
Aura and New Trend are working on a new great Falcon shoot'em up! They promise the same kind of gameplay as Wings Of Death on the ST, and loads of sprites etc. Everything will run in 16bit Truecolour and have 8 channel sound.
Respectables July 1st, 1995
Respectables are working on a Falcon cargame in the same style as 'Trash Rally' on the Neo Geo or 'Power Drive Rally' on the Jaguar.
Independent July 1st, 1995
Indenpendent has released their new music demo for Falcon. All tunes are 8 channels.
Atari Jaguar July 1st, 1995
The Atari Jaguar has dropped in price once again! $99 is the current price in the US.
New Beat Development July 1st, 1995
New Beat Development are telling us a demo of their new Falcon platform game are just a few days from being released!
Abstract June 30th, 1995
Abstract has been split up. You will probably never hear from this crew again. Long live their brilliant Xperience demo!
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