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Stargoose by Fred Gray
Posted by: MagikGimp Nov,16.2017-20:43 

I could have sworn I'd pointed this out somewhere before but I can't find mention of it anywhere.
The collection of songs for Stargoose is incomplete, or rather the 3rd tune is. And has been forever. If you play the game you'll hear it goes on for a bit longer before looping which isn't in the SNDH file (or the YM either if I recall correctly). The 2nd tune is also... interesting. And I assume correct but I have no idea where it appears in the game; end credit perhaps? Might have just been included and not used. It is very experimental after all.
Anyway, just thought I'd mention this. Don't know if anything will come of it.

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Stargoose by Fred Gray MagikGimp Nov,16.2017-20:43
  Re: Stargoose by Fred Gray grazey Feb,07.2018-11:17

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