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Midi module upgrade
Posted by: Stefan Lindberg Feb,26.2011-20:22 

Using the midi port is maybe something that might be a good sound upgrade.. all ST,STE and Falcons have it, so it is a plug and play update no soldering at all :-)

But there is need for a "standard" so everybody has the same synth plugged in.

I suggest "Yamaha MU100", it's a DTM (desktop music) small and portable module with good sound imho.
Roland MT-32 wich some old ST games has support for is a bit too limited.

MU100 uses wavetable synthesis, but has many changeable variables and DSP effects.
It has a "A/D input" also so you can let the soundoutput from ST/E, Falcons pass thru it with added DSP effects together with the built in instruments of the MU100.
Altough i dont know how good the ST/E's are at playing YM and midi at the same time? maybe using too much CPU?

MU100 does not have full instrument support in current midi programs on the Atari afaik, but i guess it can easily be added.

Here are some example recordings.

This is me playing with the A/D input DSP effects.. maybe a bit too much ;-)
(i used Mu90, it's lesser than Mu100 but the DSP is the same)

Some other cool recordings of Yamaha XG midis (a couple are from the low level of MU-series but sound ok)

So what do all Atari composer say? Good sound standard for the Atari? :-)
the MU100 costs about 150-200 usd

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