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Re: SC68 Player 1.5 for iPhone
Posted by: Fredrik Olsson Aug,25.2010-13:36 

Sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately that is not an easy task. With Android the learning curve is flat, but it is really hard to reach high, whereas with iOS you have a slightly steeper learning curve, but not much holding you back from reaching the moon, with style.

First problem is that with Android you write apps in Java, meaning you have to re-implement any open source code that is not written in Java. Ben's excellent SC68 code is in C, so for iPhone it just compiles, I barely touched any lines, only a thin wrapper for the iOS audio API:s. And even that is only a slight rewrite of the work done by Evil for the Mac OS X player.

Second problem is that even when you have rewritten your app in Java for Android; the Dalvik VM is dead slow for anything that needs CPU. For normal apps, and setting up some graphics to be drawn by the GPU that is nothing that you will notice. But when emulating a 68k CPU and audio hardware... well... lets just say that not even the JIT in 2.2 Froyo is quite up to the task.

So the third problem and solution would be to download Google NDK (Native Development Kit) and use the C code as is. It could work, but the NDK is quite primitive, badly documented, and the native to Java-bride that is still needed is also quite slow.

Short answer: Do not hold your breath. Android simply is a less capable platform. Unless you value "open", whatever that means :).

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