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SNDH/Atari tracking bbs

Re: GEM problem
Posted by: Stefan Lindberg Apr,11.2010-15:26 

JAM does not work as mentioned earlier (don't play the drums at all).

KrapSNDH has some other weird sounds (it's crap just as the name suggest).

STj... hmm i did not think of this before, i thought is was only a musicians tool :-)
But it turned out it did also play the digirums badly? :-/

I ahve really no idea why it sound bad on a real ST and plays fine in emulators... or at least on my ST's (FM/E).
I tried to both with and without Ultrasatan connected and also copied the files in case there was a CRC error but i presume the files would not start at all if something went wrong during file transfer as SNDH is packed.

Please test subtune 7 in Ghostbattle on a real ST.

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