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Re: bad digidrums
Posted by: Stefan Lindberg Mar,22.2010-22:15 

There is nothing wrong with the STE version of the LX music except the volume of the drums... i just ment i tried the FM/falcon SNDH on differnt ST's :-)

It's hard to explain the "stuttering" but i did first notice it in Ghostbattle as it was very obvious there.
So i have done a comparison of the end music from Ghostbattle.. two excerpts (MP3) that begin at about 1:20 in the music, it did sound fairly good at beginning but gets worse later on thats why i start at 1:20 for the excerpts:

It's almost that the digidrums gets out of sync and therefor the drum samples gets cut of?

Emulation do play these SNDH files fine.

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