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SNDH/Atari tracking bbs

Atari Music Network
Posted by: Donovan Feb,17.2010-03:59 

Hello Atari music fans! A new Atari music site is on the scene! Check out the press release below!

From sequencing Tangerine Dream concerts in the 80's to tearing up the dance floors at the 2010 Blip Fest, Atari's reputation as a music monster machine has persisted for a quarter of a century. The secret behind its success is clear: Atari was perfect from the beginning it didn't need to change. For MIDI enthusiasts, the Atari was and still is the ultimate bridge between man, music, and machine. For chip musicians, the Atari's untapped, sonic color palette has yet to fill the canvas of 8-bit pop. The Atari Music Network strives to be at the forefront of the Vintage Digital Music Revolution.

The Atari Music Network (AMN) aims to:

Stimulate social networking between Atari musicians and developers on AMN's ♫ Official Forum, Facebook Group, and Twitter.
Encourage Atari developers to update, market, and resell ex-commercial Atari software or release it into the public domain.
Provide free promotion and dedicated profile pages for muscians and devlopers to promote their albums, events, and news.
Advocate and sponsor Atari based musicians in the MIDI & 8-bit music scene.
Catalog and review all known Atari music software and hardware.
Collect and offer hard to find Atari warez (abandoneware only).
Collect and offer sysex sound banks and software utilities for MIDI synths.
Provide automated worldwide Ebay power searches for popular Atari products.


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Atari Music Network Donovan Feb,17.2010-03:59

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